Friday, December 09, 2005

Hospital De Javu

I went back to the hospital in which my wife gave birth, to collect a document. I went back to the maternity ward area. As it's a common place for visitors, I was not asked what I'm doing there. Just approached the door to the ward we were in. Door was closed, but I could hear voices inside.

Funny thing was, the voice was so familiar that I actually opened up the door. Curtains were still drawn so I can't see who it is. Table with food not yet eaten was right before the curtain. The voices can still be heard. It was the mother talking and singing to the baby. When I peeped from beside the curtain, I could finally see who it is. Got a big shock of my life when I saw my wife holding and cuddling my baby. I can see the luggage we had there. The fluffy green blanket in which I slept on the floor.

I choked, couldn't say a word, and before I could draw the curtain open, the toilet door opened. It was me. But how can that be? Memory energy? When I gasped I covered my mouth with my hands, not to disturb what I saw, but they didn't notice me. But I did see my other self looking at my direction eventhough the curtain was closed. Then the baby made a sound and he looked back at the baby.

At this time I left the room, lucky that the door didn't creak. The nurses looked at me, saw my pale face I guess, because they asked me who I am and am I alright? I said I'm ok, just visiting the room we were in after the delivery of the baby. She asked which room, and I pointed to the room right near the end of the hallway to the right. "And you went in?!", she asked again. I nodded and she shook her head.

She said that I couldn't have possibly enter the room because the door is locked. It's now used momentarily as a storage area while three other rooms are being given a cleaning overhaul. I laughed, told her no, the door can be opened and I went back to the room with her, and she was right. The door was locked. Not wanting her to find me a whacko and place me in a psychiatric ward, I told her I entered the wrong room and pointed to any other room.

I then thanked her and walked out of the maternity ward back to the lift. As I stepped away from their view, I heard a nurse say "Treasure every memory with your loved ones close to your heart, for they are the foundation on which family love and relationship grows. - Javalier"

- In dedication to my wife and firstborn.


Lisa said...

creepy la tapi sweeeeeeeeeet! hehehehe! send my love n kisses to that little man. i cant wait to go home n see him again! so cute.

Anonymous said...

Muahhsss :-*

Kuek said...

Finally, i can post comments without registering....thank god for that!