Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You Know You're A New Parent When....

Eventhough I'm only nearly in my third month as a parent, there are differences I have noticed from being single, to being married, and lastly to being a parent. Here are my own experiences in differences in being married and being a parent. They are not an exhaustive list at all, just what comes to mind.

You Know You're Married When....
1. You are not afraid to sleep in the dark anymore.
2. The toilet door opens in the middle of the night and you don't jump in fright.
3. Your closet has her clothes, her closet has your clothes.
4. Eh, who's shirt is this? Yours or mine?
5. Staying in hotels together don't get your families reaction.
6. There's someone to go home to.
7. You fight for the tv programme. Well, not really since I'm not a tv person.

You Know You're A New Parent When....
1. Watching movie in a cinema is something rather impossible to do.
2. You hear the crying of a baby in the middle of the night and you don't jump in fright.
3. Your baby's luggage is as big as yours and your wife's luggage combined.
4. For someone so little, the car space taken up is rather large. (ie car seat, stroller, baby bag)
5. You eat alone quite often, as when you were single, since your wife or you is holding the baby while the other eats.
6. Your parents call you up to ask about the baby first, then about you, that is if they remember to ask about you. :P
7. Strangers seem to warm up on you.
8. Baby poo, vomits, and saliva on your skin is highly acceptable.
9. You start singing nursery rhymes even when you're doing house chores at home away from baby and while working at the office.
10. If you're alone with the baby, taking bath and doing "big business" is a racing sport.
11. You speak baby talk and don't mind making funny voices in public.
12. Your baby lies on your lap more often than your wife does.

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