Monday, December 05, 2005

High School Reunion

In 12 days from today, I will be attending one of the biggest reunion of my high school year, class of '95. We have always been a close knit group or 200 friends, and hopefully many will make it this year being the 10th year since we last met with each other. It brings back memories to the yesteryears where you grow up being good friends with one another, some people you have a crush on, some people you feel like crushing, teachers who are strict, teachers who are linient, teachers who dunno how to teach, many more of those good ol' days stories will come up.

The venue, interestingly enough will be at the school itself. Talk about being nostalgic. We'll make sure we do a site visit to the 'haunted toilet', 'haunted hall', bla bla... those stories we always hear when we do a camping at the school field. Since teachers are also attending the reunion, it makes it all the better. However, those 'gangsters' who were in a lot of trouble with the teachers might not attend due to their uneasiness being with teachers, cannot shout out loud, act violently and no vroom vroom of cars.

Recalling my secondary days, mine was superbly pathetic. I had a crush with a girl for four years and got rejected twice. I would have been considered a nerd, playing chess for school, joining clubs like nature club, BM club, geographical club, school yearbook committee and the likes, but save due to being active in school sports as well. I have had my shares of admirers, one in particular that I just have to look back and laugh is when I was in Form 4 and a Form 2 japanese girl (she is pretty) actively trying to make me talk to her.

It was in a school trip to Terengganu I believe. She made someone beside me changed place with her, sat beside me, and later even nonchalantly leaned against me. But being a duh-duh fella that I am having a crush on someone who don't give a dime about me, I totally ignored all signs of intention. Another admirer joined the taekwondo club to befriend me. This one is interesting. I find her interesting and attractive when she is just a school girl from far, but it was kind of a turn-off when she joined taekwondo. I wonder why. Anyway, her taekwondo lasted only 1 month. Darn, I wish I have more shares of memories of me admiring someone, but this cuckoo bird was stuck in a stupid crush that he's practically oblivious to everything else around him.

If there was one thing I can be impressed with myself in my school days, it'll have to be my hair. Being good friends with all three discipline teachers, I get stopped by prefects after assembly too many times to have a meet with my discipline teachers. What I get is just "Just sit down like 5 - 10 mins, then go to class." Well, would you consider that as 'using' your friendship with teachers?! The only dude in school with back hair covering collar and front hair's fringe up to the chin.

One tribute I'd like to give is to a Mr Morais, a very keen maths teacher who calls nearly all his students 'monkey'! He is small size but very strict. My first impression, actually, my only impression of him is that he used to be in the army as a mole, not the spy, but the ones who crawls into ditches to plant bombs. He passed away peacefully in 2004. He's the true definition of a teacher, who measure his own performance by how many students gets A from SPM, and he stays back everyday to give free tuition to anyone who wants, free of charge. A good man, hard to replace.

There certainly will be no photos of the reunion that's going to be posted here. This is more like a diary entry for me.

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