Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sack Of Stuff

1. Lawyer Killing My Company
Everyone knows that when a company rents an office space, at the end of the tenancy, should they want to continue tenancy, the rental will either go up, or go down. Therefore, a lawyer of ours had this to write in the clause.

"The new rental shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the prevailing rental or at the prevailing market rate, whichever is lower".

While the clause above seems to be nicely worded in law terms, it kills the company. Just say the company is paying RM4000 now, when the new tenancy comes, we cannot ask them to pay anymore than RM400! Because "new rental shall not exceed 10% of prevailing rental". That lawyer got a nice screw from my director for his mistake. The word "increment" is missing.

2. Lying on back to lying on tummy - My Kid
This date, 1st December 2005, marks the first time my kid is able to turn from a lying down position, to a meniarap (lying on tummy) position. This happened in the afternoon about 12:30pm.

3. Watafak?! RM2000 for allowance?!?
Anyone reading The Star Section Two of 30th November would have read about expenditure of youth nowadays. Most of them mentioned that RM300 is not enough. One dude even said that he put aside RM150 for one date, just in case it's a materialistic girl. Whoa!! Man! I'm only 26, so how can in 8 years, a date that costs me only RM15 to RM30 per night (plus movies and food) jumps to RM150 per date?!

One dude that I cannot tahan even suggests that parents give RM2000 for allowance, because "kids nowadays need to pay for a lot of things, like food, coffee at Starbucks, fuel, phone, etc...". Wah lan! A girl mentioned "I cannot ask more money from my mum because she'll ask me to stay home instead of going out, so that I can save on food, petrol and not buy anything." Well, if money not enough, stay home lah.

You got see your parents going to their employer saying "Eh, not enough money lah. I got 3 teenagers who asks RM2000 per month from me, can you give me triple raise ah?!". Crap! Eight years ago my friend lived on RM50 per month! I think the RM2000 dude must be totally spoilt or totally crap for not realising that if he gets RM2000 per month, his college education is about RM800 per month (RM2400 per semester) and his internet at home, his breakfast and dinner, his stay, his laundry being done, etc.... his parents need to earn RM6000 just to support him, coz' RM4000 goes to the son, RM2000 goes to both parents plus household items, plus both parents fuel, phone and food. Really got me worked up reading that story.

4. We forgotten what is a need and what is luxury.
Following up with No. 3 above, I think most Malaysians have forgotten what is luxury and what is a need. There are a few reasons why I don't even want to try two of the new franchise in Malaysia, which is "Chicken Rice Shop" and "Only Mee". Their concept is this. "Let's take a normal Malaysian meal and franchise it and triple it's cost!" and taadah, both those franchise is born! But come on, asking a few friends, the taste is nothing to shout about at all. Can easily get a tastier chicken rice at food courts that will cost only RM3.50 - RM3.80. One franchise I left out if Laksa Shack for one reason, their variety of laksa cannot be found in normal food courts in town. It makes me feel like creating a franchise called "Nasi Goreng Village" that serves all type of nasi goreng at RM10 per plate. Or maybe "The YTF Gourmet Kitchen - Your One Stop Luxury Yong Tau Foo Restaurant". Please lar people, food in franchise restaurants that you can find within the vicinity of a stone's throw anywhere in Malaysia is a luxury.

Also, Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans and others are also a luxury. Make your own nescafe at home lar. If you go to Starbucks, get a coffee, open your laptop, tap their electricity source and internet, then it's a need. At least you spread your cost into several areas, not just a drink. Driving a car IS a luxury in Malaysia. I myself would say that I AM living in this luxury of driving a car. It's expensive not only on fuel, but on toll and parking as well. Using LRT or bike is cheaper. I think people really properly need to do a budget. Everyone should do a budget to be reviewed quarterly, though is sounds so much like a business practise, it saves you a lot of money. Or else you'll end up every month concentrating on reducing debt, but still spending a whole lot.

Notwithstanding the generality of the sentences I have written (too much reading agreements lately), I have left out luxury of a family because I am just beginning to face the needs vs luxury as a parent and husband with a kid.

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