Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel: A Review

I’m sure many of you have had these calls from hotels trying to sell their hotel membership that always comes with ONE free night stay at their hotel. I have had tried a few of these membership but then I have wasted some too by not even taking that free stay. Now that I’m wiser (after being conned many times), I find it totally and ultimately ridiculous for anyone to sign up a membership with a hotel, in a town they’re staying in. Why would I, someone living in KL City, be signing up a membership with say Istana Hotel, or Renaissance Hotel, or other hotels in KL.

Think about it, I live in KL. I go for a free night stay in Istana Hotel. The next day I can go visiting, yay!! But visiting KL while I’m already going around KL even when I stay at my own house?! What for?? Paying like RM300++ just for a room, but no difference in environment. I do I think it’s fine to sign up with only ONE hotel, for special occasions, and that I have done with Renaissance as I enjoy the ambience and the food selection. So, Renaissance, free membership ah next year ok?! Since I advertised for you.

Anyway, because I’ve signed up with Sunway Hotel’s membership end of last year, my family and I had the opportunity to stay in Sunway Pyramid Tower for 3 days 2 night stay. This is one of the package that has a 3 days 2 nights free stay, as compared to other packages. At first I was also thinking, well, at least we’re staying outside of KL so places we can visit should vary just a little.

The stay turned out to be great. Due to its linkage with Sunway Pyramid, there’s no need to drive out. It’s a walk directly from the lobby to the mall. Also, from the hotel room, you can view nearly the entire Sunway Lagoon and watch people having fun there. It’s also a walking distance to Sunway Lagoon. In a nutshell, staying at Sunway Hotel is like staying in Genting Highlands where it’s a city of its own. Since Genting Highlands is soooo packed, it’s nice to be staying at Sunway Hotel for the enjoyment of a vacation. And to balik rumah after vacation is only 30 mins away, not hours away or the need to use airplane. :P

The room is nothing to shout about. TV, Fridge, Safe, Bathtub with showerhead and minimal furniture. If I were to describe the room in one word, it’s ‘TIDY’. Just enough for basic usage. Ironing have to be done in a separate room. Ice is free of charge, but need to get it from an ice machine somewhere nearby the lift area. Good place to stay for a vacation if you don’t want to travel so far or on a budget.

Encounter! The ironing room is rather large with 9 ironing boards. They are placed like the picture below. Forgive the ugliness of the picture.

The black rectangles are the irons. The gray rectangles are the ironing board. And the black quarter-circle is the door. I came into the room at 6:00am plus in the morning to iron some clothes, and there was no one there. Being right-handed, I’d have to use the irons on the top side of the room, unless I wanna face away from the door. So I stood at ‘me’ and started ironing. Ironed clothes I placed right behind me on the other ironing board so that I have space on mine.

After a short while, I heard the friction of iron and cloth coming from behind me and I turned around, nothing was there. Naturally not wanting to think of ridiculous things, I continued only to be disturbed with the sound of iron being placed back at the side, and clothes being moved. I turned around again and this time I see that my pants is still on the iron board behind me, but my shirt has moved to the ‘X’ ironing board, opened in such a way that it’s being readied to be ironed.

I scooped whatever that I have, grabbed my pants, rushed over to ‘X’ ironing board and grabbed my clothes, and then left the room. For all you know, the lights might just go out and the room door cannot be opened and I do not want to face that.

So, well, that summarizes my stay at Sunway Hotel for 3 days and 2 nights, and still we had a lot of fun eventhough we didn’t go to Sunway Lagoon. And that also summarizes up my fake encounter. It didn’t happen at all, just for show only. :D


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