Thursday, June 02, 2005

Applying Streamyx

Streamyx has got a very awkward online application system. This was what happened to me.

Fine, registration error, maybe I wrote something wrongly (eventhough the system is supposed to be able to detect me missing something out). So I tried for the second time, completing EVERY textboxes there are to be filled, and guess what?! Came back to the screen. Ok then, I'm supposed to go to the nearest Kedai Telekom with the complains, fine, I'll do that.

Before going to Kedai Telekom, why not make a phonecall and ask "why" was the registration error-ed. So, I did what most of us will do, call up Streamyx hotline and asked to check the problem.

The response was this: -
Dude: "Mr Ismail-something-fishy, you didn't apply for streamyx yet."
Me: "I did!",
Dude: "No Mr Tong-Sam-Pah, you have not. It's not in the system"
Me: "I registered online, twice some more."
Dude: "I'm sorry, Mr Anakanda a/l Ayahanda, but you either have to register online again, or go to Kedai Telekom and register there."

Aiyah... what's the use of Online Application if customer service dude can't even help. Lucky I didn't go to Kedai Telekom with my MIPS Order ID, since it doesn't exist. Well, Saturday it is then.

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