Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Planes Of Existence

My Opinion Entirely....

Imagine four pieces of transparency, and we print the letters A to D on different sheets. Now imagine we place one piece of white paper with a stickman drawing facing upwards. Lastly, we place transparency A (T-A) on top of the white paper, and transparencies B to D below the white paper.

The stick man in the figure is you.
T-A = Real World
T-B = Spirit World
T-C = Djinn World
T-D = Other planes (may be more)

Nearly all of us are currently at the position of the paper mentioned above. We can only see the real world. Spirit world can see its own world and the real world. Other planes of existence can see some other planes, but not necessarily in alphabetial order. For all we know, the Djinns cannot see the spirit world, but can only see its own world and the real world. And, some spirits in the spirit world cannot see other spirits in their own world. Other planes is purely subjective and I will not discuss them.

What I'd like to discuss is this. The travelling mechanism to a different plane of existence lies within individuals. Why is it that someone on the death bed can start talking to 'people' we can't see? Why does someone in a coma and being resuscitated can actually see him/herself being revived on the operation table? Why is it that someone driving on a deserted road in Sungai Limau in Kedah can stop at a night market to purchase some food, only to return home and the food is actually leaves, and the night market ceases to exist? How can we really say that someone who can see things we can't as 'insane' and should belong in a mental hospital?

God created four main 'objects' in the human body, which are i) soul ii) mind iii) brain and iv) body. The soul is connected to the body and the mind to the brain. To me, the brain's main function is to delegate tasks to the successful running of the body, and to stimulate thinking. The mind is what stores information we see, and may think on its own. When the soul exits the body, (there is still some linkage from the soul to body), but the mind and the brain works very well together still. People in coma can have great brain activitiy due to what's the soul experiences outside the body. Anyway, this paragraph will be discussed in a new post. The only gist I wish to take out from this paragraph is the power of the mind (not the brain).

Okay, back to topic. The mind, during extreme fatigue or malfunction can drop the soul into another plane of existence. That's when we see shadows, movements or voices that generally should not be there. This happens unconsciously. How about consciously. Why are there psychics, why are there bomohs, and how about voodoo witches?! I have absolutely no answer to harm-causing magicks, but as to their ability to converse with the other world, I still put it to their mental ability. Their mind. Belief and faith are the fuel to a mind's ability. In the real world, we can easily see that faith led to the creation of the light bulb. Faith and belief too brings an individual to experience things that the common man (who don't have enough faith or belief) can't.

People with telekinesis (ability to move objects with the mind) has 100% belief that the objects can be moved. If we can put as much faith and belief that we can make that pencil move, as MUCH belief as we have about pushing it with our fingers, then it will move. But billions of people cannot do it due to that doubt. As long as there's doubt, "aiyah, where can one!??" then it won't happen. The power of the mind. We can follow the steps of that ghost show "Candyman", on total darkness with only one candle, look into a huge mirror and say candyman three times. If you are bloody scared enough while doing it (amazing where you find the courage to actually do it huh?!) then you will experience something. If you are doing it with ridicule, nothing will happen. Fear also contributes to the fuel of planes travelling.

There is a thing called sleep paralysis. It usually means that you are awake, but you can't move. Most people who complains of "a ghost sitting on my chest when I awake" would probably experience sleep paralysis than really a ghost sitting on their chest. Believe it or not, if you have a mirror on the ceiling, you'll see yourself with your eyes closed. Your soul and mind are awake, but not your body. You can look right, look left, you feel like you're turning your neck, but your head is not moving. The ONLY thing you can make your body do, is to breath strongly. That's the only difference you can change in your body during sleep paralysis. You can feel as if you're moving your fingers, but your real body is not moving at all. This is the first step or highest level in the spirit world (in which you won't see other spirits).

Should you experience sleep paralysis, do not panic. Ya, right!! Most people WILL panic waking up and not being able to move. If you can sooth yourself, relax and enjoy the moment. Try moving your hand to your face, you will feel yourself moving your hand, but your hand won't reach your face. Nothing you do physically will reflect in what you see. Then, try to 'float' out of your body. Don't worry, you won't die. But that's easy for me to say, huh?? Since fear will trapy you in. What you will feel is like an electricity flowing through your entire body, before you will float out. If you do float out, you will hover on above your body, slowly turn and you will automatically look down to your body. At this stage, you can experiment moving about the room. At an advanced stage, you can travel outside your room, outside your house, practically, anywhere. But remember, there is always a Law of Nature that prevents you from doing something you know at heart is not a good thing to do. Therefore, you will not be able to peep on someone taking a bath. Share with me if you have experience out of body.

If you have never experienced sleep paralysis, and would like to try it, go to bed at night, free of stress and fully calm. Lie on your back and with only the sounds of your breathing, tell yourself that your body will fall asleep, but not you. You will slowly enter this dream-like situation, something similar to those times you are dreaming and you KNOW you are dreaming. Then you'll wake up, but really, it's your soul only waking up, not your body. Then go through that electricity feeling. Me? I've been in tons of sleep paralysis, both by accident and created, and have faced the electricity feeling (more like semut-semut / buzzing feeling on entire body), but it's not a common thing to feel myself floating out, and fear will pull me back. :P Means, I've never truly floated out. :-(

Good luck.

p/s: A little bit out of topic. Crap. Am supposed to relate to cases of others who gone to the djinn world and spirit world (with being able to see spirits). Ended up talking on how to achieve high-level spirit world entrance. May or may not restart the topic in times to come.

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