Thursday, December 29, 2005

Understanding Religion

Note: A financial consultant called me up the other day, told me of a product that can bring 15% interest per annum. As a bumiputera in Malaysia, guaranteed unit trust like the ASB gives at least 7% a year and savings within Tabung Haji gives at least 5% a year. Also, this investment is in real estate, and because I'm in this line, I can foresee real estate earnings in Malaysia within the next 2-3 years, and it's not on a positive note at all. Since he's very adamant to see me, I think he'll shut up when he can't convince me coz' I'm very sensitive to investing money on risky ventures.

It's not really my liking to write about religion, coz' three topics that I definitely do not want to get involved in any debates are about religion, politics and female vs male. However, this time I have to because I think that there are times when the respect for other people's religion need to be really appreciated or else you might just end up depressing someone.

In my workplace, and in some friend's workplace, religious issue has came up. Because I'm a muslim and so far stories I've heard from my friends who are muslims, therefore the only thing I can talk about in this post is about Islam. Nothing too distressful like those news/rumours happening in Iraq, but still, there is lack of respect from what I see.

Issue 1: One colleague, during the fasting month, was required to attend a meeting and site evaluation with the directors in another state. This was on a Saturday. Reaching there, they had to walk several miles for the evalution under the hot sun and while yes, we do need to do work as usual even during fasting month, but these people really have not even the least decency to at least acknowledge that our friend here is fasting. At lunch, all was called and have had food and drinks served. Being really thirsty, my colleague still fasted till Maghrib. But he ended up in bed after that till midnight.

Issue 2: One driver, a malay, is asked to drive the boss around no matter the day, no matter the time. He has missed Friday prayers many times and only prays about once in five weeks. This is from a boss who does not have respect for another person's religion.

Issue 3: Top management people, in a bid to secure a deal, demands that a Muslim marketing employee join in the dinner at a restaurant. Problem is that the meal ordered is non-halal, and was pressured to join in the dinner so as not to ridicule the 'guests'.

This happened in just the past 3 months. I'm not saying this only happens to muslim. I'm sure there are other issues whereby a muslim manager mistreat his/her buddhist staff or christian staff. The fact of the matter is that I think it's high time that everyone is given a basic understanding of religions around the world, so that we know what is right and what is wrong.

To mistakenly insult a culture can still be forgiven, but it's harder when it's a religion as it's more close to heart and faith.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Secret Meeting of two Entrepreneurs

A long time ago, before there were colleges and universities, the advanced countries produced the same kind of graduates from high school, with the same knowledge. None the wiser, none the dumber. One of the first company owners who hit the $1 million mark in assets met up with the first owner of a university. The conversation was documented and lost, until it was found during an excavation for a new condominium. The conversation went as follows: -

Company Owner: I'm rather sick and tired of these kids coming out, and without the skills I need to properly run my company. I can just pick any Tom, Dick and Harry and they'll do the job, but they just can't think for themselves. They don't have the strategic thinking I need in my fellow employees. Can you do something??!

University Entrepreneur: I tell you what. I'll start a new education system, something to begin creating different skill sets in these kids, so that they can work for you, and other companies as well. Let them think that they're so smart having different skill sets from other people that they will be very vain and proud, earning 'high' income.

Company Owner: I love how your evil mind works! Haha... 'high' income indeed. I can foresee by the year 2000, these so called 'smart' and 'skilled' people will earn $2000 - $15,000 not realising the minor shareholders of a company who plays golf and go on holiday most of the time earns $50,000 per month.

University Entrepreneur: You have to help me then. Let's create some education categories that sound smart. We'll leave doctors and lawyers out since we cannot control them, because their core competency can already make them own a business with minimal capital. Hey, how does 'economics' sound?

Company Owner: Woo hoo... that sounds bombastic man! Hey, how about erm... 'finance'? Make them think that they can be a money expert! I foresee that in the year 2000 there'll be "Financial Advisors" who seem to be expert in finance, but why the hell are they working as "Financial Advisors" instead of owning a company since they're soooo good in making money?! What else?

University Entrepreneur: There are tons more ideas, I'll compile them for you to see. We'll have skill sets placed in different erm... let's call it 'diplomas' shall we? There'll be so many different diplomas of skill sets that I will create, so that they can all work for you and other entrepreneurs.

Company Owner: Urm... well, don't you think that out of 1 million kids, and if there are 10 different diplomas, entrepreneurs like me will still face 100,000 kids with the same skills and mindset!?

University Entrepreneur: I have an outlet there. 'Degrees'!! We'll bring them up to a different degree and give them a 'degree'. This will create more so called advanced 'smart' people. And those who wants to be smarter so that they can earn well in a company, and totally blind them from being entrepreneurs, we'll give them Masters. Haha... Masters... how does that sound like?!

Company Owner: That sounds good, my master! Hahaha.... oh god, I'm having cramps in my stomach. Masters... haha... wait, lemme get some tissue to wipe my tears.

University Entrepreneur: Get this.... after Masters, I'll create Doctors! Highest standard of them all! But to differentiate them from medical doctors, I'll call them Philosophical Doctors instead. What do you think?

Company Owner: That's good. That's good. I have to be running along soon. I wish you good luck in your attempt to blind the world. Oh,.. please do have an excellent marketing strategy! Ensure that nearly everyone in the world wants to take up these 'degrees' or 'masters' thingy, that they're totally blindsided from being entrepreneurs. By the time they get these 'degrees', ensure that they're already in debt from buying cars, renting houses or buying them, so that their money is tied down from putting any capital into a business. I don't want knowledgable people to own businesses, not people dropping out before they're in debt.

University Entrepreneur: That would not be a problem. We don't want another drop out to be rich and famous like what happened to Einstein. But, Nostril-damus actually predicted that there will be one, before the year 2000, a high-level education drop out will actually create one of the most successful company in the world! How do I prevent that?!

Company Owner: I'll be dead by then. I don't give a damn. Just make sure that in the future, there are so many blind people chasing after papers they forgot that the papers are actually handcuffs from being an owner of businesses. The 'bigger' they are, the 'bigger' things they'll buy, cars, house, and then the 'bigger' their debts will be. Do this for us, the entrepreneurs!

University Entrepreneur: It will be done, I assure you. We, the higher education entrepreneurs will make sure that humans crave papers with ink, that they will forget to see what can make them earn real money. We will ensure 80% of the world population will fall within this collective. We will ensure that they will make people like you earn more money, twofold, threefold even, while they tehemselves are rewarded with just a 10%-25% increase of their income a year. Muahahahaa......

Friday, December 23, 2005

First Day Out

Lil Steven told his mama, "Mama, I think I'm finally old enough to go out exploring with the other ants to search for food. Can I go, mama, can I can I?" Mama ant and looks at Papa ant. He said nothing. Then mama ant looked back at Lil Steven and said, "I guess it should be alright, go get ready first!"

"Yay!!", Lil Steven exclaimed. He rushed to his room and took out a nice set of new clothes and shoes and then rushed to have his bath. Singing in the toilet, he overheard papa ant saying to mama ant, "You sure he's old enough to go out alone?" and mama ant replied "In the insect world, the female is supreme, so don't you dare question me on my decision. You're lucky I'm not a praying mantis or a bee."

Lil Steven got out of the shower, dried himself, put on his new clothes and looked in the mirror. Mama ant was looking at him and said, "You look smart! Come have breakfast first and then you can go." Then the three of them had breakfast.

After breakfast, they hugged and as Lil Steven prepared to go out of the anthill, mama ant said "Don't forget your backpack and your shovel." Lil Steven went to the closet, took out his bag and shovel and smiled at his mama. "It looks bright out there, mama."

"Yes", mama ant exclaimed. "Enjoy yourself!"

Lil Steven crept out of the anthill and smelled the fresh air for the first time outside his habitat. Then he saw the trails of ants and puffing his chest out, proceeded to follow the troops. "I'm gonna be a hard working ant, yeah, I'll be!".

Three meters from the anthill, he turned back to look at his home. Mama ant was there, standing proud and waving at him bye bye. And bye bye it was. He was just in time to see mama ant shout in disbelief when the world turned dark around him.

Splat!.... Mr Javalier's shoes squashed Lil Steven as he brings his family for a walk at KLCC park.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Humans and Zombies

No disrespect to the zombies who wish to remain zombies.

A common question related to obesity. Do we live to eat, or eat to live. The former shows tendency for obesity, while the latter shows logical human needs. Heck, I do both! At times I eat to live, at times I really eat what I want and enjoy, no matter the calories no matter the cost.

Zombies roam the earth. They're the ones who grow up with the mindset of "cycle of life", meaning they succumb to society's rule of 80% population works to make the other 20% richer. So these 80% are happy (or brainwashed to be happy) living in constant debts, earning a low salary and facing high demands for performance. Darn, I'm a zombie too, aren't I? A zombie looking towards humanity.

Zombies follow Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to the dot. Who's Maslow? Maslow's the King of Zombies. Yes, zombies wants to eat, and then finds a shelter, and then when some humanity comes in, they want friends, they want recognition and then wisdom. A friend asked "Why do I live? What's the meaning of life?" Another friend answered "God give us life to enjoy life." Then why are there so many who chose not to enjoy life?

Zombies work to get money. Money buys food (Maslow's Tier 1). Money buys house on high debt for 30 years (Maslow's Tier 2). Money buys friends (Maslow's Tier 3). Money... you get the point. The meaning of life of a zombie is... "We live to owe. To pay the owe, we find money. To find money we work. We don't want to risk being an entrepreneur because Maslow's Tier 1 must be met and we're already stuck there. Money is now precious and sacred."

I am a zombie wishing to be a human. Are you already a human? If you're not, are you with me, seeking humanity, or you wish to remain a zombie forever?

It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark. They're out to get you, to make you owe and owe and owe till you die.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Newbie at Expert's Place

A friend of mine and I used to donate blood at blood drives and also at hospitals. When I was in Kedah, I went to the Kedah hospital and he went to Klang hospital. Now that I'm back in KL, we go donate together, at least can catch up with stories and news over lunch or makan-makan or while donating.

So, well, this time we decided to go to THE place to donate blood, where else but Pusat Darah Negara (trans: Country Blood's Bellybutton). No, it's Nasional Blood Bank. The place is nice. You even have to take a number and sit down awaiting for your number to be called. Interestingly enough, there's only three of us, so why waste paper to print the numbers?

Without needing for me to give a story about the process to donate blood, I will skip directly to the blood donating room. Just to give a visual here, the room is like those army bunkers with at least 15 beds at one side and another 15 at the other side. So, anyway, on with the main story.

The lady came to me, swab my arm with alcohol to look for the elevated vein. She took a few moments then told me to hold on. She called her supervisor and both of them came, and the supervisor said "correct lah, there lah". Wha?! First sign of danger. Then she proceeded to do the necessary. Checked my blood pressure and squeezed on the biceps area, and then proceeded to put in the needle (there are more processes before needle go in, but I'm not story-ing that). Then, standard operating procedure (SOP), to release a bit of the squeeze from blood pressure thingy to allow blood to flow back into the arm freely.

The needle went a bit too far in (as compared to my usual blood donation at other times) before it punctured a blood vessel. Then, usual SOP, she will tape the tube (that's attached to the needle) to my arm so that the needle does not come out. The tape, she taped on her glove as well, so when she pulled her hand away, the tape followed her gloves and nearly pulled out the needle. Wha crap?!

My friend faced similar situation with another 'nurse'. Looks like the expert blood 'extractor's are all out on blood donation drive. Anyway, about halfway through, due to the bad placement of the tape on the tube (should be nearer to needle, not 3 inches away on the arm), the needle started to get pushed out of the blood vessel. Less blood got pumped into the bag. I found this out especially at the end when they took some sample into a test-tube from the cut tube (ya, they cut the tube after successful filling up the bag). My blood was practically just dripping and not flowing.

We left the place saying that we won't come back to Pusat Darah Negara and opted instead for blood drive (best preference) or normal hospital.

A day after my donation, the following happened to my arm. I believe when the needle got pushed out from the blood vessel, some blood still entered the needle, and some spilled into my inner dermis. And then blood clot happened, and ended up clotting another area as well. Below is a picture of my arm

I had no choice but to massage the blood clot area (especially the big one) with Minyak Gamad and then two days later, it became like this....

Today it looks a lot better already. Still some sign of the small blood clot. The rubbed blood clot is almost gone.

Note to self.... find the expert, not the place that people think experts are supposed to be at.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Toy With Sound

Again, a post on our luck as someone who can log on to the internet, and read a blog.

No matter where we stand, there is always someone unluckier than us. No matter where we stand too, there's always someone luckier than us. Too many people nowadays prefer not to look up, because they'll be humbled by someone more successful than them, and prefers instead to look down and feel almighty by "I'm driving a Merc, this guy a Kancil... hmmph".

In a standard human world with compassion and integrity, people should look down and feel humbled, and look up for motivation. That's the purest way to improve one's life as well as other people they come in contact with.

What's the title gotta do with the post?! Christmas is coming, and lotsa kids are asking Santa Claus for many toys. Most of the kids in orphanage are asking for very simple items, that any executive can easily fulfill their dreams. The items asked are the likes of t-shirt, dolls, soft toy and shoes. Of course there are a couple of exception who did ask for walkman, discman and small radio. I think small radio is ok to ask for, looking at the cheap radios nowadays that can be bought for RM19.90. Better than Harry Potter's cousin asking for 20++ toys for Christmas which is crazy! Or better than current lucky people asking for handphones, new car, computer and the likes for Christmas.

From these children at orphanages, there are further unlucky ones, probably sent there by cruel and uncaring parents. These are the blind ones. Nearly all of them ask for one thing only, a toy with sound. At least if they can't see the colours on the toy, they can hold it, appreciate it, and enjoy the senses of touch and sound, compensating for the loss of sight. And there I was at 9 years old asking for Micro Machines when another 9 year old somewhere is elated enough to receive any toy with sound.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Hospital De Javu

I went back to the hospital in which my wife gave birth, to collect a document. I went back to the maternity ward area. As it's a common place for visitors, I was not asked what I'm doing there. Just approached the door to the ward we were in. Door was closed, but I could hear voices inside.

Funny thing was, the voice was so familiar that I actually opened up the door. Curtains were still drawn so I can't see who it is. Table with food not yet eaten was right before the curtain. The voices can still be heard. It was the mother talking and singing to the baby. When I peeped from beside the curtain, I could finally see who it is. Got a big shock of my life when I saw my wife holding and cuddling my baby. I can see the luggage we had there. The fluffy green blanket in which I slept on the floor.

I choked, couldn't say a word, and before I could draw the curtain open, the toilet door opened. It was me. But how can that be? Memory energy? When I gasped I covered my mouth with my hands, not to disturb what I saw, but they didn't notice me. But I did see my other self looking at my direction eventhough the curtain was closed. Then the baby made a sound and he looked back at the baby.

At this time I left the room, lucky that the door didn't creak. The nurses looked at me, saw my pale face I guess, because they asked me who I am and am I alright? I said I'm ok, just visiting the room we were in after the delivery of the baby. She asked which room, and I pointed to the room right near the end of the hallway to the right. "And you went in?!", she asked again. I nodded and she shook her head.

She said that I couldn't have possibly enter the room because the door is locked. It's now used momentarily as a storage area while three other rooms are being given a cleaning overhaul. I laughed, told her no, the door can be opened and I went back to the room with her, and she was right. The door was locked. Not wanting her to find me a whacko and place me in a psychiatric ward, I told her I entered the wrong room and pointed to any other room.

I then thanked her and walked out of the maternity ward back to the lift. As I stepped away from their view, I heard a nurse say "Treasure every memory with your loved ones close to your heart, for they are the foundation on which family love and relationship grows. - Javalier"

- In dedication to my wife and firstborn.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia

With totally no disrespect to the government, and to the individual, I write the following parody.

I was heading to lunch at my old office today when I saw a sign saying "Seminar oleh Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia". My first thought was, "man... there's just so many departments in the government that I dunno who do what?! Literally translating the sign, it will say "Seminar by Malaysian Fish Development's Shadow". Kidding, it's Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia.

Then I wondered, is there also a "Prawn Development Authority, Squid Development Authority, Worm Development Authority, Frog Development Authority, and what have you's." Not planning to visit any website on the department, I assume the following.

Our vision is to be the best in fish development in the world.

To enhance the growth of fishes in the Malaysian industry, as well as the development of the fish's skill.

Wawasan 2020 Objectives
1. We plan to research on growth serum for our fishes, so that they will grow at least ten times from 1995. Mid-way 2005 report shows tremendous progress in our research, findings and experimentation.

Exhibit A: Our fishes in 1995

In 1995, our ocean condition was so bad with all the oil leaks on the Straits of Malacca that our fishes could only grow to the size of a 1 cent coin.

Exhibit B: Our Fishes In 2005

Due to our extension research in growth hormones, we are proud to report that our fishes has grown to the size as shown in the picture. Please bear in mind, this is not the limit to the growth. It will only get bigger.

2. We also plan to reseach on skills to integrate with the fishes. Our skills development team was was divided into five groups; Language Team, Music Team, Aviation Team, Diplomacy Team and Taste Team. In 2005 now, we cannot yet disclose our success in the teams other than the aviation team.

Exhibit C: Flying Fish in 1995

We have always wondered why God created flying fishes. We pitied looking at them flying out of the water only to fall back in. It seems that there are bigger plan for these fishes, with the intervention of humans into their development. Thus the Aviation Skill Development Team was created.

Exhibit D: Flying Fish in 2005

In our attempt to make these fishes feel useful to community, we have researched and taught them aviation skills to propel humanity to greater heights. By Wawasan 2020, we expect the newly acquired Airbus by airlines corporations all over the world will be obselete with our new Flying Fish Airlines. No fear of crashes into the sea as the airline is also sea friendly.

To properly educate and create awareness to the public on our activities, we have decided to follow the marketing strategy of most major companies by hiring an ambassador. In 2003, we approached Situ Nurhaliza and Amberry Chia. Situ was too expensive for the government to afford and too busy, and Amberry Chia does not like to eat fish. Other candidates just would not do.

We have decided to create our own ambassador. From our research on the growth serum and the combination with cloning technology as well as transformation technology, we have created the perfect Ambassador, Fish Leong, grown directly at our Kuala Pilah research site! We hope we made the right choice.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Compensation Claim

The story: A company was to take up some space to rent. The agent has given a letter stating that the company has confirmed their intentions and wish to sign. The company came on signing day, said to hold a few days and didn't sign. Two days later, the agent called saying that the company is no longer interested. Bye bye.

The retribution: Because there is a letter stating the confirmation the company is sent out, there is legal proof to justify a lawsuit. I am instructed (along a few others) to claim for compensation for all processes that includes man hours, over time, logistics and processes claims. I am to detail every bit of cost to the company to charge for compensation. I have done so.

The compensation: They include the following (and nearly include some of the following)...
(note: The costing is changed to protect real confidential information).

Process Claim
1.Viewing Conducted - Five viewings in total.
Hours personnel involved = 30 hours X RM50 per hour
Hours directors involved = 15 hours X RM150 per hour

2. Documentation - Three proposals, one offer letter, one tenancy agreement
Hours personnel involved = 10 hours X RM50 per hour
Hours directors involved = 5 hours X RM150 per hour

So far so good?? Check out my logistics claim.

Logistics Claim
1. Travel Cost
To and Fro Agent's Office = 120km X RM0.50 per km
To and Fro Lawyer's Office = 20km X RM0.50 per km
To and Fro Director's House = 100km X RM0.50 per km
To and Fro two offices = RM80km X RM0.50 per km
Car tyre wear and tear = 320km X RM0.08 per km
Steering, clutch and gear oil used = 1.4 litres X RM50 per litre
Accident risk compensation = 320km X RM2.00 per km

2. Material Cost
Paper for proposal = 60 pages X RM0.30 per page
Paper for offer letter = 30 pages X RM0.30 per page
Paper for tenancy agreement = 100 pages X RM0.30 per page
Binding cost = RM10 X (3 proposals + 1 offer letter + 2 tenancy agreement)
Ink cost = 190 pages X RM0.10 per page
Shoe wear & tear cost (to and fro desk and printer) = 6 trips X RM5 per trip
Body energy = 25 joules X 6 trips X RM2 per joule
Name card given = 8 cards X RM0.50 per card

3. Phone Charges
To landlord = 50 minutes X RM2.00 per minute
To agent = 150 minutes X RM0.60 per minute
To lawyer = 60 minutes X RM0.60 per minute
Accidental wrong number dialed = 8 calls X 1 minute X RM0.60 per minute
Saliva used = 430ml X RM0.10 per ml
Ear pressure = 200gm X 165 phonecalls X RM0.02 per gm
Finger pressure (from dialing) = 100gm X 210 phonecalls X RM0.02 per gm
Arm energy = 10 joules X 165 phonecalls X RM2 per joule

Being rather frustrated myself, I included the Name Card Given in the real claim I submitted.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wash your hands

I used to quarrel a lot with my parents whenever they ask me to wash up or change clothes after playing in the field. I understand the need to wash my feet so that I don't dirty the house, but my clothes? If I lied down on the grass, I'm with nature, and nature is clean and pure, why do I need to change clothes? I believe running in the sand at the beach cleans my feet better than any tap water can.

Anyway, the topic is about washing hands. I do wash my hands when I wanna eat, especially after doing quite a lot of house work. When I was helping mum with gardening in the past, even when I run in sports, or after a nice hike in a forest trail, I do not wash my hands before eating something. It is my belief that the current 'hygiene' business is doing our body more bad than good. By not washing hands and letting germs or bacterias or worm eggs (eewww...) get into the body, it tests our immune system and make it stronger, not weaker.

I'm bringing this up because of my kid. (Yes, KB, I'm bringing my kid into the blog again). He would have touched tons of things, the blanket, bedsheet, milk bottle, the crib, my wife's and my clothes, the coolant cap of my engine when I asked him hold it, any many more.... and then the fingers goes into the mouth for cleaning. I am totally alright with this, except for the coolant cap lah. It's good for him rather than having him suck chlorine all the time.

I have a colleague who ensured that everyone bathes when they come home, before touching the baby. While it's more hygienic this way, I think it's good to bring the outside environment into the house and in close contact with the baby. I have no scientific proof, but really, I think the more dangers babies are face with (not superbly dangerous lah, don't pulak let him fall down the stairs to teach him balance), the better they are in adapting to them as they grow up.

High School Reunion

In 12 days from today, I will be attending one of the biggest reunion of my high school year, class of '95. We have always been a close knit group or 200 friends, and hopefully many will make it this year being the 10th year since we last met with each other. It brings back memories to the yesteryears where you grow up being good friends with one another, some people you have a crush on, some people you feel like crushing, teachers who are strict, teachers who are linient, teachers who dunno how to teach, many more of those good ol' days stories will come up.

The venue, interestingly enough will be at the school itself. Talk about being nostalgic. We'll make sure we do a site visit to the 'haunted toilet', 'haunted hall', bla bla... those stories we always hear when we do a camping at the school field. Since teachers are also attending the reunion, it makes it all the better. However, those 'gangsters' who were in a lot of trouble with the teachers might not attend due to their uneasiness being with teachers, cannot shout out loud, act violently and no vroom vroom of cars.

Recalling my secondary days, mine was superbly pathetic. I had a crush with a girl for four years and got rejected twice. I would have been considered a nerd, playing chess for school, joining clubs like nature club, BM club, geographical club, school yearbook committee and the likes, but save due to being active in school sports as well. I have had my shares of admirers, one in particular that I just have to look back and laugh is when I was in Form 4 and a Form 2 japanese girl (she is pretty) actively trying to make me talk to her.

It was in a school trip to Terengganu I believe. She made someone beside me changed place with her, sat beside me, and later even nonchalantly leaned against me. But being a duh-duh fella that I am having a crush on someone who don't give a dime about me, I totally ignored all signs of intention. Another admirer joined the taekwondo club to befriend me. This one is interesting. I find her interesting and attractive when she is just a school girl from far, but it was kind of a turn-off when she joined taekwondo. I wonder why. Anyway, her taekwondo lasted only 1 month. Darn, I wish I have more shares of memories of me admiring someone, but this cuckoo bird was stuck in a stupid crush that he's practically oblivious to everything else around him.

If there was one thing I can be impressed with myself in my school days, it'll have to be my hair. Being good friends with all three discipline teachers, I get stopped by prefects after assembly too many times to have a meet with my discipline teachers. What I get is just "Just sit down like 5 - 10 mins, then go to class." Well, would you consider that as 'using' your friendship with teachers?! The only dude in school with back hair covering collar and front hair's fringe up to the chin.

One tribute I'd like to give is to a Mr Morais, a very keen maths teacher who calls nearly all his students 'monkey'! He is small size but very strict. My first impression, actually, my only impression of him is that he used to be in the army as a mole, not the spy, but the ones who crawls into ditches to plant bombs. He passed away peacefully in 2004. He's the true definition of a teacher, who measure his own performance by how many students gets A from SPM, and he stays back everyday to give free tuition to anyone who wants, free of charge. A good man, hard to replace.

There certainly will be no photos of the reunion that's going to be posted here. This is more like a diary entry for me.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sack Of Stuff

1. Lawyer Killing My Company
Everyone knows that when a company rents an office space, at the end of the tenancy, should they want to continue tenancy, the rental will either go up, or go down. Therefore, a lawyer of ours had this to write in the clause.

"The new rental shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the prevailing rental or at the prevailing market rate, whichever is lower".

While the clause above seems to be nicely worded in law terms, it kills the company. Just say the company is paying RM4000 now, when the new tenancy comes, we cannot ask them to pay anymore than RM400! Because "new rental shall not exceed 10% of prevailing rental". That lawyer got a nice screw from my director for his mistake. The word "increment" is missing.

2. Lying on back to lying on tummy - My Kid
This date, 1st December 2005, marks the first time my kid is able to turn from a lying down position, to a meniarap (lying on tummy) position. This happened in the afternoon about 12:30pm.

3. Watafak?! RM2000 for allowance?!?
Anyone reading The Star Section Two of 30th November would have read about expenditure of youth nowadays. Most of them mentioned that RM300 is not enough. One dude even said that he put aside RM150 for one date, just in case it's a materialistic girl. Whoa!! Man! I'm only 26, so how can in 8 years, a date that costs me only RM15 to RM30 per night (plus movies and food) jumps to RM150 per date?!

One dude that I cannot tahan even suggests that parents give RM2000 for allowance, because "kids nowadays need to pay for a lot of things, like food, coffee at Starbucks, fuel, phone, etc...". Wah lan! A girl mentioned "I cannot ask more money from my mum because she'll ask me to stay home instead of going out, so that I can save on food, petrol and not buy anything." Well, if money not enough, stay home lah.

You got see your parents going to their employer saying "Eh, not enough money lah. I got 3 teenagers who asks RM2000 per month from me, can you give me triple raise ah?!". Crap! Eight years ago my friend lived on RM50 per month! I think the RM2000 dude must be totally spoilt or totally crap for not realising that if he gets RM2000 per month, his college education is about RM800 per month (RM2400 per semester) and his internet at home, his breakfast and dinner, his stay, his laundry being done, etc.... his parents need to earn RM6000 just to support him, coz' RM4000 goes to the son, RM2000 goes to both parents plus household items, plus both parents fuel, phone and food. Really got me worked up reading that story.

4. We forgotten what is a need and what is luxury.
Following up with No. 3 above, I think most Malaysians have forgotten what is luxury and what is a need. There are a few reasons why I don't even want to try two of the new franchise in Malaysia, which is "Chicken Rice Shop" and "Only Mee". Their concept is this. "Let's take a normal Malaysian meal and franchise it and triple it's cost!" and taadah, both those franchise is born! But come on, asking a few friends, the taste is nothing to shout about at all. Can easily get a tastier chicken rice at food courts that will cost only RM3.50 - RM3.80. One franchise I left out if Laksa Shack for one reason, their variety of laksa cannot be found in normal food courts in town. It makes me feel like creating a franchise called "Nasi Goreng Village" that serves all type of nasi goreng at RM10 per plate. Or maybe "The YTF Gourmet Kitchen - Your One Stop Luxury Yong Tau Foo Restaurant". Please lar people, food in franchise restaurants that you can find within the vicinity of a stone's throw anywhere in Malaysia is a luxury.

Also, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans and others are also a luxury. Make your own nescafe at home lar. If you go to Starbucks, get a coffee, open your laptop, tap their electricity source and internet, then it's a need. At least you spread your cost into several areas, not just a drink. Driving a car IS a luxury in Malaysia. I myself would say that I AM living in this luxury of driving a car. It's expensive not only on fuel, but on toll and parking as well. Using LRT or bike is cheaper. I think people really properly need to do a budget. Everyone should do a budget to be reviewed quarterly, though is sounds so much like a business practise, it saves you a lot of money. Or else you'll end up every month concentrating on reducing debt, but still spending a whole lot.

Notwithstanding the generality of the sentences I have written (too much reading agreements lately), I have left out luxury of a family because I am just beginning to face the needs vs luxury as a parent and husband with a kid.

(The remainder of this page is intentionally left blank)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel: A Review

I’m sure many of you have had these calls from hotels trying to sell their hotel membership that always comes with ONE free night stay at their hotel. I have had tried a few of these membership but then I have wasted some too by not even taking that free stay. Now that I’m wiser (after being conned many times), I find it totally and ultimately ridiculous for anyone to sign up a membership with a hotel, in a town they’re staying in. Why would I, someone living in KL City, be signing up a membership with say Istana Hotel, or Renaissance Hotel, or other hotels in KL.

Think about it, I live in KL. I go for a free night stay in Istana Hotel. The next day I can go visiting, yay!! But visiting KL while I’m already going around KL even when I stay at my own house?! What for?? Paying like RM300++ just for a room, but no difference in environment. I do I think it’s fine to sign up with only ONE hotel, for special occasions, and that I have done with Renaissance as I enjoy the ambience and the food selection. So, Renaissance, free membership ah next year ok?! Since I advertised for you.

Anyway, because I’ve signed up with Sunway Hotel’s membership end of last year, my family and I had the opportunity to stay in Sunway Pyramid Tower for 3 days 2 night stay. This is one of the package that has a 3 days 2 nights free stay, as compared to other packages. At first I was also thinking, well, at least we’re staying outside of KL so places we can visit should vary just a little.

The stay turned out to be great. Due to its linkage with Sunway Pyramid, there’s no need to drive out. It’s a walk directly from the lobby to the mall. Also, from the hotel room, you can view nearly the entire Sunway Lagoon and watch people having fun there. It’s also a walking distance to Sunway Lagoon. In a nutshell, staying at Sunway Hotel is like staying in Genting Highlands where it’s a city of its own. Since Genting Highlands is soooo packed, it’s nice to be staying at Sunway Hotel for the enjoyment of a vacation. And to balik rumah after vacation is only 30 mins away, not hours away or the need to use airplane. :P

The room is nothing to shout about. TV, Fridge, Safe, Bathtub with showerhead and minimal furniture. If I were to describe the room in one word, it’s ‘TIDY’. Just enough for basic usage. Ironing have to be done in a separate room. Ice is free of charge, but need to get it from an ice machine somewhere nearby the lift area. Good place to stay for a vacation if you don’t want to travel so far or on a budget.

Encounter! The ironing room is rather large with 9 ironing boards. They are placed like the picture below. Forgive the ugliness of the picture.

The black rectangles are the irons. The gray rectangles are the ironing board. And the black quarter-circle is the door. I came into the room at 6:00am plus in the morning to iron some clothes, and there was no one there. Being right-handed, I’d have to use the irons on the top side of the room, unless I wanna face away from the door. So I stood at ‘me’ and started ironing. Ironed clothes I placed right behind me on the other ironing board so that I have space on mine.

After a short while, I heard the friction of iron and cloth coming from behind me and I turned around, nothing was there. Naturally not wanting to think of ridiculous things, I continued only to be disturbed with the sound of iron being placed back at the side, and clothes being moved. I turned around again and this time I see that my pants is still on the iron board behind me, but my shirt has moved to the ‘X’ ironing board, opened in such a way that it’s being readied to be ironed.

I scooped whatever that I have, grabbed my pants, rushed over to ‘X’ ironing board and grabbed my clothes, and then left the room. For all you know, the lights might just go out and the room door cannot be opened and I do not want to face that.

So, well, that summarizes my stay at Sunway Hotel for 3 days and 2 nights, and still we had a lot of fun eventhough we didn’t go to Sunway Lagoon. And that also summarizes up my fake encounter. It didn’t happen at all, just for show only. :D


A simple context will be as follows. Though I am tremendously careless in the things I do daily, I have never been this superbly marvelously stupendously careless in a documentation that I have to do regarding one specific tenant. I sincerely believe they are signs to show that getting the tenant in is not advisable, but what to do, my bosses are very keen on the big tenant and I can’t blame them. Let’s just hope the ‘signs’ I’ve been receiving are false.

All the signs are documentation related. From miscalculation (I hardly do this), to leaving out information (okay, I do this sometimes) to type error (I hardly do this), to calculating wrong dates (I hardly do this) and lastly, to have three pages not in order during binding (Have never done this). And this is not from the first draft of the documentation either. It builds into the second draft, and then things happen again in the third draft, and so on and so on. The amount of mistakes just cannot justify that I am *THAT* careless.

Anyway, how many people in this world actually believe in signs?! Not Zodiac signs or the Chinese horoscopes, but more to things that happen that tries to give you some kind of message. If I were to recall signs in relationship. Let’s see… for my first ex-gf, there were some signs that it will not work out. A bracelet I gave suddenly broke during normal usage and a helium balloon (the plastic kind) bursting, is that a sign?? I really don’t think so. My second ex-gf is a sign of her own. She’s the sign! Enuff’ said.

If you were on the way to attend an interview, and suddenly you ripped your shirt somewhere, or get splashed with puddle, is that a sign? How about intending to go to the mall, and your car can’t start, and next day you read that there was robbery at the mall? How much would you relate to your car unable to start be related to the robbery at the mall? I believe there are signs that we receive regarding some big decisions that we are going to make, but on a daily basis, they are just coincidences.

To recall if there was any ‘signs’ that happened to me on big decisions, hmm… I received no signs on my decision to marry. I received no signs on the decision to work out of state for a year. I received no signs on going into a bad relationship. Haha… practically I did not receive any signs at all on important decisions I have made in my life! If there was one, which I will not consider it a sign, is that I stopped my decision to study in UK in 1997 and instead stayed back in Malaysia because my college suddenly had that same degree introduced the very next year. But duhhh… that’s not a sign.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Modelling Agency Business

One thing good about being part of the building management team is that I'm able to understand some of the businesses of my tenants. I've read a few grudges by some girls (and guys) to being cheated by a modelling agency that they have to buy stuffs at crazy prices and still do not get chosen to be a model. Who's at fault? Is the agency conning them?

This is how the model agency works. They collect to-be-models information by hiring a scout. The scout will go to shopping complexes, parks, cemeteries and the likes to find interesting people. Then they will lunge and attack these people and ask them to have a model audition with the modelling agency.

So that's where the person will make a choice, to either go to the agency or not. Are they being conned or not?! Anyway, the scout will get some commission when the to-be-model comes to the agency and sign up. What happens at the agency?! Basically, the agency will get the particulars and the photographs of the model, and say that training is free. Here's the catch!... to register as a model of the agency, they'd have to purchase something, and in my tenant's case, a set of make-up that can cost anywhere between RM300 - RM800. It's not really the make-up that's expensive, they'll also teach the proper way to put make-up and give training such as cat-walk and what other things models should know.

A few weeks later, they'll get a call from the agency for a casting shoot, or a shooting cast, or whatever. When they turn up for these shooting lesson using a sniper rifle, I mean, for the casting, they'd see themselves with several other models as well. Usually only one or two models will be chosen. What happens to the un-chosen models?! Well, looks like they're not Neo of Matrix, the chosen one. Seriously, they'll leave to their car disappointed, sit down in the car, sulk at their bad luck, call up a girlfriend or the mum and complain about how stupid the agency is, and that they wasted their time, bla bla, not realising that another hour is added up to their parking ticket time.

This is the time the agency gets attacked a lot! "What stupid agency! Call me up, ask me to buy make-up and then train me and I get nowhere! I wish I wasn't found in the first place by that stupid scout!" What really goes on behind the agency business?!?

Modelling agency gets money from the make-up and training and of course, the hiring of their models for any media or tv shooting or catwalk or leapfrog. A company will call the agency saying "Hello, I'm doing a new commercial for a new 4G phone that can teleport through time, we're looking for a model with the following description: bla bla, height, bla, weight, bla, bald, bla". The agency then gives a looooong list of model names and photos and the company will cut down the choices to anywhere between 3 to 15 or 100 for all I care! Then the casting begins. Models are called for casting, and the company then tells the agency which model they've decided upon.

So there. That's how the industry works. Human nature shows that once the model gets connected to the company, future modelling is done between the model and the company hush hush and the agency loses out. So, for those models who are unhappy that they're not in the Chickadees or Tora advert, they must understand that Modelling Agency is just a stepping stone (with some investment), more like a match maker. Agency does not exist to con models, unless you see some really-cannot-be-model-one type of people coming for registration with the agency.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Current Interesting Song: You're Beautiful - James Blunt

I was thinking of putting "favourite" instead of "interesting", but to me, favourite means something that will last quite some time, like how my favourite songs amongst others are "Stay Another Day - East 17" and "Anak - Freddie Aguilar". Gosh... I sound so oldy. Anyway, those are really old favourite songs of mine. Of course there are current ones.

Back to the topic. I find this song very interesting in its most basic and pure form of being attracted to someone. I will not go into the over-analytical or being matured part to comment "Wah, this guy can fall in love just because he saw someone so beautiful. How shallow!!". It's a very simple song about love at first sight, no, more towards seeing someone beautiful that you want to get to know better, but you can't, coz' she's with someone else.

In case you readers do not know the gist of the song, it's the singer, seeing this girl in the subway with her boyfriend. The girl did notice him, but because meeting by chance like that, and the singer being logical, he sings about that 'short but special' moment of meeting the girl, and mentioned in his song "And I don't think I'll ever see her again, But we shared a special moment that will last till the end." Sounds nice. The last bit of the song is "But it's time to face the truth, I'll never be with you."

Reminds me a lot of college days when you just chance by someone attractive, someone you really adore from far even in that 5 seconds timeframe, and wish to get to know her. She might also notice you, and you might or might not try to make a move to get closer to her, even to just have a short talk with her, but problem is, she's with her boyfriend, or with family, or whatever. A friend of mine has followed this girl who notices him looking at her, and she smiled at him. He followed her trying to get to talk to her, and she on the other hand tried to creep away from her mother in the shoe shop.... but well, it just didn't happen. They're both 16 at that time. :P

Me? Let me think of a moment where the 'song' kinda happened to me. Trying hard as I can, I really cannot recall anytime meeting someone and adoring the girl at the same time the girl noticing me and giving me green light to befriend. If such a thing DID happen, it's the girl noticing me looking at her and she smiled back, and I befriended her the next day since I know where she works. Haha... that's hardly the way the song goes, so well, I'd say "The song didn't happen to me." But I'm sure it did to some of you.

p/s: Because I've not seen the Music Video, I may just misintepret this song, but I cannot be that 'duh' to misintepret it huh?! But why did he used "F**king high" on one of the verse?!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Congratulatory Ad To Ownself

I think people in big companies as well as people in the media are quite aware of this practise. I only found out about it last week, and in my honest opinion, I find it rather awkward and it puts people in a dilemma. While big corporations may find it as an opportunity for smaller companies to show goodwill, I find it a direct extortion of small company's money.

What the heck am I talking about?!? It's about putting up congratulatory ad in the newspaper. You know, you've read "Congratulations to Mun Mun's Furniture Shop on achieving ISO9002." or "Congratulations to Ahmad's Grocery Story on the opening of a new branch in Sentul." When I read those thingies, I at first thought it's the vendors' nice thoughts of putting congratulatory ad for their big client so that they can gain further support from them.

The real news is this. Murugan's Chee Cheong Fun Restaurant is just about to open its 5th branch in Selayang. So this is what Murugan does. He calls up the media (The Moon, Old Straight Clock or The Chinese Letter) and tells them that he wishes to put up a congratulatory ad one full page in the newspaper. He then gives the media names of his vendors, including Pak Cik Mat who supplies the kuey teow, Muthusamy who supplies the fishballs and other fish related stuff, and Kheong Ho for his sauce.

So, the media then contacts these vendors saying "Hey, your client Murugan is opening their 5th branch, so I'd like to know how much you want to contribute to the congratulatory ad. It's RM5000+ for quarter page black and white." This puts the vendors in a difficult position. They are actually asked on their goodwill to take out money to pay for a congratulatory ad by Murugan to congratulate Murugan. Errr... I just simply don't agree with this picture. Yes, I understand that under the page it will say "From: Pak Cik Mat (logo), Muthusamy (logo) and Kheng Ho (logo)".... still, it's like trying to sell a direct selling product to a good friend hoping on his goodwill as a friend to purchase the stuff from you. Not ethical.

But I guess that's how the world works. Sigh....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

How To Be Rich

There are many self-help books on how to be rich. Some examples are like "How to make money in your pajamas - written by a Malaysian" and then there's that Robert Kiyosaki who writes that purplish books. I seriously think Robert Kiyosaki got rich by writing "How to get rich" books. If he didn't write that book in the first place, he won't be as rich as he is now. Making money in your pajamas... wait, that sounds totally wrong. Anyway, ya, there are those who understands the market and created a supply for that demand.

Here's a story of Ali, who made is rich, by saving an ant.

Ali works as a sandwich seller. He's 23 years old. One morning, after he's done making his sandwiches and started walking about the village peddling his sandwich, he saw an ant stuck in a pool of water. He decided to fish the ant out, and placed it on a rock nearby the pond. Then Ali walked away happy.

Unbeknowst to the ant, gasp! Jeng jeng jeng.... (too many dramatised sounds lah pulak)... what the ant don't know won't hurt him, but it did. The tongue of the frog snapped it off the rock and into the belly of the frog. Now, froggy has not eaten in days, and being able to finally eat something, it hops off across the dusty street to another pond nearby.

Unbeknowst to the frog, ribbit, ribbit..... a snake swallowed it whole! And the snake, so happy that it finally get to makan, went to visit his friend nearby the town area. While slithering across the pathway like the Slitherine of Harry Potter, a chinese restaurant owner saw it and took it away, to serve at his restaurant.

Happily carrying the snake in his bag towards his car, he didn't noticed the drunk driver of a Mercedes heading his way. Crash Boom Bang - Roxette.... the driver hit the chinese restaurant owner and killed him instantly. A month later, the driver who was so guilt-ridden with well,... guilt, decided to throw away all his money. He decided that he'll pose as a beggar and try begging and see who have a kind heart.

While begging, he chanced upon a young man selling sandwich who approached him, and gave him not one, but the entire load of sandwiches that he could not sell in the morning. That's about let's see... 10, 12... 15 sandwiches in all. The Mercedes driver was so proud of this young man that he gave him a cash cheque of RM1,000,000 to his good deed. Doing so, the driver feels better that well, he thinks by giving away RM1 million, his spirit can soar again despite his mistake for killing the chinese restaurant owner.

He took Ali to the bank, have Ali cashed the money and then he sent Ali back to Ali's house, and gave his car keys as well as all the proper handover of the Mercedes to Ali. Feeling happy, the driver walked to the nearest bus stand to get a bus home, and while waiting, he opened the sandwich and started eating.... only to bite through quite a bit of sand. With the krap krap krap khorb khun krap sound and the sand hurting his teeth, he threw the sandwich away.

On the other side of the picture, just few hours before, while Ali was selling his last 16th sandwich, his basket handle broke and the sandwiches all rolled on the sandy path of his village. Still determine to earn his money, he decided to cheat by selling the sandy sandwich. While looking for his victim and slowly succumbing by guilt, he saw a beggar, and he decided to just give the sandwich away. Beggars aren't choosy if they're too hungry.

So that's the story of how to be rich. How To Get Rich: Save An Ant and Give Away Your Sandwich.

You Know You're A New Parent When....

Eventhough I'm only nearly in my third month as a parent, there are differences I have noticed from being single, to being married, and lastly to being a parent. Here are my own experiences in differences in being married and being a parent. They are not an exhaustive list at all, just what comes to mind.

You Know You're Married When....
1. You are not afraid to sleep in the dark anymore.
2. The toilet door opens in the middle of the night and you don't jump in fright.
3. Your closet has her clothes, her closet has your clothes.
4. Eh, who's shirt is this? Yours or mine?
5. Staying in hotels together don't get your families reaction.
6. There's someone to go home to.
7. You fight for the tv programme. Well, not really since I'm not a tv person.

You Know You're A New Parent When....
1. Watching movie in a cinema is something rather impossible to do.
2. You hear the crying of a baby in the middle of the night and you don't jump in fright.
3. Your baby's luggage is as big as yours and your wife's luggage combined.
4. For someone so little, the car space taken up is rather large. (ie car seat, stroller, baby bag)
5. You eat alone quite often, as when you were single, since your wife or you is holding the baby while the other eats.
6. Your parents call you up to ask about the baby first, then about you, that is if they remember to ask about you. :P
7. Strangers seem to warm up on you.
8. Baby poo, vomits, and saliva on your skin is highly acceptable.
9. You start singing nursery rhymes even when you're doing house chores at home away from baby and while working at the office.
10. If you're alone with the baby, taking bath and doing "big business" is a racing sport.
11. You speak baby talk and don't mind making funny voices in public.
12. Your baby lies on your lap more often than your wife does.

Tahu, Takpe!

For some unknown reason, I have been hearing a lot of "Tahu, takpe!" in my company that it's driving me nuts. I think it came from some kind of malay show, and people started using it as a common 'words to use'.... such as the sickness with "Kenapa? Tak percaya?" (Why?! Don't believe?), "Mereka dan keluarga mereka" (They and their family.).

"Tahu, takpe" (Know, nevermind) I believe is practically used to reply to someone saying something that already has an answer. Such an example would be "I'm tired today,... maybe due to the long meeting this morning." "Tahu, takpe!" My staff uses it, the maintenance staff uses it, even an indian admin staff uses it!! Now I'm just waiting for those words to come out from managerial position-ed staff.

For those of you who wishes to incorporate "Tahu, takpe!" into their vocabulary, just wait for anyone to talk to you, and mention something (more towards themself actually) in which they're questioning why, and giving an answer to that. At least that's how I think the words are used. In this case, I tak tahu, and I tak kisah.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

How Different People Intepret What's Right And Wrong

SHE is a very famous blogger in Singapore. In the world, she's the top 46th most linked blogger, which can equate her to a celebrity in the blogging world. She is an ambassador for three products brands (now two left, coz' one cancelled her contract). Why is she so famous? My guess is her looks which she enhanced a lot using photoshop, but then again, maybe it's coz' of her spoiltness or maybe coz' of cheekiness. I don't care anyway, I read her blog as a whiny spoilt girl's craziness of the events in her life.

Previously she came to Malaysia, and blogged about how bad Malaysians were to her. Later, she blogged about a couple who took 'her' taxi coz' she was already waiting there. She has as many people who love her and as many people who hate her too. I don't stand anywhere, I'm just a blog reader. I will not introduce who this person is, but time and again she gets attacked by other bloggers for her insensitive postings.

I am attaching a post from her about disabled toilet, which actually led to two Malaysian bloggers (one who's a disabled) to get so angry at her that it became a soap-opera in the blogging world. Suffice to say that this soap-opera got one of the three companies to which she's an ambassador to dis-associate themselves with her. I won't say anymore, just read part of her posting below.

My brother went to the toilet, and he said that he was behind walking behind this man who also wanted to use the loo.

The man stopped at the handicapped toilet instead of the normal male toilet, because well...
1) it is nearer afterall
2) maybe he shares my love for handicapped toilets because they are so freaking spacious and usually has your own mirror and wash basin! Coolness!

He was really damn fucking suay coz he pulled open the toilet door, and, believe it or not, there was really a handicapped person inside.A male handicapped person, who was using the toilet.

I don't know what the fuck is this person's problem, but he shouted at the innocent man who opened his door: "You come inside here for what, you are not even handicapped!" and etc scoldings.

Woah, woah! HOLD ON DUDE. You mean only handicapped people can use handicapped toilets?

Didi was smiling away and telling his story as if it is very funny (which it is lar, if your point is to laugh at that suay man), but I was really quite pissed off because this is the second time I heard a story about handicapped people scolding others for using their toilets.

Another one was my friend who was using a cineleisure handicapped toilet... When he walked out, he was severely lectured by a man who was wheel-chair bound, the latter chiding him for making him (latter) wait.

I don't know if it is the same grumpy, crazy person who did these two scoldings, but if it is not, then it seems a little too much of a coincidence.When I expressed that this siao-eh (as an individual) was ridiculously unreasonable, my brother said, "No, the man shouldn't have used the handicapped toilet what, it says on the door that it is for the handicapped."

How come people have this notion that only the disabled can use facilities for the disabled?

*Roll eyes*

So tell me ... our government spent millions of taxpayers' money to build so many facilities for the physically disabled, and only they are allowed to use it?Oh, excuse me for going down the slope instead of the stairs, will you? I shouldn't have. MRT lifts - don't use it, cannot use it. Use the escalator instead.

WTF is this?

Sure, if I SEE that you are physically disabled, and you need to use the handicapped toilet, then yes, obviously I will let you use it and go use a normal toilet.But the man my brother saw didn't even know there was a person inside! And if you didn't lock your own bloody door, it's your problem and stop scolding others for your freaking mistake!

As far as I am concerned, you have a physical disability - and that is where you have a disadvantage. Your bladder is working fine isn't it? So you wait, just like normal people do, when there is a queue for the toilet. The rest of us queue up to use a toilet - I don't see why the disabled should be any different.

Pissed with unreasonable people. What pisses me off more is when the society at large condones bad behavior when it comes from supposedly piteous people. So what, handicapped have the rights to be unreasonable meh?

If I ever break my leg (choy!) I think I shall use my crutch to anyhow whack anyone who comes near my MRT lift. When some person says I am being violent, I cry and say he is bullying a cripple, then everyone will automatically be on my side.

Friday, October 21, 2005

A Colleague's Mentality

Side note: "As her soul rises to the heavens, misty dews and rain droplets accompany to soften her journey. The rakyat mourns a compassionate and charismatic mother. A great lady finally home." - Tribute to Datin Seri Endon Mahmood

I reached work at 7:30am this morning because I need to get ready for a meeting at 9:00am. Met a senior colleague telling me that my boss has asked our accountant to brief him on the renewal of a tenant. A few minutes later, this accountant colleague came to me. Conversation went like this....

Colleague: I came to work this morning, there was a note on my desk, saying that Mr Boss wants me to brief him on TenantName's renewal.
Me: Shouldn't be a problem what. Just check the tenant file lah.
Colleague: He (the boss) is longer here what. The tenant also masuk before I came here. Why I have to brief him?
Me: He just wants to know the details lah.
Colleague: He knows where the filing cabinet is what. Check himself lah!

What a way to respond to a director's order. Hehe.... this director has just got himself involved with our work since the past month, of course he's not up to date with tenancy information bla bla bla. That's why he asks for update, knowing very well he wouldn't know where to look in the 50-odd pages of the Tenancy Agreement. I think what my director ask is totally normal, why must my colleague act up?

It's like the boss saying, "Secretary, please make me a cup of coffee." and the secretary replying "You got hands and can walk what, go make yourself lah." I think it's too common that in the white-collar industry, we do not work according to the terms in the contract. Surely we'll have to do odd-jobs for directors. If we were to reply "Eh, you siao ah?! My contract didn't say I need to be involved in preparation of Annual Dinner. Go find someone else.", that's the end of the job.

Sigh... sometimes unwritten terms in contracts really make a person seems to be underpaid. :)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Age Goes Up, Memory Goes Down

I just came back from helping a 65+ years old tenant with some issues on his work. A work that could take about 5 minutes to help complete took half an hour due to missing of papers and items that was just being used by him this morning. They appear to be anywhere, from under the phone, to under the desk, to accidentally putting it in a bag. I'm not complaining, but I dare not think about myself in the future being in the same position.

I'd probably start with forgetting where I put my glasses while it's already on my face. I hope until the day I die, my mind will still be not so bad in where I place things. While I am forgetful now, especially on tasks I'm supposed to do, I don't want to face misplacing something I kept just 2 minutes ago.

Hope all of you will have good memories even in old age.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Earliest To Work Ever

Disregarding special events and work trips that I had to make in the past, this is the earliest I've ever been to work on a normal office scheduled day. My previous jobs all required me to reach the office by 10:30am, 8:30am, 9:00am, 8:30am and 9:00am respectively. So today I clocked in at 6:57am, which is usually the time I am just waking up. Due to some circumstances at home, I have to be at work this early. My usual time to reach work will be anywhere between 45 minutes before to being late up to 15 minutes. Haha...

I work on the 5th floor of the building along with two other staff. Level 4 is the main office with about six staff. I've heard from a Level 4 staff that when he used to stay back past 8pm, there was always 'somebody' walking about the office, opening doors and closing doors but no one to be seen. Office haunting is rather common in Malaysia, with another story at a friend's place whereby at a certain time, water will drip out of the water cooler. That company's workforce also leaves before the water start dripping out.

Back to the story. Nature calls, not the waterfall type, but the volcano type. So, took the toilet key and headed to the male toilet. Of course I was already aware about stories of toilet haunts, but by 7am, come on, I don't think I'll face anything. And to cut the story short, I really didn't face anything except hearing water taps turning on on the floor above me... err... should be below me actually since above me is an empty floor. Hehe... now that's scary to think about it again, since the sound came from the top. Aih.. nevermind.

So, what can I do two hours before work officially start? Well, work! Completed some work and stuff, and also blog this thing. Only complain I have is that all office buildings in Malaysia have their own preset aircond hours, and until 8:30am when the cool air will start blowing in, I'd have to be contented fanning myself with a flyer. They should really put a standing fan in here. Sweating. :(

It's gonna be a hectic morning today, cannot afford to smell sweaty meeting belardy important potential clients. In Back To The Future 2, Michael J. Fox.... oops, Marty McFly went to the future and had this suit which can dry him when wet. I'm sure that suit can fan him when he's sweating too. Now, what year was that?? Can't wait for that suit to be in the market. :D

Monday, October 17, 2005

No Motivation To Work Today

For some unknown reason (sure got reason wan lah, except haven't found out yet), I'm rather lazy to do any work today, though I know I must. Feeling tired yes, but it's not a physical tired, it's more towards the lack of motivation leading to this tiredness. So, let's analyse why I am actually not in the mood to do any work today.

Several reasons that I can think of are: -
i) Monday Blues - I hardly get Monday blues. Monday is a good time to start working to finish up what I can until the weekend. Unless of course, there's something that I did not complete doing during the weekend that made me not want to start Monday. What could it be?! Perhaps two chores that I know I did not complete, which are cleaning of two rooms and searching through clothes I've kept in bags.

ii) Incomplete Work - Uncomplete or incomplete?! This is a quite common thing I face sometimes. The more work that I have yet to complete, the more I don't feel like doing any work because I don't know where to start first. Let's see. Do I have uncompleted work? Yes, four of them. Actually five. One will take about 5 minutes (editing and faxing). One about 20 minutes (call, and another call). The other three also will take 10 minutes top. So, well, then I guess it's not that, since I don't have a problem to start anyone of them, provided the motivation comes.

iii) Raya Approaching - Today is the 13th day of fasting, and that's another 17 days to go. I know some people are already in the celebration mood, but I don't think I am there yet. Would be about 10 days to go before I'd be in the mood, since by that time it'll be 7 days before raya.

iv) Tired due to Fasting - Ya, right! It's only 11am.

v) Disturbed Peace - Nothing in the news is that horrible today to affect me today. Driving to work is also non-eventful.

vi) Boredom - Hmm... I think this is it. There's no great event that's gonna happen at work today. Tomorrow there will be, but not today. Therefore since today's work will only take about 1-2 hours of my time (plus another 1-2 hours of self-empowerment to do some extra work for the company), I can afford to delay starting any work. Just hope the delay won't bring to contentment of relaxing that I end up not doing any work at all.

Sigh.... low productivity day today.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Different Meaning Of Life To Different Culture

As a reminder, I have worked in a semi-government company, in a project situated in a village in Kedah, and in a commission based company, and corporate company. What I have experienced in terms of people there is interesting.

People here are a happy bunch. There's way too much slack time when there's not really a project being undertaken. As long as there's delivery of work, the workers can practically do whatever they wish (within the boundary of appointment letter). Similar to government workers, they can take some time off to smoke, have a drink at the cafe, chit chat with colleagues at their cubicles, etc. Most departments are quite laid-back, while some departments are always on their toes at all times, where they don't really get to slack much at all and occasionally have to stay back everyday (for about a week).

The government benefits bestowed upon them is good. Pay is only satisfactory or below satisfactory, but workers utilise the benefit fully. The strength of this type of company is the family-environment within departments. The weakness, one of the reason that made me not want to continue, is the "laid-back culture". At 40 years old, yes, I'd like that, but not at 24 at that time.

Flexible working demand, average to low salary, most are in satisfied level (that can lead to complacency or loss of drive on life). Travelling within Malaysia is a norm. Travelling overseas is a luxury. Prefers cafe or economical food. Fast food is acceptable. Restaurant eating is a luxury (as compared to Accenture / Ernst & Young that finds is a norm). Hardly ever go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

Village People
No, not the group that sang YMCA! Working in a village, be it in a government sector (ministry of agriculture), or own business of paddy fields and fish/prawn rearing, life is simple. Average income is RM400 - 600, from admin staff to accounts executive. Works according to government hours, start work at 7am and leaves by 4pm. Paddy field farmers, according to how many relung they own gets about RM8,000 - RM20,000 per half year (that's as little as RM1,300 to quite a lot at RM3,300 per month!!), usually a family business, so the per month salary is further divided by at least 2 person. Works from 8am to 12pm for four months, and from morning till evenings for two months, and repeat.

Strong family-type amongst colleague, and very strong family bond for farmers. Pushes children to finish up to SPM and then work, or to STPM and then work. Pushes children to get a stable job with the government. Usually difficult to obtain job in corporate sectors due to not having strong command of the english language. Nevertheless, entire families are a happy bunch.

Long after-office hours for family, low pay, most are in happy level. Travelling within Malaysia is acceptable, usually just travel nearby on motorcycle. Travelling overseas is a luxury (and usually not needed other than going to Makkah). Eating at home is a norm. Eating out (be it kedai kopi) is expensive. Fast food is a luxury. Restaurants and hotels is ridiculously luxurious
(and they don't even have the feeling to do so.) Basically, their needs is very very simple. Will NOT touch Starbucks or Coffee Bean.

Commission Based
Most start-up workers are young people between the age of 18 - 25. Due to it being commission based and no or a salary as low as RM400 per month, most only buy motorcycles. Fast food is a luxury, usually will eat economic rice or skip lunch totally, to eat at home after work. Unhappy lots unless they're hardworking and even hardworking ones needs to have the skill to sell.

Average, not sad and not happy, but always worrisome people. Low pay, hoping for commission, therefore hoping for sale. Usually between unsatisfied people, due to constant rejections to selling. Just an example, how would you feel like having to walk from one factory to one factory hoping to sell cartons of Uncle Toby's to their boss to give their workers? As mentioned, prefers to eat at home. Practically wants to save as much money as possible. Due to the non-constant salary, during good commission, usually throws away the commission celebrating or buying something expensive. Vicious cycle of unhappiness and happiness.

Corporate Sector
NO slacking! If you're required to work 8 hours, you WORK 8 hours. Being monitored silently by bosses, and those who don't perform are transferred around the company, to initiate a decrease in motivation to make the person quit on his/her own.

The only place with worker's burn-out, and the ones totally making full use of their annual leave and MCs. From executive levels and below (not managers and above), 30% are satisfied, 50% are unsatisfied, and 20% are always checking "careers" section in the newspaper on a constant basis. The company ranges from small IT company of 5 people, to a huge corporation like Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Workers generally hit above RM1,800 salary mark. Looks forward to weekends to partaayyy... or go out socially with friends, or stay home play Playstation 2 which is affordable (for single people). Sundays to rest to be healthy to face another week. During weekdays, the house is practically a hotel, to go home, eat dinner, do some homework, sleep and stary work again.

Mostly unsatisfied lot. Average to good salary (but only compared to non-corporate, but if compared against work load, it's average to bad salary). Travelling within malaysia is a norm. Travelling overseas is semi-luxury (nearby can lah). Fast food is a norm. Restaurants is a norm for BIG 5 company workers, who can afford Delifrance and Dome quite often, but for non BIG 5, restaurants are acceptable. Starbucks and Coffee Bean is also acceptable or a norm. Eating at home is a luxury!! Haha... serious! With the time left after work, there's hardly time to prepare and cook, unless it's maggi mee or nasi goreng, or rice and one dish.

In summary
Life is on a scale balance. It's USUALLY emotions vs workload vs salary. Workload little, salary little, emotion okay to happy. Workload a lot, salary a lot, emotions not happy to okay. Workload a lot, salary little, emotions sad.

The KEY to workload a lot, salary a lot and happiness a lot is to be really hardworking. That's why workaholics enjoy their work, and usually end up in managerial positions and later have lots of money. Rich Workaholics = Donald Trump & Bill Gates. Rich Workaholic who really prefer to be at work than home = Hugh Hefner. Workaholic who knows when to have fun = Richard Branson. These people are either hardworking, or have courage to initiate things they believe in, which 95% of the world population does not have.

Personally, for me, I cannot be hardworking for 7 hours (minus lunch) in a day. MAX total hardworking-ness is 3 hours in the morning. After lunch, no mood liao.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

About Taxis

Since I started driving, I hardly ever take the cab to anywhere. Yesterday was my first trip in a cab (for a few years already) and I took the chance to question the driver on things I've been wondering about.

First of all, I asked about the looong queue for gas at Petronas that I always see. According to the driver, the gas is 60-70% cheaper as compared to petrol. A cab's full tank will take about RM50 worth, but gas will only cost about RM18. However, a cab's full tank can last for an entire day (520km) but you cannot fill up the gas to maximum capacity of the tank due to danger of expansion of the tank (from the gas heating up). So, it's a 4-time gas fill-up per day at RM4-5 per fill up, that lasts 130km.

Questioning him on whether it's a waste of time lining up. Seems that it's usually about a half-hour waiting in line for gas, to which he said at least it gives him some rest. Ookayy then, two hours per day on lining up is okay for him. But really, the save in fuel cost is what made him keep to gas.

I also inquired about the 'rental' of taxis. All taxi drivers RENT the taxis from taxi company on a daily basis. Some companies allow for 'rent and buy' which means, they will pay rental for the taxi and in five years, the taxi will be theirs. The problem is, while the vehicle will belong to them, they cannot use it as a taxi. It will be converted to a normal car, and if they still want to be taxi drivers, they will need to rent another taxi.

"Rent and buy", though it sounds good, is really not good at all. It's about RM44 per day, but maintenance of vehicle is up to the driver (ie tyre change, engine check) and they will need to pay the rent every single day of the year. This means that if they take leave for Hari Raya for 10 days, they need to pay RM440 in that 10 days.

"Pure Rental" is aboutRM65 per day, and they only pay on days they use the taxi. Maintenance is borne by the company. The driver I was with yesterday believe that pure rental is more cost saving, and I think so too.

So, a taxi driver starts the day on a full gas (not full lah, but maximum gas capacity) and rental of RM65. If the driver starts at 8am, he would probably break-even (on the rental) within 4-6 hours, depending on the distance and traffic. In traffic, the money move slowly, but it moves! Just to tell you all that there is cost incurred for 'time' and not only distance, and I believe this is fair to the taxi drivers, though it may not seem fair for the passengers.

Okay, let's say he gets break-even at 3pm (additional hour is due to waiting for gas twice). Then he'll need to break even his gas of RM18 which can be done in 1-2 hours. So as bad as it goat worst, a taxi driver will start earning at 5pm! That's like... err... you work from 8am to 5pm only to break-even, and then the next four hours, if they're lucky they will earn RM40 to bring home. According to this taxi driver, he generally break-even at 1pm, and by 2pm he will purely drive to earn money. At the end of the day at 9pm, he would take home anywhere between RM30 (bad day) to RM120 (good day). Putting that into average calculation, he can take home RM75 daily, which brings to RM1,500 per month working from 8am to 9pm.

Life of a taxi driver.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bloody Political Idiots

I don't generally write on politics, but when I read craps that shows the weakness of a political system, I just have to vent it out. To children, a politician goes into politics in the first place to help the rakyat. In reality, some (not most) of them go into politics to close more business deals and sama-sama makan.

In the news today (12th Oct 2005)
1. 50 years old man in Johor grazed one of three motorcycles carrying 5 youth. At a traffic light, they attacked him, and ran away with his car keys, 3 credit cards and RM200 worth of cash.

2. A boyfriend left his girlfriend in the car at Juru R&R to go to the toilet, two men went into the car, drove off, picked up a third and raped her in the car only to leave her at Sungai Petani.

In the news today also....
Cabinet fighting over usage of "Jabatan" and "jabatan".

Utter nonsense!! Furthermore, 2006 budget gives a lot of advantages to businesses and police workforce. Why reward the police when criminals are getting braver? Doesn't it show that the police are slacking?!

Gone are the days when robbers struck only at night, or kidnappers waiting at secluded area before pouncing on their victim. Crime is done in broad daylight. I myself am not comfortable with taking out Kit Kat bar from a grocery store, and here we have brave criminals doing it in public!! Hello?! Something wrong with the Malaysia system?! Someone's gotta revamp the entire country's system.

Let's hope Najib will use his knowledge as Minister of Defense and create something to defend the rakyat from internal criminals, not only foreign attacks.

As for now, rakyat will have to fend for the rakyat, and even that is not happening. Pity the rakyat, but F**K YOU rakyat too! Arseholes who just turn a blind eye to crimes in front of their eyes. Come on rakyat, just do a Con Air. If you have to hurt or even kill to save someone's life, sanity or life-time emotional peace, you have my full support.

Makes me feel like running for Prime Minister. Hahaha.... I'll be the first to get killed in a hush hush operation by unhappy 'big powers'. As I have always believe since Std 5. There is REALLY NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD. It's just a word to hide the truth.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Planes Of Existence

My Opinion Entirely....

Imagine four pieces of transparency, and we print the letters A to D on different sheets. Now imagine we place one piece of white paper with a stickman drawing facing upwards. Lastly, we place transparency A (T-A) on top of the white paper, and transparencies B to D below the white paper.

The stick man in the figure is you.
T-A = Real World
T-B = Spirit World
T-C = Djinn World
T-D = Other planes (may be more)

Nearly all of us are currently at the position of the paper mentioned above. We can only see the real world. Spirit world can see its own world and the real world. Other planes of existence can see some other planes, but not necessarily in alphabetial order. For all we know, the Djinns cannot see the spirit world, but can only see its own world and the real world. And, some spirits in the spirit world cannot see other spirits in their own world. Other planes is purely subjective and I will not discuss them.

What I'd like to discuss is this. The travelling mechanism to a different plane of existence lies within individuals. Why is it that someone on the death bed can start talking to 'people' we can't see? Why does someone in a coma and being resuscitated can actually see him/herself being revived on the operation table? Why is it that someone driving on a deserted road in Sungai Limau in Kedah can stop at a night market to purchase some food, only to return home and the food is actually leaves, and the night market ceases to exist? How can we really say that someone who can see things we can't as 'insane' and should belong in a mental hospital?

God created four main 'objects' in the human body, which are i) soul ii) mind iii) brain and iv) body. The soul is connected to the body and the mind to the brain. To me, the brain's main function is to delegate tasks to the successful running of the body, and to stimulate thinking. The mind is what stores information we see, and may think on its own. When the soul exits the body, (there is still some linkage from the soul to body), but the mind and the brain works very well together still. People in coma can have great brain activitiy due to what's the soul experiences outside the body. Anyway, this paragraph will be discussed in a new post. The only gist I wish to take out from this paragraph is the power of the mind (not the brain).

Okay, back to topic. The mind, during extreme fatigue or malfunction can drop the soul into another plane of existence. That's when we see shadows, movements or voices that generally should not be there. This happens unconsciously. How about consciously. Why are there psychics, why are there bomohs, and how about voodoo witches?! I have absolutely no answer to harm-causing magicks, but as to their ability to converse with the other world, I still put it to their mental ability. Their mind. Belief and faith are the fuel to a mind's ability. In the real world, we can easily see that faith led to the creation of the light bulb. Faith and belief too brings an individual to experience things that the common man (who don't have enough faith or belief) can't.

People with telekinesis (ability to move objects with the mind) has 100% belief that the objects can be moved. If we can put as much faith and belief that we can make that pencil move, as MUCH belief as we have about pushing it with our fingers, then it will move. But billions of people cannot do it due to that doubt. As long as there's doubt, "aiyah, where can one!??" then it won't happen. The power of the mind. We can follow the steps of that ghost show "Candyman", on total darkness with only one candle, look into a huge mirror and say candyman three times. If you are bloody scared enough while doing it (amazing where you find the courage to actually do it huh?!) then you will experience something. If you are doing it with ridicule, nothing will happen. Fear also contributes to the fuel of planes travelling.

There is a thing called sleep paralysis. It usually means that you are awake, but you can't move. Most people who complains of "a ghost sitting on my chest when I awake" would probably experience sleep paralysis than really a ghost sitting on their chest. Believe it or not, if you have a mirror on the ceiling, you'll see yourself with your eyes closed. Your soul and mind are awake, but not your body. You can look right, look left, you feel like you're turning your neck, but your head is not moving. The ONLY thing you can make your body do, is to breath strongly. That's the only difference you can change in your body during sleep paralysis. You can feel as if you're moving your fingers, but your real body is not moving at all. This is the first step or highest level in the spirit world (in which you won't see other spirits).

Should you experience sleep paralysis, do not panic. Ya, right!! Most people WILL panic waking up and not being able to move. If you can sooth yourself, relax and enjoy the moment. Try moving your hand to your face, you will feel yourself moving your hand, but your hand won't reach your face. Nothing you do physically will reflect in what you see. Then, try to 'float' out of your body. Don't worry, you won't die. But that's easy for me to say, huh?? Since fear will trapy you in. What you will feel is like an electricity flowing through your entire body, before you will float out. If you do float out, you will hover on above your body, slowly turn and you will automatically look down to your body. At this stage, you can experiment moving about the room. At an advanced stage, you can travel outside your room, outside your house, practically, anywhere. But remember, there is always a Law of Nature that prevents you from doing something you know at heart is not a good thing to do. Therefore, you will not be able to peep on someone taking a bath. Share with me if you have experience out of body.

If you have never experienced sleep paralysis, and would like to try it, go to bed at night, free of stress and fully calm. Lie on your back and with only the sounds of your breathing, tell yourself that your body will fall asleep, but not you. You will slowly enter this dream-like situation, something similar to those times you are dreaming and you KNOW you are dreaming. Then you'll wake up, but really, it's your soul only waking up, not your body. Then go through that electricity feeling. Me? I've been in tons of sleep paralysis, both by accident and created, and have faced the electricity feeling (more like semut-semut / buzzing feeling on entire body), but it's not a common thing to feel myself floating out, and fear will pull me back. :P Means, I've never truly floated out. :-(

Good luck.

p/s: A little bit out of topic. Crap. Am supposed to relate to cases of others who gone to the djinn world and spirit world (with being able to see spirits). Ended up talking on how to achieve high-level spirit world entrance. May or may not restart the topic in times to come.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Being Civilised Is A Losing Battle

The topic was mentioned in a phone conversation I had with an old friend of mine. I think it'll be alright to repeat the story here since no one will know who he is anyway. It's a scary world to be in when, in a secured environment, you get yourself into an event that crumbles your entire trust on the so-called secured environment.

Anyway, I will tell the story directly what happened to him, to show how some management are purely interested in keeping a place calm and happy-looking, no matter what the cause. I usually will filter names of places or people in my blog, but today's post, I will filter only to a certain degree as you will see.

In respect to the establishment of this so called secured and friendly environment, I will not disclose to you that it happened in Suria KLCC. My friend, a guy dude in long-sleeve and tie was out to lunch with his girlfriend, also dressed in working attire. Moving into their path are three punkie looking teenagers (say about 16 - 19 years old) and just as they were about to pass each other, one kid extended his arm to touch my the girl's breast. There was no contact, but they laughed once they have passed by.

My friend got pissed, well, who wouldn't be?! He turned around and asked the kids to apologize. One of them (leader I suppose) challenged him to a duel outside. So begins a battle of words, with the other kids joining in saying "Don't you try to find trouble with us". As typical in Malaysia, which I hate, everyone else is just ignoring what is going on and going about their own business. The kids suddenly backed off, but my friend was not satisfied that they didn't apologizse.

What made the kids back off and head the other way is because the security guard is coming from behind my friend. In hoping that the security guard saw what happened and maybe apprehend or take some actions against the kids, he (the guard) instead held tight to my friend's shoulders and said "Don't find trouble here!". I can imagine my friend's feeling when he heard this. All sense of security, all walls to protect the innocent just crumble. My friend instead lashed out at the guard about what happened and typical for someone who don't want to be blamed, answered "Oh, I didn't see anything. I just noticed you shouting, so I thought you're causing trouble."

Ended up seeing the security manager. Under law, the intention to molest is punishable by the court. This is a serious issue, and if you readers think that it's childish to report such thing to the management, imagine if it happened to your girlfriend or wife (for male readers) or happened to you (for female readers). So, the security manager, whose main intention is to keep a calm and peaceful environment, just took down reports (which we know will go into the dustbin anyway) and left it at that.

When my friend inquired about the security cameras, so that they can appropriately apprehend the kids, this so called multi-million dollar shopping complex which I will again, not disclose to you all that it's Suria KLCC, does not have proper security camera zonings. From the horses mouth, he mentioned that some of the cameras are static, and does will not cover every inch, or even meters of the shopping complex.

There you have it folks, a beautiful illusion of security, until it is breached. And peace is to be enforced, without regards to who's wrong or who's right, just as long as there's peace and quiet. Hope this will not happen to any of you.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I am a psychopath

One of the most famous 'baton-passing' theme is the "I am" theme, which practically requires the blogger to write a series of "I am...." to somesort of a confession to anyone in praticular. Most will start an "I am" from young until their current age, in which they will confess things they do to their parents, bla bla bla. Some examples I've seen are like: -

I am the girl who locked you in the toilet in Std 4.

I am the man who left you for another woman.

.... and some craps like that. I will not write anything like that about myself, but it brings to a very interesting idea. Since tomorrow is the first day of fasting month, I will now release all the demons of insanity and morbid-ity(?!) from my mind, muahahaaha..... I banish you from my mind for a few months! Oh yeah, selamat berpuasa to all.

Beware: The following confessions are very graphical in nature and very grotesque. Those under 18 please seek your guardian's or watson's advice. Please seriously obey this advice for your own good.

For friends who know me personally, who knows the cheerful and friendly personality that I have,.... well, I have absolutely no idea how you will take the following conjurations of my mind. Just be thankful its not real. :P

I am the brother who bit off your hamster's head after watching 'V', laughing and running off to the mirror to see blood oozing out from my mouth and the hamster's head still throbbing on my tongue. I am the brother who then spat the head at you and used the hamster's body as a paintbrush to paint a beautiful red dress on your art block. I am the brother who sat on your head, and made you lick that wet 'paint', and said "Yummy, it's delicious".

I am the child who found it humourous stepping on young yellow chicks, to hear the sweet sound of crunching bones, giggling out loud as I chase more of them around. I am the child who picked up each and every crushed chick and poured their blood on unhatched eggs in the coop. I am the child who also poured leftover chicks' blood into chilli sauces' bottles at home. I am the child who gladly poured the chilli sauce for grandma and grandpa eating their chicken.

I am the son who smashed your car windows with a tennis racket. I am the son who placed broken pieces of glass in your shoes and loafers and smiled with glee at you jumping in pain and falling over the fence and broke your arm. I am the son who, while you were in the hospital, played campfire with all the papers I found in your briefcase. I am the son who was so happy when you got fired and stayed home with us for a few months. I am the son who slashed your tyres when you got a new job. I am the son who got to know a good friend of yours, a magician who can make people disappear.

I am the teenager who spat and blew my nose in your burger bun when you complained that the burger is not warm enough. I am the teenager who added my pee to your soda when you asked for a refill. I am the teenager who, with my friends, pushed, kicked, slammed and robbed you off your wallet and car after your dinner. I am the teenager who left you with a small token of gratitude by leaving a kitchen knife sticking out your thigh. I am the teenager who after that vanished like ninjas, being trained well by the magician.

I am the young man who tried to steal the exam papers for my finals, but was caught by you. I am the young man who sneaked into your office after the finals and burned all the answer sheets. I am the young man who dumped eight dead dogs into your yard for revenge. I am the young man who was not satisfied and proceeded to hit your ailing parents during their morning walk. I am the young man who drove over them again and again until I could not see anymore through my tears of laughter.

I am the man who applied for a job at your company but was given a low pay. I am the man who sent your clients to those who are worthy. I am the man who sold your contacts and information to earn what I am suppose to get, you worthless piece of rubbish! I am the man who paid girls to give you a call to your home to your wife. I am the man who got you tied up with a girl who eventually dumped you after your divorce. I am the man who ruined your marriage, just as you deserved. I am the man who made sure you don't remarry when I had my friends castrate you while you were so drunk, trying to escape anguish and depression . I am the man who mailed your your dried up testicles, pierced with rusted screws. I am the man who will never be humiliated by you ever again.

I am the boyfriend whom you decided to cheat on, just two months into the relationship. I am the boyfriend who made your lover disappear. I am the boyfriend who fed you soup, with the meat and personal parts of your lover. I am the boyfriend who convinced your parents that you had a sudden urge to go overseas looking for a job. I am the boyfriend who instead kept you locked in my home, to do to you as I wish. I am the boyfriend who kept my promise that I will not rape you in captive, or have anyone do that to you, but I never said I will not mutilate you. I am the boyfriend who carved your cheeks so that your teeth shows without opening your mouth. I am the boyfriend who bought a drum, but no drum sticks, and guess where I got those drum sticks from, you armless hag! I am the boyfriend who ensured your symmetry by also removing your legs, leaving you looking like a thin turtle. I am the boyfriend who got tired of you, who brought you to a lake in town, and watching in awe at how you try to swim with just limbs to your elbow and knees, until you sank and never come up for air again. I am the boyfriend, who celebrate your watery grave by scattering the bones of your lover, after my friends and I dined deliciously on his entire tasty meat.

I am the convict who tried to bit your nose off, how dare you try to cuff me! I am the convict who sang the national anthem in court when asked for my plea. I am the convict who struggled and manage to sink my knee deep into the stomache of that woman, and why was she wearing that maternity dress for?! I am the convict who laughed and laughed in captive until I am declared an insane and do not belong in prison. I am the convict who managed to fool all of you into thinking that I'm insane when I'm totally sane, with only lust for the dark. I am the convict whose destiny was set, to live in utter fascination with vices, sins and evil.

I am a psychopath, without empathy or remorse in what I do.