Sunday, July 03, 2005

Where Is My Son?!?

*Important! This is a multiple-part story. Part 2. Please begin by reading Part 1 on 23rd June's post. Thank you.

Day 1, 10:26pm
Are you still crying?
No more. I don't know why I suddenly just cried out like that. Just suddenly feel sad all of a sudden, but I'm ok already. Anyway, by now Ah-Kim should have finish booking the rooms and our dinner tomorrow right? Waste of money only check-in at night.

Aiya, nevermind-lah. At least settle everything today. If tomorrow things not done, how? I hope Ah-Kim not so stupid ask for two rooms tonight. All three of us can stay one room mah. Ah-Kim sleep on couch lah, no need to tell the hotel. Or else have to pay 50 dollars extra.
Eh, what's that?! See or not? At that corner there. Like smoke like that.
Just a mist, or maybe smoke. You know lah, at nights like this sometimes the air get colder so got mist lah.
Funny hor? Mist like that stay at one place. I thought mist supposed to be very big, not like that, about tree size, summore tall wor, not flat and wide.
Since when you're expert in mist? Don't worry lah, should be common. Maybe we can see some more on the way.


What do you mean there's no such person? Lay Heng Kim wor his name. How come he's not in your register? He's supposed to book our hotel room tonight and dinner for tomorrow?? Maybe he went wrong hotel.
I don't think so lah. Our son where got so careless. He knows this is the hotel we first met. Give him a call lah. Ask where he is. Maybe he go visit his friends first.
His phone engaged. I called three times already. Maybe he switch off his phone. Why ah? You think he got in trouble?
Impossible lah. He's big enough already. You think he went speeding and get caught by police ah? He'll sure call us. But ya lah, inconsiderate of him. Switching off phone while visiting his friends. Nevermind, we book first. Hope still got room.


It's 1:00am wor. Why he hasn't call us? His phone still engage! I'm worried lah. Called Clarice, Shia Shen and Ah-Mun but they say he haven't called them. Can we go out look for him?
It's too late already. What can we do? Report to police? Too early to report, they will ask us to come back only when he's missing more than 24 hours. In the morning he sure come one. Maybe he got tired and stay some place first, and maybe there no line, that's why cannot get him.
Hope you're right. Very worried now. If he stop somewhere, sure we can see him mah.
Go to sleep. Don't worry. I trust our son. We'll ask him where he go tomorrow morning.

Day 2
I just got off the phone with Ah-Mun. I think something is wrong. He said he dreamnt of Ah-Kim shouting for his help. In darkness somewhere. Can only hear his voice. I think we better check with the police.

Aiyah� you and Ah-Mun both worry-warts lah. Until imagination play tricks on you. Okay, okay, I�m also getting a bit worried. We�ll go get ready, tell the hotel to expect Ah-Kim here, and then go off to the police station to report missing person ok? Hopefully they can help call hotels to check if Ah-Kim book wrong hotel. But then ah, even if he book the wrong hotel, he would have called.

I cannot sit still lah if I have to wait for the police only. Can we check out, go back to Machang or Jeli to find him?

Ok, can you remember when Ah-Kim last call you?

Last time he called he say he�s reaching Jeli. Means if he stop somewhere, it should be between Jeli and here lah. You think he got lost?

Impossible he can get lost. Machang is a big town. One junction say turn left to Kota Bahru. He must be blind if he cannot see that. We go to Machang now search for him there ok? Don't worry. I trust our son lah.


No, I�m not hungry! How can you think about food at times like this??

Noo, I just want you to eat something. If you get sick from hunger, no use also. Just eat something ok? Where�s the others?

Ah-Mun is in Jeli. He say he will try to find Ah-Kim there. Clarice and Shia Shen is in Kota Bahru already, waiting for Ah-Kim to show up. I�m so worried, help me?

Be relax a bit please. If panic, cannot think straight. Okay, we have three more hotels to go to check for Ah-Kim.

What happen if we cannot find Ah-Kim in the end?

Look, police at Kota Bahru already told us Ah-Kim didn�t register at any hotels there. Motels also. So means Ah-Kim cannot be in Kota Bahru. Clarice is contacting all of Ah-Kim�s friend now, see if he got any friend in Kota Bahru or not. I�m sure we can find Ah-Kim soon. So little places to check left. He sure be in one of those. Maybe Ah-Mun will find him.


Where is my son?! Please god help me, where is my son?!

The police are already helping us now, searching all over for him. So far even his car is not found yet.

I cannot think straight. I feel tired, but cannot sleep. Let�s go to Jeli, please. See Ah-Mun there. I feel Ah-Kim got lost in Jeli.

No, better stay in Machang. Ah-Mun already looking for him in Jeli. We just drive around here okay? What if we go to Ah-Mun, and end up Ah-Kim is actually here, let�s not take that risk.

My son� something is really wrong now. Where is my son?! Where is Ah-Kim??

If you get tired, it�s ok. Just sleep in the car while I drive ok? I won�t give up until we find him!

Day 3

Wake up! Wake up!!! I saw Ah-Kim! Ah-Kim is hurt! He�s in a drain somewhere! He�s not moving!

Wha?! Come on, don�t think so negatively. How can he be in a drain?!

I know you think I have nightmare. No, this is not nightmare. I know I saw him there! Not in town, but someplace else. Quiet place, only road and trees. I think he got lost between here and Jeli!

Wait, phonecall. Hello? What?! Found someone?! Where?!? Ok ok, we go there now.

What? What?

We need to go to the police station right now. They said they found someone near Jeli.


Ah-Kim!! Ah-Kim!!!


Ah-Kim!! Wake up, Ah-Kim! What happen to you?? Ah-Kim!!! Ah-Kim, Ma�s here. Ah-Kim, open your eyes, Ah-Kim!! Look at Ma. Ma�s here, Ah-Kim! AH-KIM!! OPEN YOUR EYES NOW! Ah-Kim!! Please wake-up, Ah-Kim!! Please wake up!!

Ah-Kim� how did this happen?? Who killed my son?!?!! WHO DID THIS TO MY SON?!!!

Ah-Kim, I love you, Ah-Kim! Ma love you, please wake up, Ah-Kim! AH-KIM!!! Please please wake up, Ah-Kim! Ma love you.. Ma love you�

OH no� AH-MUN, COME HELP!! Your Ma�s fainted! Call someone, help us, help Ma.

Ma, Ma,� get up, Ma. Pa, help me carry Ma up. Ma, get up! DOCTOR, PLEASE COME HELP MY MOTHER!!

Ah-Mun, come, we get her out of the drain. Good, she�s wake up already. Ah-Mun, get her to the ambulance. Her heart cannot take this. Who�s that running here?

Uncle, Aunty, nanti abang tu telefon. Adik dah suruh dia telefon...


Ah-Kim is cremated. We have his ash here now. Why can�t we bring his body back home first? We didn�t even get proper prayers for him.

We can�t. He body started to rot already. Can enbalm, but he won�t look like himself anymore. Will look like some stranger, fat and white. Better we remember him how he looks like last.

Let�s just go home now, forget all of these. Why still stay here in Machang? I know police let us stay in this hotel, but why we trouble them?

Police want to take some statement and do investigation. At least we help out to find Ah-Kim�s killer. I hope police find him, then I can kill him!

Remember that little boy? What did he say? Something about Ah-Kim calling us??

Forget about that one lah. The kampung people already scold him for it. You know lah, some people when in big sadness, some other people want to take advantage. He just want attention. Forget about him. Go to sleep now. Tomorrow is a long journey back to Ipoh.

I�m tired. But I cannot go to sleep yet. I�ll just stay up with you a while ok? I cannot believe this happen to our family. I miss Ah-Kim.

I miss him too. I miss him too�

Negaraku on tv just ended. It's 2:00am. Depressed, both parent are still awake, staring into emptiness. White and black dots now filled the television screen. The room starts getting colder. Hard to breath. Lights starts flickering. White noise on tv. Sound of someone breathing. The phone rings...

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