Thursday, June 09, 2005

Waiting Is A Part Of Life, Same As Eating And Sh*tting

Yep, same like eating and shutting of doors. What transpired yesterday was a new record for me. I had to hand a document comprising two pieces of paper to someone, and to explain the document to her that would take about less than a minute, I had to wait. When I reached the front desk and asked for her, the receptionist told me to have a sit. Luckily there was Astro there, because, I had to wait, for a full 45 minutes and in the end didn't even end up seeing her!!

Amazingly, I wasn't the least bit emotionally disturbed. My samurai sword was still intact underneath my coat, and I didn't feel any anger, that leads to hate, that leads to suffering. While I did feel it a waste of precious marketing/sales time, few factors made my patience stay intact.

Firstly, the receptionist was yummy,.... no scratch that, I'm being influenced by kookycookie!! Argghh.... no no no. While I have to admit the receptionist is pleasant to look at, I hardly look at her. Okay, the real factors. Firstly, it was at 4:45pm, which means that's the last task of the day. Secondly, I can't wait for the clock to hit 5:30pm to go home. Thirdly, National Geographic was showing demolition works on Las Vegas's buildings. Fourthly, the receptioni... no! Get outta my head!! :P

It reminds me of the time when I had my passport renewed. I don't know how long it takes to wait in KL to reach the counter to renew passport. All I know is that when I had it renewed in Perlis, I was the first. When I picked it up, I was the first. Hardly any traffic. Renewing license is the same. In Kedah, I was the first in line. Post Office in Kedah, I was the first in line too. I remembered renewing passport in KL some time ago. Reach Subang branch at 7am, seeing a lot of people already queueing/queuing/queing,... weh, how to spell 'sedang beratur' in english!? I think the first one is the correct one. Ok, seeing a lot of people already queueing and only had my turn at about 10am. That's crazy, crazy... Aza, Serina's phone is not working. Mooo....!!

Post office in KL,... sigh.... 4 counters. Counter 1 to cater to couriers and postages, Counter 2 to 4 for every other thing. Counter 1 is active. Staff at counter two is active, filing her fingernails. Staff at counter three is active, service the customers who are lining up a single line of nearly 20 people. The last two customers are lining up outside the post office. Staff at counter four is busy rearranging things on the desk. YOU are 17th in line. Just placed carpark for one hour. Customer 12 and 14 looks like they have got tons of bills to pay. Time goes by. Fifty minutes gone. You're now 4th in line. Parking meter's running out. Decision... should I come back another time and restart lining from the back, or risk kena saman (get summons). You're now first in line, yay!!! "Ah? Have to bring original license ah? Photoshat cannot ah? Please lah, I line up one hour already. Can lah. Cannot ah? See my samurai sword or not?" Happened to me, sure to happen to many other people as well.

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