Friday, December 23, 2005

First Day Out

Lil Steven told his mama, "Mama, I think I'm finally old enough to go out exploring with the other ants to search for food. Can I go, mama, can I can I?" Mama ant and looks at Papa ant. He said nothing. Then mama ant looked back at Lil Steven and said, "I guess it should be alright, go get ready first!"

"Yay!!", Lil Steven exclaimed. He rushed to his room and took out a nice set of new clothes and shoes and then rushed to have his bath. Singing in the toilet, he overheard papa ant saying to mama ant, "You sure he's old enough to go out alone?" and mama ant replied "In the insect world, the female is supreme, so don't you dare question me on my decision. You're lucky I'm not a praying mantis or a bee."

Lil Steven got out of the shower, dried himself, put on his new clothes and looked in the mirror. Mama ant was looking at him and said, "You look smart! Come have breakfast first and then you can go." Then the three of them had breakfast.

After breakfast, they hugged and as Lil Steven prepared to go out of the anthill, mama ant said "Don't forget your backpack and your shovel." Lil Steven went to the closet, took out his bag and shovel and smiled at his mama. "It looks bright out there, mama."

"Yes", mama ant exclaimed. "Enjoy yourself!"

Lil Steven crept out of the anthill and smelled the fresh air for the first time outside his habitat. Then he saw the trails of ants and puffing his chest out, proceeded to follow the troops. "I'm gonna be a hard working ant, yeah, I'll be!".

Three meters from the anthill, he turned back to look at his home. Mama ant was there, standing proud and waving at him bye bye. And bye bye it was. He was just in time to see mama ant shout in disbelief when the world turned dark around him.

Splat!.... Mr Javalier's shoes squashed Lil Steven as he brings his family for a walk at KLCC park.


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Kuek said...

Reminds me of this movie trailer. Movie coming year 2006.

kuek said...

And yeah, CHEY!

Javalier said...

Hahaha... good story mah.. and good exit strategy.