Saturday, December 24, 2005

Secret Meeting of two Entrepreneurs

A long time ago, before there were colleges and universities, the advanced countries produced the same kind of graduates from high school, with the same knowledge. None the wiser, none the dumber. One of the first company owners who hit the $1 million mark in assets met up with the first owner of a university. The conversation was documented and lost, until it was found during an excavation for a new condominium. The conversation went as follows: -

Company Owner: I'm rather sick and tired of these kids coming out, and without the skills I need to properly run my company. I can just pick any Tom, Dick and Harry and they'll do the job, but they just can't think for themselves. They don't have the strategic thinking I need in my fellow employees. Can you do something??!

University Entrepreneur: I tell you what. I'll start a new education system, something to begin creating different skill sets in these kids, so that they can work for you, and other companies as well. Let them think that they're so smart having different skill sets from other people that they will be very vain and proud, earning 'high' income.

Company Owner: I love how your evil mind works! Haha... 'high' income indeed. I can foresee by the year 2000, these so called 'smart' and 'skilled' people will earn $2000 - $15,000 not realising the minor shareholders of a company who plays golf and go on holiday most of the time earns $50,000 per month.

University Entrepreneur: You have to help me then. Let's create some education categories that sound smart. We'll leave doctors and lawyers out since we cannot control them, because their core competency can already make them own a business with minimal capital. Hey, how does 'economics' sound?

Company Owner: Woo hoo... that sounds bombastic man! Hey, how about erm... 'finance'? Make them think that they can be a money expert! I foresee that in the year 2000 there'll be "Financial Advisors" who seem to be expert in finance, but why the hell are they working as "Financial Advisors" instead of owning a company since they're soooo good in making money?! What else?

University Entrepreneur: There are tons more ideas, I'll compile them for you to see. We'll have skill sets placed in different erm... let's call it 'diplomas' shall we? There'll be so many different diplomas of skill sets that I will create, so that they can all work for you and other entrepreneurs.

Company Owner: Urm... well, don't you think that out of 1 million kids, and if there are 10 different diplomas, entrepreneurs like me will still face 100,000 kids with the same skills and mindset!?

University Entrepreneur: I have an outlet there. 'Degrees'!! We'll bring them up to a different degree and give them a 'degree'. This will create more so called advanced 'smart' people. And those who wants to be smarter so that they can earn well in a company, and totally blind them from being entrepreneurs, we'll give them Masters. Haha... Masters... how does that sound like?!

Company Owner: That sounds good, my master! Hahaha.... oh god, I'm having cramps in my stomach. Masters... haha... wait, lemme get some tissue to wipe my tears.

University Entrepreneur: Get this.... after Masters, I'll create Doctors! Highest standard of them all! But to differentiate them from medical doctors, I'll call them Philosophical Doctors instead. What do you think?

Company Owner: That's good. That's good. I have to be running along soon. I wish you good luck in your attempt to blind the world. Oh,.. please do have an excellent marketing strategy! Ensure that nearly everyone in the world wants to take up these 'degrees' or 'masters' thingy, that they're totally blindsided from being entrepreneurs. By the time they get these 'degrees', ensure that they're already in debt from buying cars, renting houses or buying them, so that their money is tied down from putting any capital into a business. I don't want knowledgable people to own businesses, not people dropping out before they're in debt.

University Entrepreneur: That would not be a problem. We don't want another drop out to be rich and famous like what happened to Einstein. But, Nostril-damus actually predicted that there will be one, before the year 2000, a high-level education drop out will actually create one of the most successful company in the world! How do I prevent that?!

Company Owner: I'll be dead by then. I don't give a damn. Just make sure that in the future, there are so many blind people chasing after papers they forgot that the papers are actually handcuffs from being an owner of businesses. The 'bigger' they are, the 'bigger' things they'll buy, cars, house, and then the 'bigger' their debts will be. Do this for us, the entrepreneurs!

University Entrepreneur: It will be done, I assure you. We, the higher education entrepreneurs will make sure that humans crave papers with ink, that they will forget to see what can make them earn real money. We will ensure 80% of the world population will fall within this collective. We will ensure that they will make people like you earn more money, twofold, threefold even, while they tehemselves are rewarded with just a 10%-25% increase of their income a year. Muahahahaa......


Nur said...

heheheh, i like this one...

Kuek said...

This is a great post..... hahaha....