Monday, June 20, 2005

Writer's Blog To Writer's Block

While it is not my intention to have a writer's block knowing that I do have things to write about, I just can't help falling into that problem when I got sick. Being sick is the last thing anyone wants to be, feeling miserable and feeling blur the entire day.

There are many bloggers who started off writing about normal things, opinions or even reviews, which in the end, ends up as an online diary of what they're facing, or who meet who, what they did during the day and all those bla bla. Whether it's a common direction for most bloggers, or just that they're ran out of opinions and since they're pressured to fill up the everyday-must-write quota, they started writing about themselves.

What can we actually write about when there's nothing interesting around us is happening. For one thing, I'd totally do not want to write about common happenings and news as they would have already be in the papers. If all the newspapers are already covering Tsunami, or the latest F1 fiasco, why do the other bloggers dedicate one whole post to such events as well? Ok, I understand for the Tsunami, we do want to give our word of advice and hope, but I sincerely think that one paragraph at the end or beginning of the post is sufficient to potray our compassion to those facing their hardest times in life.

So, what can we write about if we run out of things to write? For me, I think these would be it: -

1. Write a story about something you own that's very personal to you. While the story might only interest you, people would like to know WHY it's personal to you? Like me and my very personal item that is my very first toothpaste bought in 1982 that I still keep with me tied to my belt. I bought it with my own money that I earned from selling aluminium cans. Okay lah... tipu punya story. Just to give an idea.

2. Momentious occasion in life. For me, this would be when I was a baby, having just enough strength to press toothpaste out of the tube! Wahh..... such strength! Such glory, such power! I was invincible, come all to stop me, I will be able to press all of ye's toothpaste out of ye's tubes. Again, this is tipu story.

3. One unforgettable person you met in life. Poor soul, he was but the most charming dude. He brought teeth hygiene to people, but they just had to kill him. Why ah?!? Was it racism that you all killed him??? I personally think that this company supports Michael Jackson to the max, coz' just as Michael Jackson started changing skin tone from black (not really black lah) to white (also not really white), Darkie changed to Darlie. Aish... what's wrong with Darkie? Why he go and transform to Darlie and sounds so girlish at the same time?? This story however, is not tipu.

4. Greatest product ever invented. Most people say telephone, invented by Sir Graham Bell. For me, it's.... yeah yeah, I know you all had toothpaste on your mind right? Nope, it's not toothpaste this time. Hehe... no, it's not even toothbrush. It's dental floss! That cool product that makes any corn-phobia, or beef-phobia or other stuck-between-teeth phobia dare to counter their phobia all due to the dental floss. Dental floss raised any country's economy due to the wider consumption of meat and corn.

5. Bad habits that you want to rid of. I do have several bad habits such as , and . I started since young, and while is , I do have to . No lahh... talking nonsense here. The bad habit that I do have, but DO NOT WANT to get rid of is talking about toothpaste on my blogs. While my real self is far away from brushing teeth after every meal, I think I'll just allow my blog alter-ego be a toothpaste freak. Who knows, my blog might even be on advertisement one day!

See, these are but five of many things to write about when you face writer's block. Before I sign off, remember, while brushing teeth, don't forget to brush your tongue and insides of your cheeks too. Signing off, Javalier.

Put Taste To Toothpaste <-- eh, don't steal this tagline.


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