Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Excitement Of Confusion

Today has to be the busiest day of my working life this year. What an adrenaline rush! Three things in mind yet to follow up, while documenting two different reports, at the same time having to do a research (given 20 minutes to complete). There's just so much to do that the problem comes NOT from unable to finish the tasks, but more like, which task should I start first?? Furthermore, all the task are segregated into at least two 'waiting' period. So, this is what happened.

Doing Task A. Got a phonecall from potential client, went downstairs to meet client. While dealing with potential client, receive call from office, boss wanna see me about Task B. Complete the deal and rush back to office. Am glad colleague was assigned Task B, therefore obtained Task B from her, met boss. Boss handed Task C to complete in 20 minutes, at the same time wants me to draft new letter for Task B. Before leaving the room, asked to finish up Task A.

Sat at desk, Task D, E and F on mind. All these DEF requires only 10 minutes each, which is phone calls to various people, but cannot start yet. With the worry of DEF, I started Task C. Oops... need help from another division. Went to other Division with Task C. Came back to desk to continued Task A. Then, division came back with Task C, so continued with Task C. Finished Task C, can't print for boss yet due to printer overloaded, so continued Task B.

Boss came over, asked for Task C. Printed it out, went into boss's room with Task C when Task A was asked. Went back to desk, started Task A again. Finished printing Task A, went to boss, amendments! Amend Task A, send to boss, all ok. Continued Task B. While doing Task B, boss says he's leaving. So Task B hanging. Task G, which is related to Task A luckily helped by colleague.

Tomorrow have to bring Task G to client, at the same time Task D needs to be done as Task B need to be signed and brought to client of Task D as well. Task E, which is VERY important was put aside for 1 1/2 days already. Bad. Task F, need to meet up again with boss in the morning to discuss.

Therefore, according to formula. Hahah... I can't believe anyone would read this far! According to what I'm supposed to do. In the morning, bring Task B and F to boss. Do Task D. Bring Task G to client. Back to office, need to continue Task E.

Okay, stop here. It's mentally challenging, but fun.

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