Sunday, June 05, 2005

Shopping For Services

Ahh... but not 'that' kind of services, for those of you who's currently thinking less with your head, more with your body right now.

Before I start complaining about this, I'd like to say that I'm happy I'm not in those countries whereby shopping malls closes at the same time office ends for the day. So, well, Go Malaysia!! Shopping malls closes at 10pm - 11pm, some even opens till wee hours in the morning!

Services... now that's where we face problems. Just in case you're wondering why the heck I brought this topic up, easy! Here it is. My tyre is punctured. I think there's a nail stuck somewhere, and it's been letting out some 10cm square of air per day (ya rite, like I got time to measure lah!). It has been that way since 8 days back, and until today I still cannot find the time to send the tyre for err.. 'tampal', in english that'll be 'stick'. Yucks! Tolong tampal buletin tu. Please stick that bulettin. Aiyah... nevermind, you get my drift.

By the time work is finished, workshops are already closed. So, I end up EVERY evening before reaching home, filling up the tyre with air. Lunch you say?? Where I work it'll take my whole lunch hour + additional 10 to 20 minutes to reach the nearest workshop and get back to office. So for now, I just have to wait till I get sick... hahaha! Crap, waiting to get sick, then only drive out to get the tyres tampal-ed.

If you guys are staying in PJ or KL and knows of a workshop that opens after 7pm, please do tell me. I'm tired of filling up air every evening. Scared the petrol kiosk attendant will come up and say "Eh, last time people steal diesel, now people start stealing air ah? You gonna put air in bottle, and ship to Tokyo ah?"

An ad in EBAY.COM
"For Sale: Malaysian Kuala Lumpur air. Standard Air Quality Index for Tokyo car tyres."

Other services including post office, TM and banks are still good, since they do open on Saturdays, and some banks open on Sundays. Glad of that.

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