Monday, December 12, 2005

Toy With Sound

Again, a post on our luck as someone who can log on to the internet, and read a blog.

No matter where we stand, there is always someone unluckier than us. No matter where we stand too, there's always someone luckier than us. Too many people nowadays prefer not to look up, because they'll be humbled by someone more successful than them, and prefers instead to look down and feel almighty by "I'm driving a Merc, this guy a Kancil... hmmph".

In a standard human world with compassion and integrity, people should look down and feel humbled, and look up for motivation. That's the purest way to improve one's life as well as other people they come in contact with.

What's the title gotta do with the post?! Christmas is coming, and lotsa kids are asking Santa Claus for many toys. Most of the kids in orphanage are asking for very simple items, that any executive can easily fulfill their dreams. The items asked are the likes of t-shirt, dolls, soft toy and shoes. Of course there are a couple of exception who did ask for walkman, discman and small radio. I think small radio is ok to ask for, looking at the cheap radios nowadays that can be bought for RM19.90. Better than Harry Potter's cousin asking for 20++ toys for Christmas which is crazy! Or better than current lucky people asking for handphones, new car, computer and the likes for Christmas.

From these children at orphanages, there are further unlucky ones, probably sent there by cruel and uncaring parents. These are the blind ones. Nearly all of them ask for one thing only, a toy with sound. At least if they can't see the colours on the toy, they can hold it, appreciate it, and enjoy the senses of touch and sound, compensating for the loss of sight. And there I was at 9 years old asking for Micro Machines when another 9 year old somewhere is elated enough to receive any toy with sound.

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