Thursday, November 17, 2005

Current Interesting Song: You're Beautiful - James Blunt

I was thinking of putting "favourite" instead of "interesting", but to me, favourite means something that will last quite some time, like how my favourite songs amongst others are "Stay Another Day - East 17" and "Anak - Freddie Aguilar". Gosh... I sound so oldy. Anyway, those are really old favourite songs of mine. Of course there are current ones.

Back to the topic. I find this song very interesting in its most basic and pure form of being attracted to someone. I will not go into the over-analytical or being matured part to comment "Wah, this guy can fall in love just because he saw someone so beautiful. How shallow!!". It's a very simple song about love at first sight, no, more towards seeing someone beautiful that you want to get to know better, but you can't, coz' she's with someone else.

In case you readers do not know the gist of the song, it's the singer, seeing this girl in the subway with her boyfriend. The girl did notice him, but because meeting by chance like that, and the singer being logical, he sings about that 'short but special' moment of meeting the girl, and mentioned in his song "And I don't think I'll ever see her again, But we shared a special moment that will last till the end." Sounds nice. The last bit of the song is "But it's time to face the truth, I'll never be with you."

Reminds me a lot of college days when you just chance by someone attractive, someone you really adore from far even in that 5 seconds timeframe, and wish to get to know her. She might also notice you, and you might or might not try to make a move to get closer to her, even to just have a short talk with her, but problem is, she's with her boyfriend, or with family, or whatever. A friend of mine has followed this girl who notices him looking at her, and she smiled at him. He followed her trying to get to talk to her, and she on the other hand tried to creep away from her mother in the shoe shop.... but well, it just didn't happen. They're both 16 at that time. :P

Me? Let me think of a moment where the 'song' kinda happened to me. Trying hard as I can, I really cannot recall anytime meeting someone and adoring the girl at the same time the girl noticing me and giving me green light to befriend. If such a thing DID happen, it's the girl noticing me looking at her and she smiled back, and I befriended her the next day since I know where she works. Haha... that's hardly the way the song goes, so well, I'd say "The song didn't happen to me." But I'm sure it did to some of you.

p/s: Because I've not seen the Music Video, I may just misintepret this song, but I cannot be that 'duh' to misintepret it huh?! But why did he used "F**king high" on one of the verse?!


Anonymous said...

they've changed it to 'flying high' right?
the vid clip has got nothing to do with the lyrics. no subway, no girl, only him bukak2 baju..

Javalier said...

Radio version is 'Flying High', CD version in the US/UK is 'F**king High'. Just saw the clip, err... very the weird.