Thursday, June 16, 2005


Side note: As much as I want to correct my mistyped sentences in the previous post, I think it's best to leave it that way as I figured that anyone can decipher it easily just by moving the keys on the keyboard (of the right hand side) one step to the left. That said, I'll begin today's post.

There are way too many brands in this world today. Of course, brands identify strength of a company. However, it's funny to see rappers in music video having clothes with the brand name blurred. Duh... why censor the brand while his cap still shows other brands? I'm specifically talking about Nelly's latest song, forgot the name where he had Snoop Dogg and Murphy Lee as cameo.

Talking about brands. The first brand that I knew, which I believe monopolizes its industry was Armitage Shanks Vitrous China. Simply put, as a child, that's the only brand I can see the moment I do my business in the toilet. Nowadays, the brands that are the strongest seem to take over the product name itself. In Malaysia, there are a few. Let's discover them.

Toothpaste, a.k.a. Colgate: I'm not sure about other families, or even what other races call it, but, it seems that growing up, if anyone were to look for a toothpaste, they would ask "Eh, colgate kat mana?" (Where's the Colgate?). Then you're given either the Colgate, or any other brand without them really looking for a colgate for you. That's just it. Colgate means toothpaste, in my family and even at my kampung.

Cinema, a.k.a. TGV: Face it, TGV was the first multi-cinema in Malaysia. Ok, no... first was cineplex, but it didn't make it big. So, TGV 1 Utama started the ball rolling for many-screens at one area. Then GSC followed and now we have SMILE and some others. I remembered watching Ah-Ha on tv, one dude gets a call while he's in the cinema, he said "Eh, can't talk. I'm in TGV, TGV." Nearly everyone in Malaysia at one time, will have TGV on their mind no matter which cinema they're in, as long as they're asked "Where are you?". Personally for me, GSC made its way into my mind when they started the "letting go of booked tickets 15 mins prior"... it was a strength that identified them.

Coke, a.k.a. Pepsi and vice versa: VERY common trend. This only applies to those who likes either Coke or Pepsi or both. They identify all dark drinks as Coke/Pepsi. Go to Mcdonalds, "what drink sir?". "Pepsi". Go to Pizza Hut, "what drink sir?". "Coke" Let me tell you this. Wherever I go, especially to fast food outlets, I say "Coke" even when they don't serve it. To those that only serves Pepsi, it is automatically in their head "black soda drink", and I get Pepsi. I've never faced "Sorry sir, there's no Coke in our establishment, only Pepsi". How many of us REALLY know KFC serves what? Shakey's serves what? Dominoes serves what? Nando's serves what? Coke or Pepsi?? Let me tell you one thing, KFC and its family, Pizza Hut and Ayamas serves Pepsi. That raised a question in me. While Coke's colour is red, Pepsi is identified by red and blue. KFC is red, so is Pizza Hut. Why did they take Pepsi instead? All in all, you can't go wrong with A&W's Root Beer and Sugar Bun's Ribena. :D

Mind's blank. All I can remember now is that in my past, I used to call all convenience store 7-11. All pharmacy as Guardian. And all fried mee as Maggi.

Now, what brand comes to mind first from these products: 1.Toilet bowl cleaner. 2.Tissue paper. 3.Sport shoes. 4.Snack Food. 5.Coffee Brand

For me, they're Toilet Duck, Kleenex, Nike, Twisties and Nescafe

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