Friday, June 10, 2005

In Search Of Broadband In Malaysia

Few days back, I've talked about having problems applying for Streamyx online. I have had been to Streamyx offices and they have mentioned that I need to be on the waiting list, as new ports are not opened yet. Yeah, I can understand that. Being one of the late comers to Streamyx, the demand has decreased and at a very low demand per day, I'd have to wait weeks or maybe months before the quota is reached for them to open a new port.

In the meantime, I've checked out all other service providers. Firstly I cruised to Maxis's site, found out they have wireless broadband, and upon looking further, what the foot?! Only around USJ area?? Okay, then I skipped over to TIME Telekom for their Webbit, aiyah... only in PJ. How about Digi?? Digi's site is way too colourful it made me not want to browse around too much. From the 10 minutes I spent browsing around Digi, I can't find any product related to broadband access.

Lastly, I hopped to Jaring website. Good, they have wireless broadband, at a price of RM125 for 1MB as compared to Streamyx's RM99 (with modem). So, taadah, I've obtained the jaring access point and all the bla blas, to be tested and set up tonight. Let's hope it's not 1MB directed out from one satellite dish to be shared amongst 500,000 people.

While all of these are happening, this 3G thingy has came up. I'm very doubtful that a handphone can receive fast data soon. It'll take at least another 2-3 years before your handphone can watch TV live, or surf the internet at 1MB at that. However, it'll be an interesting technology to wait for.

Aiyah, come on lah... even camera phone is taking a way way long time to reach 1.2 megapixel. Not a strong post today, just mentioning experiences.

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