Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Humans and Zombies

No disrespect to the zombies who wish to remain zombies.

A common question related to obesity. Do we live to eat, or eat to live. The former shows tendency for obesity, while the latter shows logical human needs. Heck, I do both! At times I eat to live, at times I really eat what I want and enjoy, no matter the calories no matter the cost.

Zombies roam the earth. They're the ones who grow up with the mindset of "cycle of life", meaning they succumb to society's rule of 80% population works to make the other 20% richer. So these 80% are happy (or brainwashed to be happy) living in constant debts, earning a low salary and facing high demands for performance. Darn, I'm a zombie too, aren't I? A zombie looking towards humanity.

Zombies follow Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to the dot. Who's Maslow? Maslow's the King of Zombies. Yes, zombies wants to eat, and then finds a shelter, and then when some humanity comes in, they want friends, they want recognition and then wisdom. A friend asked "Why do I live? What's the meaning of life?" Another friend answered "God give us life to enjoy life." Then why are there so many who chose not to enjoy life?

Zombies work to get money. Money buys food (Maslow's Tier 1). Money buys house on high debt for 30 years (Maslow's Tier 2). Money buys friends (Maslow's Tier 3). Money... you get the point. The meaning of life of a zombie is... "We live to owe. To pay the owe, we find money. To find money we work. We don't want to risk being an entrepreneur because Maslow's Tier 1 must be met and we're already stuck there. Money is now precious and sacred."

I am a zombie wishing to be a human. Are you already a human? If you're not, are you with me, seeking humanity, or you wish to remain a zombie forever?

It's close to midnight, and something evil's lurking in the dark. They're out to get you, to make you owe and owe and owe till you die.


icarus said...

y does this blog make so much sense to me...the more one grows up he realises that tied to certain norms n rules (maslows being one of em)means he has been wearing blinkers all his life......

Kuek said...

This is soooo true. Brother, think you can write a self improvement book with fantasy theme nice! I enjoy this so much....Think I gonna feature this post in my blog....