Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bad Delay

It's not my intention to be on coitus,... oops, I mean hiatus from my blog. I think in the past 14 days, I have only posted thrice, and that's quite bad. So anyway, why did I do that? I really don't know. Besides facing some ridiculous working hours that have lunch missing, I'm also facing with the most sickening event to be the first in my company to use Suse Linux with OpenOffice 2.0 and everything opensource. I don't mind the OpenSource softwares, totally fine with me, but with my IT person who's so screwed up, I can't do much work at all.

Why I can't do work? First of all, I need my email. This IT dude didn't configure my email client for me, and for me to configure my own email client, I am to give administrator password coz' only administrator can configure my email. Next I tried to access the server for my own personal folder. Oh... server not found. Can't locate! My IT skills in Suse Linux too weak?? Maybe, but really cannot locate the server. I can't change my time too, now it's 3:08pm but it says on my PC as 9:13am. To change time, need administrator password. Lastly, the most ridiculous of ALL craps, is that once I leave my computer to enter screen saver, I need to key in administrator password to get out of screen saver. Hello, my friend, where are you? IT guy has not been seen in the past one week. Aiyoh.... even adding printer needs password. Why not just create a correct profile for me to use rather than asking me to use the PC directly, coz' they haven't set up my profile.

Computers and work aside, there's nothing else for me to complain about. :D Feels like eating KFC.... or maybe A&W Fried Chicken since I have been fed the thoughts that A&W serves the best fried chicken. :D I used to like A&W back in secondary school, but after that they got quite dry. I guess it should be okay again now. Also found out Madam Kwan's is something like Secret Recipe, not like those expensive gila Kelantanese restaurant same level as Madam Kwan's in KLCC. Still, I think KFC is the only chicken that still taste good after 5 hours, while other chickens tend to harden up.

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