Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Haunted Painting

If you had been a constant Ebay lurker back in the 2001-2002 time, you would have came across a "Haunted Paiting" being sold on Ebay. I have always been mesmerised by this painting due to its hollow and eerie nature, as if the picture shows the essence of life being cast away. Anyway, I thought I'd share this picture with you since I have always been taking a look-see at it again nearly once every three months. The owner of Ebay halted the auction as there was a huge public outcry that 'evil' is being sold.

In Ebay, the picture is described as follows: -

When we received this painting, we thought it was really good art. A "picker" had found it abandoned behind an old brewery. At the time we wondered a little why a seemingly perfectly fine painting would be discarded like that. (Today we don't!!!) One morning our 4 and 1/2 years old daughter claimed that the children in the picture were fighting, and coming into her room during the night. Now, I don't believe in UFOS or Elvis being alive, but my husband was alarmed. To my amusement he set up a motion triggered camera for the nights. After three nights there were pictures. After seeing the boy seemingly exiting the painting, we decided, the painting has to go. Please judge for yourself. --- Warning: Do not bid on this painting if you are susceptible to stress related disease, faint of heart or are unfamiliar with supernatural events.

The post includes several other things such as questions on how to bless the house once the painting is gone. There are also several warnings that says "Don't put the painting as your desktop wallpaper" and several other comments that claimed "Don't look too intensely into the painting because once the girl turns her face towards you, death will come to you." Well, yeah, it does sound scary because the girl does not have an eye in the eye sockets.

Now, from my own appreciativeness of the art of the painting. It shows a boy, real human boy, with a girl who has a sad face, and missing eyes from the eye socket, and there are hands behind the glass frame behind the boy trying to reach out. On one hand, it looks as if the boy is 'hypnotised' in a city of ghosts, on the other, it's like a human life that exist amongst undeads. But in all honesty, I cannot 'feel' any message that the painter tries to potray, but it is really a good imagination of the artist to produce such an artwork. Just appreciate the beauty of it, but turn your face away once the girl starts turning her face towards you. :P

The real story is this: The painting was painted by William Stoneham in 1972. According to him, "When I painted the Hands Resist Him in 1972, I used an old photo of myself at age five in a Chicago apartment. The hands are the 'other lives.' The glass door, that thin veil between waking and dreaming. The girl/doll is the imagined companion, or guide through this realm."

However, in Stoneham's own words, there were 'cases' related to his painting that happened, such as the owner of the gallery where this photo is shown and art critic who reviewed the show were dead within a year. He says it's just a coincidence. Anyway, the original painting has been sold during the show, and he has no idea where the painting is now.

There,... just to share a piece of artwork that caught my attention since 4 years back.

p/s: Did the word "hantu" come from the word "haunt"?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Food Review: KFC New Variety Bucket

Verdict: Not Worth It At All. Don't Try It.

Photo 'borrowed' from www.99.com/mysweetsurrender

What you get: -
1) 3 pieces OR chicken
2) 3 pieces Hot & Spicy chicken
3) 2 Regular Whipped Potato
4) 8 Chicken Fingers
5) 1 Large Potato Wedges
Price: RM27.50

How much does it cost ala carte?
3 pieces OR chicken - RM7.90
3 pieces H&S chicken - RM7.90
2 regular whipped potato - RM3.00
8 chicken fingers - RM7.60
1 Large Potato Wedges - RM2.80
Total Price: RM29.20

That's a total of only RM1.70 difference. Not worth being called a package deal. Totally unlike (real example here) Dominos Pizza whereby if you order a large pizza only, you get a regular free... and a regular costs more than RM10 for sure.

What's bad? ONE: The chicken fingers are totally below par. You can get a better and cheaper chicken fingers by buying frozen ones from hypermarkets and fry them yourself at less than half the price and better the taste. There's totally NO chicken filamen/strips in the fingers. Too much starch. TWO: We all know that potato wedges is useless without the cheesy stuff. It's like eating satay without the peanut sauce, or eating roti canai without the curry/dhal, or eating cornflakes without the milk, or drinking teh 'o' ais without the straw.

Again, in short, not worth due to the two reasons above.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


When you first arrived, you were so fragile. I had to take notice of the yellow spots on your nose when I couldn't find any other marks on you when I spun you around, looking all about your tiny body, so that there's no mistaking that you're the one we bring home. After the prayers into your ears, and have you sent to the nursery for your first therapy, the photo-therapy, I prayed with tears thanking God for giving you to us.

First Day Home

The first few weeks were very tiring but funny. Many times mommy and I fell asleep feeding you at your three-hour interval meals. You really changed our lives, having someone to go home to, and really changed our sleeping times too! Hehe.... and you will not remember this, but your first few weeks you were taken care by Atuk and Nenek as well as your Opah, and your first 5 months of your life, you were taken care by your Pak Long and Mak Long. Next time you can go back and thank your Mak Long for taking care of changing your diapers, and having Mak Long's kids doting on you a lot.

From your fifth month, you started to go over to Opah's house and some times Atuk and Nenek drops by in KL to take care of you. Your Opah had a funny 'ritual' of making sure you're
colic-free by saying "kepala - buntut, kepala - buntut" while making her hands move from your face to your behind, in hoping the air will come out as soon as possible. We think it's the super-heaty milk powder S26 that kept your colic away, but you sweat profusely with that milk powder. Now that you're on another milk powder, you're ok... and currently we're only facing with the problem of you 'releasing' yourself, need more fiber in your diet.

You can sit well on Atuk's lap, just looking at cars go by at the parking lot of our place. You are afraid of Grand-dad (we'll see what we can make you call him later ok?) because of the way he likes to tickle you, but when he's not doing that to you, you really make an effort to chit chat with him.

With you mommy, you like to bite and lick her nose, her knee, her cheek, and that
really makes mommy ticklish and you just laugh whenever she tries to avoid you. With me, you like having yourself lift up high a dozen times and having to hold my hands while you train to walk. Your favourite song with mommy is mommy's own composition, while with me it's "Polly Put The Kettle On"... and with your Pak Cu it's "Row Row Row Your Boat" since it's the only song your Pak Cu knows how to sing, hehe. Of course you like to listen to other children songs especially in the car. One thing you might not remember, is that you sleep nearly everynight with suara orang mengaji in the background.

Your physical advancement went very well. You were flipping over by the time you were 3 months old, holding your heads up by your 5th month, crawling by your 7th month and pulling up to a standing position by your 9th month. It seems you like odd-numbered months of your life for your milestones. Just three weeks ago today you started to walk, and now, you can
already fast walk and even pick yourself up to walking position. You babble a lot in the car when I send you to Opah's house, were you singing to the children song?

Among your habits is putting your fingers or hands in every item that has hole, from containers, to glasses, to even mommy and my ears! You like to pick
up items from containers and fling it behind you. You also started to like moving to music, especially from Dora the Explorer's Musical Episode that we switch on for you nearly everyday for the past three weeks. You like to move your tongue a lot while making the sound "la-la-la-la-la". You also like to open your mouth making sure there's bubble created there. You seem to have stopped "blessing" things and people by blowing your saliva out. You like remote controls, and what we cannot catch on video is your tendency to switch the channel from mommy's favourite CSI show to that of Forum Perdana or an arabic channel. You like mommy's phone a lot. You seem to have stopped making everything a car, pushing and dragging things like cds, containers, books around the floor. You like to listen to your own echo by making a lot of noise in lift lobbies and car parks. One thing that stands out, you stopped using the pacifier when you were four months old.

Your first shopping complex I cannot write here as it indicates where we live. I will only list a few firsts you have and others will be shown in our own memory-book okay? Your first big-family holiday was to Port Dickson. Your first holiday with us was to Cameron Highlands where you wore your first Baju Sejuk. Your first clothing we bought was a blue Poney clothing.

First Clothing We Bought Before You Were Born

You had your Cukur Jambul in Terengganu during Hari Raya Haji. There goes your birth hair which was already thinning, and from bald, now you have rather long hair that covers your ear but mommy don't want your hair cut. We still keep your birth hair, and you can ask mommy or me to see it. We are also keeping your tali pusat.

My wish for you is to grow up at your own pace, for which I'm sure is mommy's wish as well. Mommy and I will support you in what you want in life. Remind us not to force you to do things against your will, but we will drive you to be a good person.

p/s: Posted One Day Earlier But Date Is Correct, Coz On Real Day Will Not Be Coming To Office. Out To Celebrate With Loved Ones.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Special Place In Time

I'm not sure about many of you, but I find that there is always a special place in time where we can retreat to, just to be away from current situations. Somewhat like taking a holiday, if you will, but instead of going on a real holiday, you retreat to a favourite moment in time. I'm sorry to say that I don't retreat to my marriage day much, though that should be the most favourite moment in time, I guess it's because it's still current, still new, still ongoing.... maybe when my kids are in college, then marriage will be a moment in time to retreat to.

My special retreat is back in 1989 - 1991 times, from the time I was in Std 5 to Form 1. Those years are the best place to retreat as a kid, though I received some sort of recognition in 1993 - 1994 in school, that's still not the best. 1989... that was the time of utter bliss. Enjoyment to the max, also the time when I started taking English language seriously and then able to enjoy and understand all the english story books, heavily english-texted computer games, etc.

The retreat is simple. Songs and music. Come to think of it, I think in terms of music choice, my wife still wonders why I sometimes retreat to songs of She Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals), When I See You Smile (Bad English), Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins), Winds of Change (Scorpions), and others. I won't name those romantic ones coz' they don't really make me retreat such as The First Time (Surface). That one is just a feeling of "Hey, nice to hear that song again." Anyway, while songs make me relive the past for a moment, nothing is better than having to listen to music during the best times of the memory.

For me, sadly and pitifully (some people will say), are music from games. No lyrics, just the music. Two musical pieces (I wouldn't call it pieces, since it's not composed by a known composer, but well, no other words for it) are Stones from the Ultima series and Monkey Island theme song. These are the kind of music that can just release me from current situation, ie the office, and release all tension and be a kid with no responsibilities again. To just enjoy the moment in time. To just lean back and listen to that music,... aih... dunno if you all know how that feels like.

Anyone care to share their special place in time, and how they go about reaching back that place?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On Borrowed Time

Some people believe that life itself is a borrowed time, that we actually borrowed the time from God before God takes it back. I don't look at it that way. I believe that God gave us LIFE with an expiry date. Borrowed time is the time given after that expiry date. Some borrowed time is given to rectify their lifestyle, such as, a second chance in life, or some borrowed time is just for a very short duration, to meet loved one for one last time. The latter is what I will write about today.

Most death that happens after an admission to hospital or within the hospital itself usually had a borrowed time. There are just too many instances that when a person is dying, he/she suddenly makes a remarkable recovery for about a few hours, just to suddenly pass away the next hour, or the next day. There are also instances whereby a person in a coma wakes up, but too weak to do anything else but to just stare at you and then tears start flowing out of the eye. This experience I have had, to see someone who refuses to close her eyes and let out her tears flow out. I never knew that it means "It's time", and within a few hours later, she died alone on the hospital bed. Not a relative, just an experienced I have had.

The problem is, we will never know who is on borrowed time, and who's on the journey to recovery. I think the safest and correct perception is to view EVERYDAY of a person's life who had just recovered from a serious and critical condition. At least if it is borrowed time, you get to spend one last memory with him/her before they go 'home'. If it is not, then it IS your realisation to really cherish the person whose time is not expired yet. What's worse is those who don't have a borrowed time at all and just pass away at the most unexpected moments, just as what we've been reading in the papers nowdays. A normal day passes by just to know someone close to you have gone 'home'. That's something I don't want to have it happen to anyone at all.

Nothing much to say, just suddenly thought of it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Item of Value

As I've tendered my resignation, there have been a lot of things to do especially keeping all the reports in order and training new staff to take care of the works I've done and how to proceed after I'm gone. Anyway, that is not an excuse.

One simple question: If your house is on fire, and you have time to only take out THREE items from the house that's carryable by one hand (per item), what would they be? Also, if you want to take out any additional item at 10% risk (for every item) that you won't get out alive, are there more items to take out against that risk?

I'm asking this question specifically to understand the value we place on our possessions. Some men have it in this priority.... 1) Car 2) Wife 3) Children 4) Playstation 2 etc... while others may have 1) New sports rim 2) Laptop 3) Children 4) Mousepad .... 23) Wife... etc.

Being a married man, I guess the three items I will definitely save will be our passports (I consider this ONE item since they're placed together), my wallet and a file of documents (containing important documents) and get the hell outta there. If my son is in the house, my son alone will be it.... forget the passports and wallet, dowan to risk him getting burned. Seriously, I have absolutely no other items I consider of importance that I would risk even a little burn on my body for. I believe, with God's will, my mind, body and ability/skills are enough to get me through the entire event and rebuild what it lost.

Okay, let's forget that question. Now for another. Let's say your house is robbed, and the robber being so kind says "I will take EVERYTHING from your house, but will leave behind 3 items. What will they be?" Now it's a different story huh? You can remake your passport, can remake your IC in the wallet, bank books, etc. What will that 3 items be that you won't let the robber take away? Momentos from your past?

For me.... 1) My external HDD (this is where the backups of all family movies, pictures, archives of work, stories, etc is kept). 2) Wedding rings (this is a momento that I wish not to part with) 3) File of documents (in this file also exist momentos and receipts of my family).

If I were to be asked this question when I was single, it'll be 1) My external HDD 2) Most expensive item in the house 3) Second most expensive item in the house. :P

What would your choices be?