Monday, July 25, 2005


Due to migraine, I have opted not to write today, but since I'm already writing, might as well ramble on about very ridiculous stuff. Headache,.. headache ah,.. aiyo headache, headache, HeadAche, HEADACHE! Use Uphamol, bla bla bla, damn radio advert.

It's interesting how radio adverts can just get stuck in people's head. One that stuck on me a loooong time was a cacat Fisherman's Friend advert. It went something like....

Cool Friends, Real Friends,
Craazyy Friends, e-Friends,
Everybody Need A Friend Like Fisherman's Friend,
Fisherman's Friend!!
*Fisherman's Friend, that's what friends are for!

Real cool lyrics, man! Tabik. Salute. Even I am not capable of coming up with such lyrics. Okay, to stop being sarcastic, I won't talk about radio adverts. If I do, it'll be in another post dedicated to radio adverts.

Current Happenings! Roti Canai price rising up!! It's totally crazy. I understand mamak like Lotus and Nasi Kandar Mamak charging RM1.00 for roti canai coz' they think they so great and all able to open several outlets all around Malaysia. But to have just a normal restoran mamak now charging 90sens, hello?! Since when milo ais rised from RM1.50 to RM1.70?? Kedah still offering Milo Ais at RM1.00 and roti canai at 70sens. Crazy.

Also, who watched the Conspiracy Theory shown on Astro on Saturday. A colleague watched it, seems logical. That the first video footage taken on the moon was faked. Several reasons are: -
1. The camera was very stable on a super-low gravity environment
2. Crosshair on camera (which should always remain on the screen) can be hidden by objects moving in the scene.
3. Footage taken away from landing site has the exact same terrain as the one taken at the landing site.

So, now,... what's real and what's not? Another thing too. With technology of successful cloning, I see two products that will be undervalued very soon. Firstly is coin collecting. Current machine can easily create a 1945 coin at will. How will we then know if a coin is genuine or not?? The other product is crystal. Crystals, be it obsidian, topaz, opal, amethyst, nokia, citrine and the rest (kidding about nokia), are created by high impact, which IS currently able to be man-made! And man-made crystal are perfect, not flawed in any way! So now, to buy a REAL crystal, might as well find a flawed one for genuinity, however, if man can create perfect crystal, it won't be difficult to add in flawness to the crystal. We'll see what happens in the near future.

Before I sign off, Swarovski Crystal creates their OWN crystal, by mixing glass and carbon. I'm not attacking Swarovski, coz' they themselves admits so,... so,... why are people buying expensive carbonated glass? The only advantage is it does not get broken, only chipped. Anyway, I'm off.

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