Saturday, July 02, 2005

Commercial Education

This is a highly serious problems that's cropping up in Malaysia. We have just heard of those "Buy Your Degree" where all you need to do is to give money, and the University will make a fake certificate for you. Good thing is, such university is hardly recognised and easily identified as fake.

Now, we're facing a tougher problem. It is very sad indeed to find out that there are universities who are crazily competitive that they're willing to do anything to be "The Best University". Best here means the university produces top graduates. Come to think of it, if only top graduates comes out of that university, then something must be wrong with their education system. I'd prefer to find a university where there is a mix in education performance. At least then I know the proseffors REALLY mark and pay attention to the assignments and exams. There ARE those who keep one eye close while marking exam papers.

What made me bring this topic up is because someone has approached me telling me to take D.BA. at his university. This is how it works. There are some proseffors in the university who are 'dirtied' and willing to simply mark thesis-es and give good grades. Every year, this specific university places 5 spots for cheating Doctorates, 10 spots for cheating Masters and another 5 spots for cheating Bachelors. When you first apply to this university (through the cheating method), the so-called education counsellor will approach the proseffors with your previous cert, and the proseffors will decide if this dude is worth taking the risk to give good marks. Of course the proseffors would not agree to some stinkin' academic result right?

Once this dude is accepted, he just need to go for his class, with attendance not compulsory, hand in assignments and even thesis of about 20 pages. The secret dealings here works like that. As long as the proseffors (several of them) agreed that all processes are in order, without checking your work, they will give you the needed certificate, all subjects given from A to B. Some Datuk's in Malaysia are already accepting this course, which is very dishonourable. Hmm... it's the same problem of buying a Datuk-ship. I'd rather buy a spaceship. Furthermore, the D.BA can be back-dated so that you get your D.BA earlier!

Basically, you go through the entire process of learning and paying of fees. The only difference is that your marks will be given without having your assignments checked, and your thesis will be battled in a room with proseffors who just wanna hear grandmother stories from you and give you a pass.

Anyway, this is from the mouth of the education counsellor. I cannot judge whether he's conning me into going into the university for his commission and have to go through a legal and just academic life, or there really is a syndicate of proseffors working this way. One thing I know, this kind of syndicate or conman really destroys a name of a university. He claims that the university certificate is not recognised by the government, but nearly all certs are recognised by private sectors. The said university, in America, is a REAL university with real students. If the syndicate is REALLY happening, I really pity those students from that university who got their certificate the right way!

Anyhow, apart from medicine and several others which MUST be recognised by the government to practise in Malaysia, most business, IT and some others don't need to be. I wish to tell all readers of this post today, that if you're taking a Doctorate, make a thesis that is publishable! At least if it's not recognised by the government, people know you're of quality. And if you're taking Masters, do take those with thesis as well and do a hell of a good job with it. Bachelors, well, reputable colleges, if possible. I really can't help much in conveying good messages! Haha.. anyway, for those who are thinking of getting their licenses the cheap way, go ahead, your guilt will follow you your whole life.

With that, I would like to say that, if you ever end up knowing me, and I have a doctorate, do challenge me. I believe my thesis will prove the legality and quality of the university in which I sit for my doctorate.


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