Thursday, July 14, 2005

365 New Things In A Year

It just dawned (and dusked) on me that a strict daily blogger would have to actually come up with 365 new things to write in a year. While I don't intend to be an everyday blogger, I find myself writing nearly every working day except weekends. So far so good as I find myself having something to say every working day, but well, to think that a strict blogger writes 365 new things, that's scary! I'm only like um... write what... 30 plus new things? And worst of all, since I'm not writing a diary, I can't possibly think that my mind will not run out of stuff to say. Even when I used to write in diaries I'll have some entries that I just put "Nothing interesting today".

What if I were to write this blog as a diary? I think I can hit that 365 entries in a year quota for strict bloggers. My blog diary, in trying to also hide my identity would probably sound like below.
bla bla date, bla bla day
Dear online diary, today I left home at 8:00am. I reached work at Menara Maxis at 8:30pm, and while pressing the lift to go to the 9th floor, I met Aminah. I remembered bumping into her just two days ago when I didn't realise she was standing behind me while I was reversing my car. Ah-Tan greeted me "good morning" just as I entered the office.

At lunch, we ate at KLCC, had fried mee and kiwi juice. Jason wanted to eat Kuey Teow, but with his chinese accent, the shop "Teoh Cookeries" gave him Kuih instead. Poor him. Oh, and Marissa's colour combination were totally off! Dark green and pink doesn't match!! How can she wears dark green dress and drinks sirap bandung??! What a fashion disgrace! She should drink kiwi juice like me, then ngam.

Boss called me to his office, asked me to deliver payment to Nia Seng Lu Sdn Bhd. Wah... the cheque was RM315,000!! What the heck he buy lah? Car ah? Girl ah? Got Mercedes CLK of course can afford this kind of stuff lah. Anyway, delivered cheque, and on the way back, it was raining, so had to drive slowly. Left work and reach home late, coz' the traffic light at the Atria Damansara area spoilt.

*Because this is an anonymous blog, names have been changed to protect identity. Time leaving and arriving workplace was changed to protect my working hours. Office floor and building name also changed to protect my career. Food and drinks were changed to protect my personal food preference. Also, cheque amount was change to protect business success, and boss's car was changed to protect boss. Traffic light location also changed to protect where I live. Company receiving cheque was changed to protect that company. Weather condition was changed to protect climate. Lastly, my transportation was changed to protect how I travel. Where I ate also changed to protect location of lunch. Basically everything changed lah. Kan senang!*

With diaries like this, I myself won't understand what the heck I went through during the day. Might as well no need to write anything. Or... write like this....

Some date, some day
Dear online diary, today I left someplace at sometime. I reached work at someplace at sometime, and while doing something to go to the someplace, I met someone. I remembered something happening with someone sometime ago. Someone greeted me something just as I did something at someplace.

At sometime, we did something at someplace, had something and something. Someone wanted to do something, but due to some problem, the someplace gave some other thing instead. Poor someone. Oh, and someone's something were totally something! Something and something doesn't match!! How can someone do something with something??! What a something! Someone should do something like me.

Wah leh, damn sucky diary.

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