Tuesday, May 31, 2005


.... shall reshape the dunes - Javalier. (Read from my header at the top page) That was a saying I created back in 1993. I don't care how corny it sounds, at least I can die knowing I've created a saying that I've lived with all my life.

Basically, it means that however your past may effect you negatively and leave a mark on you, it will slowly go away in time. Similar to animal tracks on the dune desert slowly disappearing as the sands covers them.

With totally no intentions to introduce who I am in real life, this blog will just be as what Kenny Sia said about Malaysians. Caring more to anonymosity (correct spelling ar?!) than to reveal who they are. But heck, personally I find it dangerous to be transparent about your life to others, but it's their freedom to do so. I don't. To each his own, I don't judge.

Why is this blog created anyway? I don't know. I don't even know if I'm discipline enough to update daily, summore with Telekom still haven't got back to me after a week to give me a phoneline at home! At least updating at midnight is easier than at work. Saturday Sunday how to update lah? Anyway, I will use this blog as a place to vent anger, frustration, and... no lah. Just to leave own ideas and stuff (just like nearly all other bloggers). Just please, if there are any good 'articles' that I might be writing here (yea rite!!), don't make money for yourself by selling it as your own.

Wokayz, I'll sign off for the morning and will write again tomorrow. Those of you who know me and want to leave comments, do one thing for me. Don't ever mention my name, or any other names related to me (ie family, friends and strangers.... er, scratch the last one).

Special thanx to kookycookie and lott (for introducing me to blog, but I can't start as I have fear of not knowing what to write) and Kenny Sia (the only blog by a guy I read anyway, who got rid of that fear). Taram aje... paling teruk pun, takde orang baca. Hahahah.....