Friday, June 24, 2005

Technical Impostor!!!

A gwai-loh a.k.a. mat salleh a.k.a. orang putih has just joined my company to take care of our computer systems. The previous dude was sacked due to reasons unknown to me. Now, I have nothing against this particular mat salleh, if he can really do his work. The problem is, the server has been down since last week, and he's still being treated like a VIP by our big bosses.

I very well don't understand how he can end up getting a job in this company, and taking care of a computer system at that. I know he's not qualified. Hey, I'm in IT line for 3 years and have degrees to prove that I know what he does not. For the past two days, these is what I notice from him to have me brand him as a Technical Impostor!

1. He calls a computer a machine. I have never heard, in my entire life studying IT and working in an IT line, or even going to Low Yat Plaza,... having hear people calling a computer a machine. This is what he said when the next PCs arrived at our office. "Ahh.. good, the machines are here." Machines?!? We're not Mech-Warriors who just received a state-of-the-art mecha for our country's defense system. We're not pilots of huge machines to ward off intruders. We're not even factory heads who just received a new distribution line machinery. Seriously, in the context of an IT person, the definition of a machine is something else.

2. He places the front of the casing on the ground!! Yess.... the front of the "machine" haha.. is placed on the ground. That means the rounded part of the casing, where the CD-ROM opens, and the diskette drive is located on the ground to open the back of the "machine". Hello?!? No technician will ever place it that way. It can cause damage to the CD-ROM's front cover, and even presses against the EJECT button of the diskette drive. When you wanna open the casing, place it on the table and have it still standing on its rightful side.

3. Upon placing the "machine" on the ground, the aluminium casing at the back shakes and makes that 'metal plastic' sound and he said "That doesn't sound good". Ohhh... very expert lah. The most common of all noises (that sounds like something is loose) is the aluminium covering of the casing. That cover protects the motherboard's ports mahhh... of course got sound. And summore, placing the machine the front and on the ground, of course the vibration will make that sound. Common sound, dude. It's not a "That doesn't sound good".

4. Failure in opening the casing. Almost all PC casing nowadays will require you to (1)unscrew at least two screws at the back, and then having to (2)slide the cover towards the back, and only then you can (3)pull away the cover from the casing. Where did he make a mistake then? Firstly, he unscrew only one screw at the bottom of the casing. Aish... I hate remembering how it looks like. Poor "machine" on its front, being pressured further with his unscrewing of the screws. Nevermind that, and then he proceeds to "pull the cover away" without sliding it first.

In conclusion, I really don't see how he's gonna restore the server anytime soon. As of typing time, he's gonna install network cards, and I don't wish to watch that. Why oh why did he end up with this job?! Only god knows.

p/s: This post is not to insult any other technical person who are new or currently learning the basics of computer hardware. I have to diss this particular guy off because he's the ONLY IT guy in the company. Therefore, he's holding the position of IT manager. For an IT manager to have the skills, or lack thereof that he's having, I'm gonna have nightmares working with the computer systems here. Gonna back up everything to thumbdrive.


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