Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tahu, Takpe!

For some unknown reason, I have been hearing a lot of "Tahu, takpe!" in my company that it's driving me nuts. I think it came from some kind of malay show, and people started using it as a common 'words to use'.... such as the sickness with "Kenapa? Tak percaya?" (Why?! Don't believe?), "Mereka dan keluarga mereka" (They and their family.).

"Tahu, takpe" (Know, nevermind) I believe is practically used to reply to someone saying something that already has an answer. Such an example would be "I'm tired today,... maybe due to the long meeting this morning." "Tahu, takpe!" My staff uses it, the maintenance staff uses it, even an indian admin staff uses it!! Now I'm just waiting for those words to come out from managerial position-ed staff.

For those of you who wishes to incorporate "Tahu, takpe!" into their vocabulary, just wait for anyone to talk to you, and mention something (more towards themself actually) in which they're questioning why, and giving an answer to that. At least that's how I think the words are used. In this case, I tak tahu, and I tak kisah.

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