Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why You Cut Queue??

The strangest thing happened.

I was at my office lobby and I saw a guy entered the lift, so I pressed the UP button so that I can catch up with the same lift. It was just a 2 second wait.

Anyway, I got into the lift, saw that he pressed 9. I pressed 4 to my floor. Then as the lift opened at Level 4, he blocked the way and say "Eh, why you cut queue ah? I enter lift first, I go out first lah, why you want to go out first?" which I replied, "My floor is on the way to your floor what?" and he lambasted "I go out at Level 9 first, then you go out at Level 4. Don't cut queue!"

Yep, the strangest thing happened, in my mind that is, coz' I was just thinking what-if he actually did that.

Friday, January 26, 2007


I sometimes don't understand why people
need to spend so much money on things. Just
to be 'in', they think these items can actually
satisfy the society's view that they are cool. In
my opinion, there is seriously no need to be
craving for attention. It really doesn't matter
for you if they find you childish still eating
KFC or McDonalds' ice-cream in public. Just
as some people who suddenly change as
soon as they get outside their home, it's like
as if they have to lead dual life. This cannot be
possible. Please read first word of every line.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hidden Costs in Buying Properties

Though I'm in the real estate industry and understand the costs involved in buying a property, I was caught offguard at some of the other hidden cost (related to property, but not really within property line) that was involved. I'd now like to give a run-down on what you should be expected to pay when buying a property.

Property Price - RM200,000
Downpayment - RM20,000 (10% of total cost)
Bank Loan - RM180,000
*Note: Most of the time new properties have their own panel lawyers and banks, and most of the time, the developer pays for the Lawyer Fee for the Sales & Purchase Agreement.

What comes out from your pocket....
Downpayment for property = RM20,000
Lawyer Fee for S&P = RM2,000++
Stamp Duty for S&P = RM3,000
Disbursement for S&P = RM200 - RM5,000 (here, the Lawyer have a field trip on charging exorbitant price for disbursement ie. RM70 for faxing, RM60 for editing, etc.. very similar to what an accounting firm or consulting firm would charge for disbursement)
MRTA = RM2,000++
Lawyer Fee for Bank Loan Agreement = RM2,000++
Stamp Duty for Loan Agreement = RM900
Disbursement for Loan Agreement = RM200 - RM5,000 (again, lawyers can go wild)

And went wild my developer's lawyer did!!

Belardy photostat and phonecalls costs them RM60 and RM70 each! I guessed they must have used superbly high quality ink extracted from Mont Blanc pen, and importing the said photostat machine from Australia and therefore there are shipping involved.

Basically, with the developer already paying lawyer's fee for S&P, my disbursement for the S&P itself is RM2,400+... and lawyer fees + disbursement for loan is RM3,000+.

In total I had to actually pay an extra RM5,500+ apart from my downpayment and MRTA (though lawyer fee's paid by developer).

In a nutshell, beware the "hidden cost" which is actually the Disbursement! That's a really scary word now.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Wife / Daughter

Let me give you this scenario, albeit it being a little evil and totally weird. It is very predictable, but I'm more interested in the choice you'll make.

Imagine yourself as a guy, just about to get married in a week or two. One night you have a dream, you dreamnt coming out of the toilet after a bath and you see your four years old son, playing right outside your toilet door. His fig-leaf like birthmark very visible on the right side of his neck. You say "Hey, play somewhere else." and then you see your two year old daughter just lying down on the bed. Then you look around for your wife, and you ask your son, "Son, where's mommy?". He gives you this weird look, and then you realise... she died giving birth to your daughter. It was a very difficult delivery, but your daughter managed to pull through. The dream ends.

Now, imagine yourself already married, in the hospital room holding back panic attack seeing your wife about to give birth. She pushes.... and your baby boy comes safely into the world. The doctor hands him to your wife, and then both of you takes a closer look at him, and you see a fig-leaf like birthmark on the right side of his neck.

Will you let your wife conceive again?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Something Truly Remarkable

Dear all,

At 11:23pm today, Thursday 18th January 2007, something truly remarkable has happened!! My blue pen, a PaperMate Kilometrico Fine, that can write for many kilometers has finally ran out of ink!

Long Live Kilometrico! Long Live The Pen!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Back in December 2005, my high school friends and I had a 10th year reunion, back at school. It was nice to meet old friends again, coz' the last big reunion before that was on a 3rd year reunion. So, basically it's like 7 years since quite a lot of us meet up.

I was having a talk with a friend (who is now a lawyer for my company, hahaha.... cronism!!) and yeah, we did agree that as time goes by, marriages becomes reunion. Next week, a friend of mine is getting married and word has it that quite a lot of ex-school mates will be attending. I guess from now that, that's the only time for ex-school mates to meet... during marriages.

Hmm... I wonder if they considered my marriage to be a reunion in the past. :D

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2006 : A Review

Darn, I can't make Private Posts, or maybe I just don't know how to. Anyone can help? I'm using the New Blogger.

Nearly everyone else would look back a year ago and see what they have accomplished, or not accomplished in 2006. I will not look back at my resolution, however, not to gloat, I will list what I have achieved in 2006. This is merely a listing for myself, to look back in the future (if I do that is).

1. Bought a shop lot
2. Started a business
3. year anniversary
4. Still eating KFC healthily. :P

1. Spending way above my budget
2. Not earning RM100 x my age
3. Several 'lazy spells' during working hours
4. Wasted too much time on games

This year,... one main goal is to reduce Item 1. Others, err... we'll go by ear. :D