Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Slow Computers

There are slow computers and there are sloooooowww computers. Today I'm at a different site, not using my common computer specifications, but rather a 16MB Ram pc which is shared by many other users. With all the nonsensical programs in it, I'd have to wait for 10 minutes before I can start moving my mouse!

Hmm.... even pressing ENTER to get to this paragraph it lags. No, though I know how to fix this computer to make it run faster, I won't. As evil as I am, I won't want others to benefit from a fast computer. Fine, lemme blog today using this Netscape 7 which I just downloaded and installed, instead of the IE which hangs the comp every single time! Aiyah... what lah you people put in this pc?

I guess today's log will be a short one as I am slowly losing my patience with the lag in typing. Feels like a badly mimed movie, where the mouth moves first and then comes the voice to fit that mouth movement.

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