Thursday, July 28, 2005

Working For Three Bosses

I have not been updating any posts lately coz' this entire week I have been busy with some real estate stuff involving all three of many bosses of my company. It can get real headache trying to compile documents of three bosses into one.

Imagine this.....

Boss 1: All documents must have a date. Must be Arial 11. Must be 1.5 line spacing. Loves indentation. Likes numbering from 1 to many many many many. For letters, likes to have everything written in the letter from page 1 to the last page before he signs.

Boss 2: Text must be Arial 11, titles must be Tahoma 12. Every document must have a header at top left about what the document is about. Pages must be "Page 1 of 10" at center of footer. Front of documents must have big letters in the center stating what the document is. Loves alphabet as bullets. Main title must be A. Sub of that is 1. And sub-sub is a) and sub sub sub is i), ii), iii),... you get the idea. For letters, likes to have ONE page letter, followed by attachment of document.

Boss 3: All documents must have reference number. Prefers Arial 10, and 1 line spacing. Hates indentation where unnecessary. Page must be "1" or "2" or "3" located at bottom right of page. Prefers the 1.0, followed by 1.1 and then any indentation will be 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 and so on. For letters, likes to have two to three page letter, followed by many appendixes.

Okay, now. My task is to obtain two documents from Boss 1 and Boss 2 respectively, and compile the documents into a "document which doesn't look like it came from two documents" and then present it to Boss 3. Before giving to Boss 3, Boss 1 wanna see how the new document turns out because he doesn't want me to take out anything from the document I got from him. So is Boss 2!

What happens next is pure havoc. Have to create documents according to the formatting the boss likes. I never knew what they like until this week, and taadah, we have how I described my bosses' likes and dislikes on document formatting above.

Altogether, it took me a total of seven hours straight in completing this work. What an experience! My face got so oily I manage to fill up one whole canister of cooking oil. I have just sold it to the canteen guy below. Disgusting!!

Head is beginning to blow, but I'm happy that it's already near 5pm. Once I get out of the office, gonna jump on my WCG 2005 scooter, wear my SHOEI helmet, start the bike and head off home. Problem is, I don't know how to drive a bike. Come to think of it, I don't even own that WCG 2005 scooter. Nevermind, I'll just scoot along in my car.

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