Monday, June 06, 2005

I Wanna Go Home

No, I'm not imitating ET. If I was, I'll say "ET go home"

Till today, society dictates that if you go home late, you are hardworking. Society never dictate that if you go home late, you have horrible time management! Why?! Putting workaholics aside, nearly all of us put family over career. But some even sacrifice family for career with the reason "If I work hard, I'll climb the corporate (keparat in malay :P) ladder and get a lot of money for the family! However, I have to minimise my time with family for now."

What usually happens in the end? You work hard, you spend less time with your family, you get stressful, you get good pay, you lack social life, hey, that's a pretty/handsome colleague I have, let's get to know each other to regain social life even if it's at work, hey, let me send you home, hey, I've ended up falling in love with you, what?, my family, ahh... they don't care about me, I come home late, they don't make noise anymore. Who the heck started saying "I work hard for family" anyway?!

Society dictates that if you go home late, you are hardworking and risk destroying your family. I for one will not stay back just for the sake of staying back and show my face around. I only stay back to finish unfinished work, and never up to Maghrib. I have a colleague who believes in that principle. Never stay back till Maghrib.

I bring work home. Wah... so many mouths open wide! Why?! Yeah, tons of you say "do not bring work home". At least I'm home with my family first, and sacrifice my sleeping hours to do work. Meaning, after the night is done, family prepares to sleep will I start my work. One thing I agree is, do bring work home, but do not bring the stress of work home.

That being said, I very much like the idea that I obey my working hours as written in the employment contract. I save my company money by going home on time as I don't use up their resources like electricity and water. Better go home early and deliver, than staying back till 10pm still not delivering anything. This applies to strategic and sales... for you in operations, well, I really can't help you. For those who are overworked, I believe your boss does not know how much workpile you are having, be discreet and tactful when you throw away your work into the dustbin, no lah... I mean when you let the boss know you're overworked. I notice this usually happens in law firms with bad or ignorant bosses.

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