Friday, April 03, 2009

The Saviour and the Condemned

A calm river. Bodies out of the water does not linger anywhere near the river, as they are busy with their lives. Bodies in the water, are those who are deemed lost in life.

A boat is seen; a lone figure crouching at the side looking into the river. At times, he reaches his hands into the river and pulls a body out. The Saviour.

Beneath the boat, a body, not as lifeless as the rest, seems to follow the boat's flow. The Saviour has realised this since long ago.

He realised that some bodies are difficult to pull out, while others are easy. The easy ones, he knows, is being pushed from beneath the water by the awakened body; The Condemned.

Many times he tries to grab the hands of the Condemned to pull out, and that many times the Condemned pulls his hand away, but does not try to pull the Saviour with him. The Condemned has accepted who he is, what he is, but does not accept others around him being like him.

Who is the Condemned? I am.