Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Writing Blindly About Memories

Beginning from the next paragraph, if things gets totally distorted until no one understands what they're reading, I apologize. If it should be not readable at all, I will write another the following day to correct what is not readable. Problem is, I want to write about memories of my past, at the same time my left eye is having problems seeing. So, well, let's see how well my fingers can memorise the keys on the keyboard.

What cal I remember from my youth

I remember, at age of five, waiting for two years to wear the yellow shirt that my auntie gave me, that was yellow in colour with superman's face at the front.

I remember, at age eight, getting my first blue bike from Jaya Supermarket and having to ride it out of the shop to the car amidst people walking around shopping.

I remember, stamdomg om frpmt pf tje whp;e c;ass diromg Std 1 wjere O jad tp tale ,y omja;er. e;ectrpmoc omja;er at tje teacjer's desl wotj ,y froemds watcjomg ,e/ Bit mp ,pre mpw. tjaml Gpd/

O re,e,ber. forst weel pf scpp;. ,y ,i, stamds pitsode tje c;assrpp, fpr tje emtore schpp; dy tp te,am ,e/ What a s[po;t cjo;d. haha/

O re,e,ber. mpt ;olomg tyomg ,y shpes tjat O wemt fpr ve;crp imto; O was om Fpr, 3/ Tyomg shpes at tjat to,e was tje
rabbot craw;omg imdetr tje dimmp wjat" type of tying shoes/.

O re,e,ber. mearly burning the house, due to playing with matches and ridsect spray and see the flames roar out oh so great until I nearly burn the curtains.

I remember, still playing with fire, burning papers in the dustbin made of plastic outside my room, which caught fire until an uncle came to blow it out.

I remember, reaing my first rabbit and feeding it weed. And playing with crickets before feeding them to the fish in the aquarium.

I remember, chasing after cars trying to match my running speed with them, guess who wins?!

I remember, flying my first kite made of bamboo stick and rubbish bin bag. It flew yes, but it gets torn oh so easily.

I remember, making my first boat made of paper, playing a whole day with it.

I feel as if my fingers are not pressing correct letters on this laptop. Hope that what ever that I'm writing is readable. I will stop here.

What DO you all remember from your kids time of between five to ten?

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