Monday, June 26, 2006

Pwoer Of The Hmaun Mnid!

Broefe I bgien, tanhk you so mcuh for the tons of cnmomets on my pvuerois psot. :P

I wnot be tlaknig aubot the fcat the hmaun mnid can uendrsadnt waht is bneig wtrietn hree, but aoubt smoetnihg esle. Yes, at fsirt glcane you mghit tnhik taht its ipmiosslbe to eevn raed a sngile snetcene, but hree you are sltil raednig thugoh a ltilte solw tahn uausl. Raed auobt tihs phomnenoen yuorslef.

Tlaknig aoubt my son aiagn hree. Wehn I calp my hnads, he calps his hnads. Tihs is bsuceae he can intendfiy taht my hnads are the smae as his hnads as he can see btoh his hnads and mnie bineg sliamir. But how deos he idfienty taht he can shaek his haed wehn I shaek mnie? I maen, he cnat mkae a dciret cmorapiosn taht my haed is his haed, scine he cnat see his haed! How deos he konw taht wehn I oepn and cosle my muhot, he has the smae muhot taht he can oepn and csole?

It's aaminzg taht a clhid can konw taht smoetnhig ahntoer prseon has, he has as wlel, and eevn konw the lcaoiton thguoh he cnat see it. I gsues tehre are a lot of oehtr tnihgs a hmuan can do whit tiehr mnid taht no cmoptuer, eevn in the dtsnait frutue, can eevr cmoe cosle to dinog.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dictate A Life

I'm removing flooble (the chat box) as it's hardly used and has become a wastage of space. I will be putting in Categories column so that people who wanna avoid reading about ghost can read other categories. All these, I hope can be completed by the end of the week.

Would love to get some comments on today's post!! Be it from new parents, or anyone at all.

When should parents stop dictating the life of their children? As your children grow up, you are dictating what they should eat, what school they should go to, and so on and so on. The first freedom a child has is 'choice of friends' when they first enter Kindergarten, and then the 'choice of food' which they can buy from their canteen. However, parents still dictate the child when they're at home, what time to sleep, what time to study, limitations of tv and entertainment, checking of report cards, etc.

Now, from my casual observation, the first choice a child makes about their future comes at the end of Form 3, where they can choose several paths in Form 4 and Form 5. Some parents still choose for the child, while some give the freedom to the child. I'm the latter. Further on, after Form 5, the second big choice in life comes to a child about their future, which career path to dedicate their remaining academic teenage life to choose. Yes, some children have all the freedom, some are 'advised' by parents while other are purely forced to take a certain path. Sorry to say this, but quite a lot doctor parents force at least one of their children to trod the medical line. I'm happy enough that I'm the first, given the freedom to choose.

After studying, the third choice of life, what company/industry to work in? For lawyers, doctors and other professionals, it's a no brainer unless they don't like what they studied. For others, it's quite a huge choice out there. Accountants and business students can practically work in any industry, while engineers and tourism students has some limited scope, still, there are tons of areas to venture into. At this age, MOST parents do not dictate what their child should do. Of all the freedom that I've gotten since Form 3, my career path was the 'second' dictation, that is, I am 'advised' to work at a certain company/industry by my parents, well... a parent actually.

And then we work, and then the fourth choice in life comes in, choosing a mate, but that's another story. Back to the series of choices regarding careers, I have had 3 career changes in my life, and only one of them was on personal freedom, while the other two was 'advised'. In other families, parents don't give a hoot what and where their children work, as long as they work and be a responsible salary earning citizen. While in some other families, whereby the parents are running their own business, the children is forced to work under their industry to learn their trade. What's your thought on that?

My personal opinion, at least for now, for the betterment of my children's future, I can only teach and let them observe as much as they can before they are 15, before letting them free to choose what they want from life. Yes, I will need to guide them. Can't give too much freedom or else "Dad, I wanna work as robber lah, can get RM10 million overnight if don't get caught." Guiding them in their career path I think it's good, that is to show them the positive and negative sides of the industries they wanna go in, but still, it should stop before the "short list" stage. Let them short list what they want, and then let them decide what they want. We can only support, not dictate anymore. Still, as a human being, it's not going to be easy to be someone who have cared so much about your cute lovey dovey child that you stay up to kill mosquitos, to release them into the cruel world of decision makings... but that time will come, as it did your own parents, and your grandparents. It is the responsibility of a parent to support a child's decision, after you've filled him/her with the knowledge and wisdom he/she needs to grow up well.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The World Is Heavy

I personally believe that lying is a sin, not a great sin, but a sin nonetheless, and there's no such thing as a white lie. A lie, black, blue, red or magenta, is still a lie.

People in sales, marketing and promotions lie all the time! It's just too sick to notice that. Take me for example. When a potential client wants to rent an office in my building, I'll give them the price. When they negotiate a cheaper price, I'd normally need to take out my script, turn to the relevant page, and reads out "I will check with my landlord on your proposal and get back to you tomorrow". Kidding about the reading script part. Anyway, the reality is that I do not even talk to anyone. I just use TIME as a factor of negotiation, and the next day I will accept or reject their proposals according to what power I have as a negotiator, following landlord's guidelines.

One hotel called me up, saying "We have randomly selected employees from your company and you are one of the lucky ones who can sign up for our interesting package!" What a load of crap. This, in fact, was yesterday's phonecall. They asked me if I'm in Company A or B, and I said A and they said, "That's good, coz' eventhough company B is your subsidiary, we are not giving it to them." Little do they know I'm not in BOTH companies and have moved since 3 years back.

A belardy sheet real estate company (this is true story) has even advertised "From RM151,000 up for a 22x75 double storey house in Klang!". You know what?! That company has managed to convince the developer to totally reduce one house's price to RM151,000 as a bonus for the final buyer of the development, and it's right in front of TNB power station. The next lowest price is RM215,000. People who have gone there for that cheap price were taken aback at the use of lies. Well, it's not a lie, but you know what I mean.

Siluet 40, a product on that Kayla Beverly Hill... showing a cream that says "Lose 2-3 inches in just 40 minutes!" is another con job. Once you buy the product, you'll read the instructions as "Apply cream in your fat area for 40 minutes, once everyday for a month. Within the month, you should be able to see changes in your measurement, at least an inch." Yesss... Lose 2-3 inches in just 40 minutes of rubbing and applying, but result after 2 months.

Caveat Emptor a.k.a. Let The Buyers Beware is getting to be too dangerous in the world today. We need a subject in school now called "Legal Con Tricks". Insurance agents have the same problems as well. Those really bad ones do not lie, yes they don't, but they don't give the whole picture. They can say "You will be able to get cover from critical illness, medical, death and total disablement with this comprehensive package" but they fail to tell you that if you have claimed for critical illness, the package voids itself. Comprehensive package to cover all, but once used ANY, the policy voids.

And... many con job in this world, or let's say,... any agreements of transactions in this world nowadays happens AFTER giving the money. Seriously! Hotel people who promises tons of things will only give you the package and agreement after you pay, and if you have disputes over what they promised verbally, you cannot fight at all legally. Insurance policy comes AFTER you pay for the insurance. Buying a house requires you to put in 2% with just a receipt, and only later when you pay additional 8% you can sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement. If you want to pull out, a portion of that 2% will be taken away.

I think for adults, we really need to get back to the standard of reading an agreement first, then sign on the dotted lines, and then only pay up.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Going To The Doctor

People Who Kacau Me Today
1. Sharifah for Holiday Villa Resort Package - Polite
2. Sue for Melia Hotel Package - A bit pushy, but polite
3. Rozi for Orient Rewards (also holiday package) - Most annoying. 20 mins call, blab blab blab. Phone number 016-2753215. Salesman, please go bug her.

Another break from Amuk.

In Malaysia, there are some doctors who, while they are skilled in their work, have lost their ability to think logically. IQ rendah gitu. I am bringing up this issue because this is quite common in Malaysia, and the way to actually solve this issue is that, if ANYONE has to stay home because they're sick, another person who can drive must also be late to work, or take half-day leave. Doesn't this affect both the sick and the driver's work?

The issue: "I can only give you an MC Hammer if you come in the morning." While it's easy for a child to get MC since one parent usually take leave, an adult getting an MC is a lot more difficult. If my wife gets sick and not recommended to drive, logically I should be sending her to the doctors. With my working hours starting at 8:45am, and the clinic opens at 10:00am, doesn't that mean I have to take half day coz' surely it takes about 10mins to see doc, then 20mins-30mins to send home and another 20mins-30mins to reach work. This will be vice-versa as well, but some jobs just cannot have you suddenly demand a half-day just the day before.

Not all clinics practise this, but there are some that do. They say if you come in the evening, they can only issue an MC for the following day. Now I'm thinking of my aunt-in-law. If she gets sick, not sick enough that she needs medical attention, but weak enough that she cannot focus if she drives, and ends up in bed for two days, there goes two days of pay because on the 2nd day evening she will get MC for the third day. I mean, sigh... can't believe some clinics really have problems thinking logically.

The doctors working in these clinics should get sick until evening when they're able to drive, and issue themselves MC only for the following day. Memang takde otak.

Monday, June 12, 2006

My Memory Of World Cup

Taking a break from writing about Amuk, and taking a cue from KookyCookie's post, I have my own Memory of World Cup 2002.

Group Match
Croatia 2 Italy 1

Round of 16
South Korea 2 Italy 1

Sigh.... stupid one-man-striker team. That's like 4-5-1?!? See if this World Cup's Italian coach is any better with their 4-3-1-2.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Amuk (Part #2)


Encik Daud, a father of two children, an adult son of 22 and a teenage girl of 17 years was watching the "Top 20 Fifa Greatest World Cup Moments" with his wife and daughter when the doorbell to his apartment rang. From the peephole, he can see a pizza delivery guy. "Sigh... Pizza again. That boy never asks us what we want, instead always ordered straight away to his likings."

The moment he opened the door, he was pushed back. A trick! Three men came in, it seems that the pizza guy has also put on his mask. If only En Daud can remember how he looked like earlier, but he only remembered the pizza company cap. His son, who just came out from the kitchen after his dinner was not spared. Confronted by two knife wielding men and one gun-armed man, he followed their demands.

As they were being tied up with tapes over their mouth, two of the robbers looked cheekily at each other and looked back at his daughter. Fear! What are they planning to do!? The one with the gun ordered the one to ransack rooms while the other stand watch, while he himself pulled the girl into one room. Then there was a click indicating the door was locked. "They are going to rape my daughter!"

Anger! The ropes, though tied well behind his back, left some space for the wrist to breath. Muffled shouts heard! More anger! And at last berserk! The ropes cut into his flesh as he pulled at them. He can feel as it he's tearing his arms away from the wrist, but there's no pain. There's only vengeance! He can feel finger bones breaking, but he went on.

Free! He lunges at the one standing guard. The robber had absolutely no time to react, the only thing he felt was his hands being knocked and then two, no, three stabs into his chest. En Daud had no reaction, he didn't even realised he just took someone's life. His aim is now at the door. The other robber came out, saw what has happened, and fled for the main door.... and he escaped. En Daud threw himself at the door, but his subconscious defense mechanism didn't allow full strength without hurting himself with the knife to his body.

He threw the knife down. Again, screamed to the top of his lungs, and threw himself at the door again. The door gave way, it swung open, and then... gunshot! There was no pain, he looked about the room, saw his daughter's shredded clothes, saw the gun man kneeling near the bed. Berserk went up another degree. He jumped, and then another gun shot, and again there was no pain. Now the gun man is under him, and he used the only lethal weapon an unarmed person, the strongest muscle in his body. He bit hard, chewed hard on the gun man's face, cheeks, neck,... tore off some skin, he hears screaming, and yet he continued shredding at the skins with all the strength of a berserked man. Noticing his daughter's flower vase on the floor nearby, he grabbed it, smashed it against the face of the gun man, it didnt break. He continued hitting until all was quiet.

He picked himself up, looking down at his body to see where the bullet punctured. No blood, save the robbers. Not even a scratch, perhaps the robber in his panicked state aimed very badly. He looked at his daughter, now he sees blood. The first gun shot was straight into his daughter's head, the gun man was tearing at her clothes putting the gun to her head to stop her from fighting back, and when the door burst opened, the shock triggered the gun. En Daud slumped, cried, screamed, crawled to his daughter, held her close and cried.

Minutes later, his wife and son was freed from their binds.

Berserk saved his daugther from rape, but did not save her from death. In his own words, "I still say this is fated. It's better than she died than to live her life in emotional torment. My wife thinks otherwise, that is better to still have her around than not having her at all anymore. What is done is done, the berserk was a natural reaction to fear and anger, to someone we love."

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Amuk (Part #1)

Amuk, is known in english as 'runamuck'. Before I get into further details about amuk, I would like to say that I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I don't smell gum,... in shorter terms, I have not been in any position whereby I do not have 100% control over my actions, other than sleeping, being too sick and yes, being in 'amuk' condition.

Amuk, by personal explanation, is a state of being whereby there is no right or wrong. There is only actions. There is no cause or effect or consequences, there is only now. Amuk has only one aim, and that is to "desperately alter or change the current situation one is in, either by destruction or fleeing". I have had been in twice the former (destruction) and once the latter (fleeing). The consequences, once realised, is very regrettable. We're not indulging my experiences here, let's take a look at similar amuk cases in the newspaper lately.

I still very much believe in that Star Wars words "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering." Most of the newspaper cases show amuk that are stirred purely by fear. An example is the man fearing ah longs coming after him that he asks his wife for money and when refused, he stabbed her. Some have to commits crime that brings them to jail so that ah longs don't go to jail to find them.

To those who have never been in an amuk state of mind, my best advise is that when things start to get out of hand, especially due to fear or anger, and cannot be changed by you, flee. Your sanity and the non-existence of a dire consequence is far better than entering amuk state whereby you will never ever know what you're capable of. As mentioned, it is a state of 'action' and 'now'.

If you have ever been VERY nervous for an interview or to perform on stage, and when you finally start doing it, you really feel as if you're not there. Someone else has taken over your body and it's like you're looking at yourself talking in the interview or performing. Same goes for amuk. You see yourself, but you cannot stop yourself, because you don't want to stop yourself. The mind has entered a state of total serenity, relaxed and calm during that period. It has started an auto-destruct sequence and just decides to lay loose and watch what happens. It's a "Let what happens, happens". Not a care in the world.

Tomorrow's post is a further dive into "Fear leading to anger".

Home and Workplace

I have had so many colleagues and ex-colleagues who chosed to buy a house near where they work. The reasoning is, it's closer to their office. I have a personal opinion that people should only buy a home nearby where they work if: -
  1. They're happy and gonna continue working for the same company for the next 15 years.
  2. They know they will not get retrenched.
  3. They know that the company will not go bankrupt.
  4. They know that the company will not suddenly wish to relocate somewhere else.

Besides the collective reasons above, buying a home nearby a workplace is a very unhealthy practise. It's putting priority on the workplace, and then buying a home to accommodate that priority. Gold Medal - Workplace, Silver Medal - Home.

I believe that when one chooses to buy a home, they should consider the neighbourhood (and of course financial health) and the factor of workplace should not even be in mind at all. Look at it this way. At 6pm, I drive from my workplace in KL to my home in KL and it takes me 30 minutes due to the traffic jam. In the morning it's only 10 minutes to work. That same time gets me from Puchong to Damansara which is a lot further from KL to KL. So, realistically, no matter where you live, there will be traffic jams, so choosing a house should not factor in workplace at all.

On the other hand, for those who do not have high ambitions to work only in specific company, it IS healthy to find a job nearby where you stay. That way, your home is number one, and workplace number two. Nicer equation. Still, lots of those real estate slogans "Why rent when you can buy?" pushes people to buy a home near their workplace, rather than rent first, and then decide when to buy a home when they do need or meet one. I think renting is totally fine, as long as it's not too expensive. If you're from KL, and you work in Johor, and you still wish to retire in KL, it's better to rent something cheap in Johor and then come back to KL to buy a home. What if you already bought a home in Johor and ended up quitting in 10 years? You still have 20 years to go to pay for the home. Okay, one thing good is the appreciation of that home, whereby you can sell for a higher price. There is a risk of non-buyer, guaranteed. If there's always a buyer, the daily classifieds will be only 2 pages big, and not 10-20 pages as it is today.

Seriously, neighbourhood is the main factor to choose a home, not the workplace.