Thursday, July 21, 2005

Tribute To Radio Gila

Back in the early 1990�s, there were two groups of crazy people who decided to record how their own radio station would be like. One was Kopy Kat Klan and the other was Radio Gila, and both made their so-called radio station onto cassettes (yea, during these times, CD was still new). I believed Kopy Kat Klan made two �albums�. Anyway, after all these years, due to overplaying of their cassettes, some things are still in mind.

If you�re a fan of Radio Gila, and have it, do contact me coz� I think it�s damn difficult to find a copy of it nowadays. I can remember commentaries, songs like Ti Or Or, and others. Below is one of the song lyrics in Radio Gila. The word in brackets are just the translation of the malay words. Sad to say, while I have an idea what they mean, I dunno the proper translation of the Chinese words.

Anyone with cassettes of Kopy Kat Klan and Radio Gila, please contact me!!


My one so long,

And his one dark and strong,

His friend one white like sotong (squid),

My brother�s kena potong (got cut),

John�s one thick like king kong�s,

Jim�s one macam kangkung,

Peter�s one smells like lap cheong,

The others look really ching chong,

And when I ask her to blow it,

She said that I would have to wash it,

Otherwise she will not do it,

She said it�s unhygienic,

My one so long,

And his one dark and strong,

His friend one white like sotong,

My brother�s kena potong�

My brother�s kena potonnggg�.

*Commentary right after the song*

There you have it folks. The group of Seri Devi barber singing about getting a haircut.

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