Monday, March 17, 2008

Life Currency

When we are born, we only have one currency to barter, and that is Time. As we grow up, we barter time against knowledge, as well as increasing value of time for certain skills.

Compare someone who's been using the computer for 10 years, against someone who don't. If somebody were to offer RM5 per page typed of his hand-written manuscript, the dude who can do a 100 words-per-minute can earn a lot more as compared to the one-finger typist. That's easily a RM500 in 4 hours against RM20 in 4 hours. No kidding.

After we've so-called bartered our time against knowledge, with money which our parent's bartered their time with (or you barter your future money when you take study loan), we will start to barter time against tasks.

You apply for a job, and you say "Yo, Mr Employer sir, I'm offering you time. My skills will increase my value of time in your specific task, thus making your own money vs time invested more meaningful. So, sir, I believe my time to your task is RM25 per hour. Do you accept?" And Mr Employer, after evaluating and confirming that investing money in your time will earn him more money, will offer you the job.

That's life currency. Simple and sweet. We invest money in the bank, with time on our side and we don't do anything at all, we'll earn a measly sum back. By investing our time towards tasks needed by employers, we earn more. But if we invest time towards customers' needs, we'll barter their money (which they've exchanged for time) with our products that we sell. If you look at it from another angle, every single person in this world is trading time!

Sadly, we sometimes throw time away. This is very common in the middle of the month, where the mind is set on saying "Just two more weeks to my next pay check." We do not have unlimited time, and those who are not healthy have even less time to barter with, but still we want our only currency to waste away without trading it properly with quality. We mope at home, complain, bi*ch, etc.... throwing life currency away for absolutely no value.

I think it's time to re-evaluate the value of your life currency, and see how best to barter it with something you really need and want.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Contempt / Humility

The average 'emotional impact' that can stay with someone is as short as two days to as long as three months, and some for life. This is purely my view, I don't have any proof.

That's why we humans are so interesting. One minute we go "I'm really very humbled over this incident." and the story will go on for days to different people. And then, three months down the road, all that humility goes.

Same goes for those who achieved greatness and start to look at others in contempt. "You know, I now realise I'm actually this great. One class above the rest." and in three months time, "Err... do you think I can make it?!".

These emotional impacts that changes your character for a short while is like an adrenalin boost. Like a drug intended to make you be someone else. You can be like Piras Holtin who made a fool of herself saying "I'm humbled by my experience in jail." and totally returned to her old self within a week, or just take in the humility/contempt and do something great about it.

So how do we really utilise this alter-ego that sticks to us for two days to three months?!

When you are humbled, do good deed. Basically, do for people what you think will benefit these people. Again, since you're humbled, no names, and don't make them remember you or your face, or your name. Just approach, do a good deed, and leave. Why?! Coz' you won't be like this again the next time you're back to your old self and meet the same person who recognises you. Better remain a saint in his/her eyes, and disappear. When you are humbled, do something for the people.

When you are in contempt, er.. wait, some of you may not know the meaning. Okay, contempt is the feeling of regarding others as beneath you, inferior, or even worthless of being even in the same room as you. Okay, back to being contempt (the intensity varies in different people). When you are in contempt, you lost your doubt and fear, and you feel invincible and immortal. So, just jump in front of a moving car. No, just kidding. In this state of mind, you have total confidence. So, do the opposite of humlity. When you are in contempt, do something for yourself. Whatever you dreamnt of doing but were too afraid (should I say chicken?) to do, now's the right time to do it. Yes, there's still rejection, but you'll be too zoned out to even think that there's the slightest chance for rejection. This feeling will make you try even if it's 1% possible to even begin with. Go get to know that girl you've been eye-ing. Go challenge yourself in that event/task that you think you will fail in. A word of warning, DO NOT go and do something that takes a long time. "I'm feeling contempt! Hmpph... I'm gonna take my 5 years Ph.D. now! Grr...." That's not gonna work. In three months time you'll wake up saying "What the heck??!" If you were never ready to take a Ph.D., feeling contempt cannot make you take it. 5 years is too long to continue feeling contempt.

So, what do you do when you're back to your old self? Review how you approached situations before, if you like it, then try as best to change yourself and adopt what you liked about yourself. It's when you're totally normal again is when you can re-programme yourself to have a change in character.

CT, just in case you're wondering, no, I'm not going through a humble state or contempt state right now. Three of the people I know are going through a humbled state right now, it's good if they stay that way. But being humans, I have a gut feeling within 3 months they'll be as they were before their incident happen. Sorry to be thinking negative, I'm just looking at common basic human trait. It's true that leopard cannot change their stripes and zebras cannot change their spots. It's true that pumas cannot change their whiteness and polar bears cannot change their blackness. Hahaha.... and Dragonball Z characters cannot keep their tail hidden forever.