Tuesday, November 29, 2005


A simple context will be as follows. Though I am tremendously careless in the things I do daily, I have never been this superbly marvelously stupendously careless in a documentation that I have to do regarding one specific tenant. I sincerely believe they are signs to show that getting the tenant in is not advisable, but what to do, my bosses are very keen on the big tenant and I can’t blame them. Let’s just hope the ‘signs’ I’ve been receiving are false.

All the signs are documentation related. From miscalculation (I hardly do this), to leaving out information (okay, I do this sometimes) to type error (I hardly do this), to calculating wrong dates (I hardly do this) and lastly, to have three pages not in order during binding (Have never done this). And this is not from the first draft of the documentation either. It builds into the second draft, and then things happen again in the third draft, and so on and so on. The amount of mistakes just cannot justify that I am *THAT* careless.

Anyway, how many people in this world actually believe in signs?! Not Zodiac signs or the Chinese horoscopes, but more to things that happen that tries to give you some kind of message. If I were to recall signs in relationship. Let’s see… for my first ex-gf, there were some signs that it will not work out. A bracelet I gave suddenly broke during normal usage and a helium balloon (the plastic kind) bursting, is that a sign?? I really don’t think so. My second ex-gf is a sign of her own. She’s the sign! Enuff’ said.

If you were on the way to attend an interview, and suddenly you ripped your shirt somewhere, or get splashed with puddle, is that a sign? How about intending to go to the mall, and your car can’t start, and next day you read that there was robbery at the mall? How much would you relate to your car unable to start be related to the robbery at the mall? I believe there are signs that we receive regarding some big decisions that we are going to make, but on a daily basis, they are just coincidences.

To recall if there was any ‘signs’ that happened to me on big decisions, hmm… I received no signs on my decision to marry. I received no signs on the decision to work out of state for a year. I received no signs on going into a bad relationship. Haha… practically I did not receive any signs at all on important decisions I have made in my life! If there was one, which I will not consider it a sign, is that I stopped my decision to study in UK in 1997 and instead stayed back in Malaysia because my college suddenly had that same degree introduced the very next year. But duhhh… that’s not a sign.

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