Monday, October 17, 2005

No Motivation To Work Today

For some unknown reason (sure got reason wan lah, except haven't found out yet), I'm rather lazy to do any work today, though I know I must. Feeling tired yes, but it's not a physical tired, it's more towards the lack of motivation leading to this tiredness. So, let's analyse why I am actually not in the mood to do any work today.

Several reasons that I can think of are: -
i) Monday Blues - I hardly get Monday blues. Monday is a good time to start working to finish up what I can until the weekend. Unless of course, there's something that I did not complete doing during the weekend that made me not want to start Monday. What could it be?! Perhaps two chores that I know I did not complete, which are cleaning of two rooms and searching through clothes I've kept in bags.

ii) Incomplete Work - Uncomplete or incomplete?! This is a quite common thing I face sometimes. The more work that I have yet to complete, the more I don't feel like doing any work because I don't know where to start first. Let's see. Do I have uncompleted work? Yes, four of them. Actually five. One will take about 5 minutes (editing and faxing). One about 20 minutes (call, and another call). The other three also will take 10 minutes top. So, well, then I guess it's not that, since I don't have a problem to start anyone of them, provided the motivation comes.

iii) Raya Approaching - Today is the 13th day of fasting, and that's another 17 days to go. I know some people are already in the celebration mood, but I don't think I am there yet. Would be about 10 days to go before I'd be in the mood, since by that time it'll be 7 days before raya.

iv) Tired due to Fasting - Ya, right! It's only 11am.

v) Disturbed Peace - Nothing in the news is that horrible today to affect me today. Driving to work is also non-eventful.

vi) Boredom - Hmm... I think this is it. There's no great event that's gonna happen at work today. Tomorrow there will be, but not today. Therefore since today's work will only take about 1-2 hours of my time (plus another 1-2 hours of self-empowerment to do some extra work for the company), I can afford to delay starting any work. Just hope the delay won't bring to contentment of relaxing that I end up not doing any work at all.

Sigh.... low productivity day today.

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