Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Poem I Once Created

I remembered my first attempt is creating a poem that rhymes ultimately, and while I have written it on a paper kept somewhere in my house, I still have it in memory due to its ridiculous nature. However, it's part of my past, and I do wish to bring it with me to my future, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. One grammatical error in it on the 9th line (past tense vs present tense) but hey, this is an original from a 14 years old mind.

One Night A Knight Went To See The Sea
One night,
A knight,
Went to see,
The sea,
He went on a ship,
And saw a sheep,
Whose name is Bill,
Holding an electricity bill,
And then he goes,
To a ghost,
With a long fingernail,
Hammering a nail,
The ghost saw him,
And sang a hymm,
He turned to a flea,
And started to flee,
Hit a window pane,
And he felt pain,
His body, blood-red dyed,
And then he died.

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