Wednesday, July 30, 2008

True Friend

I like that saying "A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn we f****d up!!!"

Last week, on Wednesday and Friday respectively, I met two true friends. One I've known for 16 years and another for 14 years. It was like an audit, on how we've grown and what we've achieved the past 10 years, and sadly, I'm way below par. But at least I realised that, and I'm happy I did. Audits like this, only true friends can do it. Pure direct no-filtered comments. Take it with stride, and you know deep inside, they do care for you and that's why they're very strong with the remarks.

I have to admit, I know one fault about myself that I never mentioned aloud, but was mentioned aloud by BOTH of them! Talk about knowing me! I have the problem of not completing what I started. I start too many things without completing what I've started before, then I'd have multiple incomplete projects. TL, one of them told me to just take in 2-3 things and complete per year. LS on the other hand, brought up a very interesting theory. My inability to complete what I've started may not be to the fact that I'm afraid that my completed project will not be up to par. She said that it's not that I may not be good enough to complete the project with success, but I may not be good enough to even complete it in the first place. That's a nice eye opener. I somehow cannot argue with that. Looking deep inside, yes, I think there is a fear that I fear that I'm not good enough to continue the journey to completion. Which is VERY bad.

What I've learned from them. You know, I tried to be 'cool', or go with the flow of what 'cool' people say... especially on new years resolution. I've not had any new year resolution since 1994! This stems from people's comment of "Why wait to new year?? Resolutions can be made on any day." That's the problem. The "any day" never came up. So I start off something at the spur of the moment without having a good resolution to it.

I've known all along that Goals must have Expected Outcome and Deadline. But everything that I started have an Expected Outcome but no deadline, not even a milestone, and that's the wrong way to go. Now I'm feeling hypocritical, coz' while I thrive on goals within my blogs, I'm not properly setting my own goals.

With the two meetings with my two true friends, I revisited my projects, and really have to be adamant that I need to shelf quite a lot and only concentrate on 2-3 at a time. As hard as that may be, to shelf projects, at least 2-3 gets done. Doing too many things at once, nothing gets done.

I learn something great last week. I hope you do too.