Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Compensation Claim

The story: A company was to take up some space to rent. The agent has given a letter stating that the company has confirmed their intentions and wish to sign. The company came on signing day, said to hold a few days and didn't sign. Two days later, the agent called saying that the company is no longer interested. Bye bye.

The retribution: Because there is a letter stating the confirmation the company is sent out, there is legal proof to justify a lawsuit. I am instructed (along a few others) to claim for compensation for all processes that includes man hours, over time, logistics and processes claims. I am to detail every bit of cost to the company to charge for compensation. I have done so.

The compensation: They include the following (and nearly include some of the following)...
(note: The costing is changed to protect real confidential information).

Process Claim
1.Viewing Conducted - Five viewings in total.
Hours personnel involved = 30 hours X RM50 per hour
Hours directors involved = 15 hours X RM150 per hour

2. Documentation - Three proposals, one offer letter, one tenancy agreement
Hours personnel involved = 10 hours X RM50 per hour
Hours directors involved = 5 hours X RM150 per hour

So far so good?? Check out my logistics claim.

Logistics Claim
1. Travel Cost
To and Fro Agent's Office = 120km X RM0.50 per km
To and Fro Lawyer's Office = 20km X RM0.50 per km
To and Fro Director's House = 100km X RM0.50 per km
To and Fro two offices = RM80km X RM0.50 per km
Car tyre wear and tear = 320km X RM0.08 per km
Steering, clutch and gear oil used = 1.4 litres X RM50 per litre
Accident risk compensation = 320km X RM2.00 per km

2. Material Cost
Paper for proposal = 60 pages X RM0.30 per page
Paper for offer letter = 30 pages X RM0.30 per page
Paper for tenancy agreement = 100 pages X RM0.30 per page
Binding cost = RM10 X (3 proposals + 1 offer letter + 2 tenancy agreement)
Ink cost = 190 pages X RM0.10 per page
Shoe wear & tear cost (to and fro desk and printer) = 6 trips X RM5 per trip
Body energy = 25 joules X 6 trips X RM2 per joule
Name card given = 8 cards X RM0.50 per card

3. Phone Charges
To landlord = 50 minutes X RM2.00 per minute
To agent = 150 minutes X RM0.60 per minute
To lawyer = 60 minutes X RM0.60 per minute
Accidental wrong number dialed = 8 calls X 1 minute X RM0.60 per minute
Saliva used = 430ml X RM0.10 per ml
Ear pressure = 200gm X 165 phonecalls X RM0.02 per gm
Finger pressure (from dialing) = 100gm X 210 phonecalls X RM0.02 per gm
Arm energy = 10 joules X 165 phonecalls X RM2 per joule

Being rather frustrated myself, I included the Name Card Given in the real claim I submitted.


ReeN said...

Dear...I laughed my a** off when I read this. My colleague thought I've gone completely bonkers.
But it's true kan...the cost of doing something. It's more than meets the eye.
Oh boy..that was a good laugh!

dragonfly said...

@#$*@^&)! Ha! Ha! Ha! Wish I can that also :P