Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Two Seas

In my blogs, I'll also share several natural facts/knowledge that really caught my interest in my life. Such of these are like jet streams (winds traveling over 200mph way up above the clouds), East Australian Current (a corridor of current traveling at 7 knots by nature), etc.

What I'd like to talk today is two famous seas very much mentioned in the Islamic and Christian scriptures. It is said that there exists two seas that is beside each other, but the contents of the seas do not mix with one another. That's what I knew previously, upon careful research, this is the story. Any mistakes/errors are purely a mis-representation of facts from various documentations/reports I read. I try as much to do a proper cut and paste summary from what I've found.

What you see in the photo here are two lakes (which is actually in called a 'sea' from ancient times, but categorically it is still a lake) that is actually connected by River Jordan which goes through Syria, Israel and Jordan. I won't go to the beginning of the river, since there are four difference sources giving water into the river and all gather at Lake Hula, near the border of Syria and Israel (but I don't know which country it really resides in).

Now, the Sea of Galilea (also known as Tiberias Lake) is 213 meters below sea level (2nd lowest lake in the world) and water flows 25km downwards from Hula Lake through River Jordan. It is a freshwater lake, a very popular resort area in Israel, have very good flora and fauna and abundance with fishes.

At the south tip of the lake, the River Jordan continues its journey to the Dead Sea (420 meters below sea level, being the lowest lake in the world). Interestingly, there is no outlet from the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea, in Palestine, Israel and Jordan has no problem with water spillage due to the high evaporation rate against the very low rainfall. In fact, in these few years, the water level is getting lower as compared to earlier years. It is the second saltiest (11 times as salty as the Mediterranean sea) place in the world where only unique creatures thrives. It's high saline content makes anyone lying down in it floats without any problems, and no floras or faunas, or fishes can live it the waters.

A quick summary on the reason why Dead Sea do not get the same 'life' from River Jordan that Sea of Galilea gets is due to the water movement in the Sea of Galilea. It seems that as the water travel south in Galilea, the vegetation started to be of a saline vegetation, and this issue is growing rapidly northwards. Scientist blames this on the channel that diverted water in 1964, which damaged the eco-system.

I won't delve into a thesis on this story. It's just to give an overview of what I was trying to seek an answer to. Practically just to quench my question on the story of "The Two Seas that don't mix" that I've heard in my childhood days.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's funny that the first time I ever got extorted (asked for money in a threatening kind of way) is when I'm 28. Now that my son is two, his run is already faster than my walk. So, yesterday while waiting to tapau food from a mamak restaurant near my parents, he ran out of the restaurant heading along the walkway of other shophouses (inclusive of closed ones). I never gave any thought about anything as others are also walking by, though it's quite dark.

However, just as we reached an alley (between rows of shophouses), someone approached me from behind asking for RM1 to buy rice! Huh?! Anyway, I continued conversation asking in malay "Wanna buy what?", while picking up my son, and doing a quick analysis of his wellbeing. Shoes, very badly tattered. Bottom of the pants totally off coloured, being soiled and never washed. This was a homeless dude, meaning he's got nothing to lose and desperate, that even RM1 is important.

I reached to the back of my pants to pull out my wallet, careful not to flash it (coz' asking for RM1 also should be a ploy to get a wallet in sight and I don't want a risk of him grabbing my wallet and running away) and while the wallet is still at my back, managed to flip out my smallest note (lucky I arranged it that way from left to right). To my dismay, my smallest note that night was RM5. Heck with it. Put back my wallet, take it out and handed it to him and walked away. As he was flinching to get a closer look at his RM1 being green, that's the best time to leave.

Two advices now. Firstly, not to let your child wander to where can be risky to any security threats though you're very familiar with that place. Secondly, learn one-handed tricks. :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007

To The Heartbroken

What's ironic is that in most broken relationships, in 5 to 10 years and you look behind to that event, you can laugh it off. There may be some tinge of pain still, but you will view your actions as childish and immature, if it were acted on pure impulse of emotions. Some people will ask themselves, "Why did I do that?" or "Why am I so affected by that jerk?!".

In my honest opinion, during the break-up event itself, there is no such thing as being immature or childish.

I'm writing this because in the past six months, there has been more than three friends who have faced this event and they are each coping with it in their own way, which I totally respect. However, one or two of them are thinking that they should be stronger.
This is my view and my advice. When you are in this event, and you feel like crying, go and cry. If you want to cry in the showers till your knee buckles from pure disappointment, go ahead. It it totally okay to act upon your emotions and letting it out on your own. This is the time to totally live in the present and relive the past, remembering fond memories that will no longer be repeated.

The future, put it aside and let time heal you. "The sand of time shall reshape the dune." I created that when I wanted to forget someone, but it is useful for all events.

There is a warning however, and that is to never act upon the emotions to create negative consequences. This comes from blaming ownself, being vindictive or even 'trying to get him/her back by being getting their attention'. Cutting oneself on the arm, breaking things, throwing your temper to your close and loved ones, will only affect the future.

If you are the cause of the break-up and you're happy about it, suits you. If you are both victims due to circumstances, just cry it off. There's no reason for negative reactions. If you are the victim of being left behind, the LAST thing you want to do is to suffer for someone who already don't care for you.

If you were to cut yourself, and drink poison (just say) and get yourself hospitalised in hoping that he/she will look you up (which she/he might or not, but it's no more their responsibility to do so), then you are the one looking for trouble. You'll waste money and you'll waste time and you'll waste health.

The best thing to do is cry it off, live as best as you can, cry it off again, live again and wait, cry it off, until TIME heals you. Do not hurt yourself, never ever hurt yourself or the people around you. Yes, you do need someone to show you some attention, since you've lost attention given to you, but do not impose it to them that they should.

Hope all the best.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Friend Helping Friend

Two scenarios came up when I was having a discussion on “helping others” which in the end to me ends up “helping the pity-monger” last week. Yes, I have to be crude on calling them pity-monger.

1. Imagine yourself running a marathon with your friend beside you, no reward, no money, just to end a run. You see him trip and fall, but otherwise ok. What you do as a friend is to help him pick himself up so that he can continue the run. What you must not do is to help him up and carry him to the finish line.

2. You and a friend got stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean. He totally believes that you two won’t be rescued. You’re just praying you will be. In his situation, he jumps off the raft, so that he can end things faster. When the water hits his face, he realizes he’s meeting death, and he gets scared. Being unable to swim, you jumped in after him and pulled him back to the raft. Three hours later, he does the same, and you rescue him. Another three hours later, he does the same. The question here is; when do you stop rescuing him and let him die?

I’ll be blunt. In scenario 2, after I try talking sense into him at least two-three times and I myself get exhausted from the heat, I won’t go in anymore. Not worth risking my life to save someone who wants to end it over and over again. Unless I have a rope, I’ll just tie him to the raft to make him totally immobile.

Basically, scenario 2 came up because my friend gets a nearly-daily phone call from a pity-monger. Given up on being happy, she constantly calls him to whine about being unhappy. He will go through all means to make her happy (at the start) and then she feels better, and then days later, rinse and repeat. At times, coz’ he has his own sets of problems and own life to live, he just give her a piece of his mind, but still he feels as if he’s responsible for her. So, he’s asking how to go about this? This IS exactly the same scenario 2, whether you like it or not.

In our lives, we are conditioned to be on one side of many attitudes. Just as an example is ;being prompt (good), but dishonest (bad). Some are stubborn at changing for the better (bad) but never fails to deliver whatever tasks is given (good). Diligent but lazy. Passionate but hostile. With tons of different virtues, we all do not belong to the good ones, there always will be some bad ones. Nothing wrong with that, however…

Pity-mongering is one of the worst diseases. It comes from stubbornness to change. Problem is, it is a human basic need under the Pyramid of Hierarchy of Needs. It starts as a baby/toddler to “get attention” from parents. I have to admit, being praised for studies, for intelligence, career path, from friends of parents is something to be happy about. You bask in the warmth of the praise. Sadly, some of us cannot accept that this will end. When this ended for me, it was an awakening; feeling of lost but freedom. It’s like suddenly asking yourself “Were the things I do in the past purely to satisfy my need for attention?”

Pity-mongers cannot accept the lost of attention. When life goes down on them, they seek friends. The more a friend shows attention and care to their situation, the more they need this friend. Whenever the ‘good juice’ goes low, they call their friend to life their spirits up. The worst part of this is, they call with the SAME problem, but expecting DIFFERENT advices/methods of cheering up. I learned back in 1991, from Lawrence Walter Ng’s seminar, that “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.

Pity-mongers have not grown up. They expect to be enveloped by love and care, and be shielded from all hostilities and evil. The world is NOT like that. LIFE itself is a test, and amazingly, people actually failed at living. What’s funny is that the ones who fails at living are those born totally in a comfortable or good situation; not born in a country at war, in famine, extreme hostile conditions or even without parents.

How you face pity-mongers is up to you, but if you do not have any responsibility for their life (ie. not a nurse to a patient, not a psychiatrist to a mental patient), then you do not need to make sure their life is good. Imagine this scene. Peter finds life totally sucks and called John daily for advice. John being so mild-mannered gets bullied by Peter at least two hours daily to cheer him up finally won a lottery ticket after 5 years. Peter never called John again. John in fact, wasted 152 days of his life on Peter. Yes, John in compassionate, but he gave Peter fish everyday instead of teaching Peter how to fish. Your ONLY responsibility towards pity-mongers is to educate them enough for them to move on, if they refuse to move on, leave it be. Sorry, but just leave it be.

In my personal opinion, pity-mongers have one failed issue in their life. Once any human being started working, only three areas affect their lives; finance, health and relationship. Pity-mongers failed in relationship by failing to understand what relationship is (not purely on husband/wife or girlfriend/boyfriend, but also employee/employer, master/pet or worst you/stranger. If your life is affected negatively by a stranger, that does not constitute to you losing yours and your loved-one’s life or mental health, please see me. I will smack your face so hard you will realize what stupidity you got yourself into.

Example of you/stranger that you should not bother: - i) Being honked at and given a finger while on the road (and other road-related anger that doesn’t damage your car or make you late). ii) Being laughed at for asking a question a person thinks is stupid. iii) Mistreated in public by people who thinks they have authority. Etc etc etc. If the only effect from the above is a bruised ego, and you spend more than two hours being affected by it, go look yourself in the mirror and do a Chris Rock’s “F*** YOU.” Ego is not an ingredient to happiness though many believe otherwise.

I will write another pity-mongering related post some time on “Unconditional Love” which I believe is a double-edged sword, a gift and a boon.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Superman's Psychiatric Letter

Doctor Sivaji, a world-reowned psychiatrist received the following letter from Superman.


My name is Superman, but my real earth name is Clark Kent. If you think that my name is Christopher Reeves, Dean Cain or Brandon Routh, please refrain from reading further, as this proves that you're more in need of psychiatric help than me.

I have a huge problem. While the general public are in awe at what I can do, some being jealous and some even want me killed, I'm actually very cursed. What I'm about to tell you will make you laugh your head off at me because you'll finally notice my greatest flaw, and then you won't even feel like having the powers I have. No, it has nothing to do with my underwear. It's a Versace thank you, and I'm proud to show it off, but at the end of my letter, please let me know if I should keep my eyes or have them removed.

Doctor, I'm dirty. No, not in the porn kinda way. But I'm not hygienic, must less hygienic than the rest of the world. Do you know how difficult it is to fly at the speed or sound, having seeing all the micro-organisms splatting against my face? All the ameobas, paramecium, etc having their insides splat against my face? At the end of every journey, there's like millions or them, some dead and some moving. It is very disgusting to be able to see the millions squirming on my cheek, my nose. Sigh... that's why whenever I fly, my lips are tight. You will never see a picture of me flying smiling showing my teeth.

That's not the worst thing. Toilets! When I leave toilets, they are cleaner than when any cleaners finished with their cleaning activities. Though the previous sentence sounds bad with three "clean" words, I'm serious!! My super nose sucks each and every bacterias and viruses everytime I breath in. Imagine while gelling my small little 'S' hair looking into the mirror, I see multitudes of spores and tiny little things flying out of the urinals and into my nose. I've X-Rayed my body using my supervision and you don't want to know what's in there. Why do you think you don't really see pictures of me eating as well! I'm always full!

Please help me.


Friday, August 03, 2007

The Hill

The following story is written in two different versions, one being the long one in details, while the other is a short version as a summary to the story. If you're not the kind who likes to imagine described events, just scroll down to the short version. The storyline, sadly, is not original.

Long Version
The trees around the valley started swaying, in tune with the dry and crisp wind enveloping the trunks as is to give a slight hug before moving along to the next tree. The sun, though shining brightly with yellow hues has not contributed heat to the grounds, confirming that the day was still in the morn. A blue jay has just landed on a tree branch, above a small hilltop overlooking the valley. Just below, it spotted two figures, in motion inching closer as time passes. 'They are heading in this direction', the bird thought, chirped and flew away.

"Are you okay carrying that?", asked a feminine voice, only to be replied harshly by a masculine tone, "Of course, what do you expect?!" The girl, freckled-faced in her blonde ponytail just rolled her eyes. Jillian Smith was always fond of her clumsy brother, however, she feels that he doesn't give her credit to what she can do. 'He still treats me like a little kid, unable to be independent', she yells at herself inside. She looked up only to notice a blue bird fly away into the sky, and then smiling, she looked at her sibling to see if he noticed.

The two siblings seems to take masculine and feminity to the extreme end. One is totally into manly sports, such as american football, basketball and ice hockey, his sister is into ballet and gymnastics. His room is painted blue while hers is pink. Seems so much like a fairy-tale but this has been their life since their parents strictly brought them up in proper gender enviroment the moment they found out their neighbour's son turned tranvestite.

'This is not heavy at all, but it will be. Why is she making such a fuss over it? Is she afraid that I'll let her carry it once it gets heavy??', Jackson spoked to himself. Having excelled at all the sports he gets involved in, he is only aloof during competitions. Outside of his games, school mates find him very friendly and helpful. Girls adore him, but only to ride on his fame at school, nothing more. Like his sister, he too has freckles on his face and wears spectacle during class. "I will only wear this specs in class!", he told his mother when he first got himself a pair. "You'll be clumsy without it! You know how difficult it is for you to even see the sidewalk!", his mother snapped back.

Today, Jackson did not have his spectacles on, just in case. He would like to look his best to his classmates if he chanced upon them. He was just thinking of the girl he adored when his sister shouted,"Jackson! You're swaying off the road to the grass." He collected himself upon noticing that his shoes started to get soiled by the wet grass, still not affected by the sun. "Ah crap", he cussed at himself, "Let's just hasten our steps."

In just a few seconds they reached the plateua of the hill. "Here's the water bucket", Jackson shouted. "What?! Why me? I knew you were going to do this to me!", fussed his sibling, as she continued ,"Just get it yourself! I'm just tagging along to make sure you're ok." With that Jackson moved towards the wooden circle on the ground at tossed the bucket into it.

Moments later he pulled up the bucket, with water filled to the brim. "Alrighty then, let's head on home", hollered Jackson.

Short Version
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Manifestation of Who You Are

What we are now is basically a product of how our mind thinks, what actions we did and what believe system we were, a few years back. However, due to the greed for instant gratification, we end up being what we are today no matter how much we intend to change.

It's sad to note that a positive gratification takes a lot longer time as compared to a negative gratification, err... no such thing as negative gratitude, but I hope you get what I'm trying to say. Simply put, a simple example of a quick negative "gratitude" is by slapping a complete stranger in the streets. The best example would be trust, which everyone knows that it takes many months to build trusts but one short-term event to destroy it. For real-estate point of view, it takes two years to build a condo, and only a week to level it to empty grounds.

Okay, enough of examples. I constantly need to remind myself that to reduce weight, I need to exercise regularly. I've failed many times. It's because of that "instant gratification" that I'm after. Two weeks of exercise and stepping on the scale to see some kind of results just doesn't cut it lor... so what happens? Demotivation, then stop exercising until I watch Rocky 2 again. Ohh.. must drink 6 raw eggs. That's where my mistake is, and then the whole process starts again.

I've always believe, ok, not always, but as of 2005, I started to believe that it takes at least 4 years of constantly doing something positive to finally achieve a result that you want, and then a bonus will also come in without you really asking for it. Why 4 years??? It's just a believe, just because I see that AirAsia did it from scratch and reach a crazy milestone in 4 years. So, where does this put me in terms of exercising? (note: this is purely just ONE part of me that I want to change, not really a desperate one as compared to finance, etc).

First of all, if I can put into discipline a routine of exercising at the same time with increased intensity, and be motivated for 6 months, something good will already come out from there. Putting another 3 1/2 years, I'm sure from a goal of "exercise to lose weight and keep fit", the bonus will jump in. Man, I can be a runner. Joining marathons after marathons trying to beat my old times. That's a boost to the personal ego as well! Sigh, men and egos. Eat your heart out, 4-years-ago dude.

Now if only we all (including myself) can just start something constantly for four years. It may be a long time, but really, it's not that long when you see one year passes by and hit yourself in the head saying "If only I had one year experience on bla bla bla....". Let's just kill the "If only" and really start something.

Good luck to all of you, and myself too.