Friday, July 01, 2005

Name Dropping

This "name-dropping" phenomena, while it exists in Malaysia, I've never seen it used so extensively as I've faced in the past one week!! In respect to the tenant, I will not reveal who it is, though my wife knows. Ahaks... and in total disrespect to the tenant, GROW UP!!!

For those who are not accustomed to name-dropping. Here's an example: -
Security: Sir, may I have your ID please.
Tenant: How dare you?! I am a tenant of this building!
Security: Sorry sir, but we've not gotten any memo on you moving in. When are you actually beginning operation?
Tenant: Tomorrow.
Security: Then today I will need your ID please.
Tenant: No no, your boss, Mr. Commando already gave me the permission. If you don't believe, you can call him.

Name dropping, defined in Kamus Javalier, as "Aku nak pakai guna je sapa-sapa orang besar punya nama, Datuk ke, Tan Sri ke, asalkan aku dapat apa yang aku nak", or in English.. "Usage of important names for self benefit." Hmm... it seems shorter after the translation. :P

What I faced in the past week were letters from my tenant to the management (in order to try to slip past clauses in agreement) with the first sentences being: -

"In our conversation with Mr. Darlie, he stated that....... he's gay."
"Mr. Darlie has verbally agreed that we can.... paste bubblegum on lift doors."
"Yesterday, I met up with Mr. Darlie, and he asked me to tell you to.... throw me into the rubbish bin so I can get free transport out of KL."

Why lah name drop??? Amazingly, Mr. Commando, who is the main dude for building operations is on three days leave, and they've name drop him like crazy! Amongst those I had to face were....

"Mr. Commando said we don't need to give any letter."
"You can call Mr. Commando, because he said we have the rights to renovate now."
"Mr. Commando said yesterday that it's ok, as long as it's after 9am."

As bad as it sounds, in today's world, name dropping is VERY common. As for me, I am REQUIRED to name drop my own boss when clients ask for ridiculous request such as bringing a price to a 20% reduction. So, I have no choice but to say "I have spoken to Mr. Boss and he stated that the lowest we can go is RM2.50 per chicken wing, due to Nasi Kandar charging RM3.50 and we don't want to ruin the market price."

So what's the difference?! I name drop with permission! It is very common in the sales line for customers to not believe the price from the agent's mouth. So no choice but to act as if I have discussed with my boss. Of course, I am empowered as thus "Mr. Darlie, you have the rights to bring down the price up to, I mean down to RM3.00 per chicken wing, and you can use my name so that they don't ask for further reduction on it." No... it's not black and white. I know it is on this blog, but it's just an example. Anyway, chicken wing... I'm glad I'm not in chicken sales line.

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