Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bloody Political Idiots

I don't generally write on politics, but when I read craps that shows the weakness of a political system, I just have to vent it out. To children, a politician goes into politics in the first place to help the rakyat. In reality, some (not most) of them go into politics to close more business deals and sama-sama makan.

In the news today (12th Oct 2005)
1. 50 years old man in Johor grazed one of three motorcycles carrying 5 youth. At a traffic light, they attacked him, and ran away with his car keys, 3 credit cards and RM200 worth of cash.

2. A boyfriend left his girlfriend in the car at Juru R&R to go to the toilet, two men went into the car, drove off, picked up a third and raped her in the car only to leave her at Sungai Petani.

In the news today also....
Cabinet fighting over usage of "Jabatan" and "jabatan".

Utter nonsense!! Furthermore, 2006 budget gives a lot of advantages to businesses and police workforce. Why reward the police when criminals are getting braver? Doesn't it show that the police are slacking?!

Gone are the days when robbers struck only at night, or kidnappers waiting at secluded area before pouncing on their victim. Crime is done in broad daylight. I myself am not comfortable with taking out Kit Kat bar from a grocery store, and here we have brave criminals doing it in public!! Hello?! Something wrong with the Malaysia system?! Someone's gotta revamp the entire country's system.

Let's hope Najib will use his knowledge as Minister of Defense and create something to defend the rakyat from internal criminals, not only foreign attacks.

As for now, rakyat will have to fend for the rakyat, and even that is not happening. Pity the rakyat, but F**K YOU rakyat too! Arseholes who just turn a blind eye to crimes in front of their eyes. Come on rakyat, just do a Con Air. If you have to hurt or even kill to save someone's life, sanity or life-time emotional peace, you have my full support.

Makes me feel like running for Prime Minister. Hahaha.... I'll be the first to get killed in a hush hush operation by unhappy 'big powers'. As I have always believe since Std 5. There is REALLY NO JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD. It's just a word to hide the truth.

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