Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Real Story Behind Woman Who Floats

This is about yesterday's post, on the pakcik seeing the woman who floated. Credit goes out to M.A., a colleague of mine from 1998-2000 who experienced first-hand seeing a woman float. I've used his story as an inspiration for the Pakcik's story. The real story told to me was like this....

MA was actually with seven other friends, in two cars travelling on the trunk road in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Travelling at nights with very light traffic is fine for all eight youngsters, no pressure to reach destination early, no problem cracking the vilest of jokes amongst guys. It was about half past 1am at that time.

What happened was they really got stopped by a woman. The woman frantically ran out of the forest area, waved at them to stop and they did. All eight got out of the car, the woman shouted asking them to help her. Her house really is on fire, but when they asked where, she pointed into the forest. Now, this is NOT an estate site, and is really a forest area. As she called them to help her and pointing into the forest, one of MA's friend told everyone that something is not right and asked all to enter the car.

So all did. She was still calling them, exactly as in my Pakcik story, moving backwards and slowly floating up the trees as she says "Marilah, bang. Tolonglah, bang." (trans: "Come, sir. Help, sir."). They couldn't start the car so all prayed inside. Then they heard her shrill laughter from her and seeing her sitting at one of the top branch of the trees. That time they managed to start the car and left. Two fell sick with fever.

Simple story, no gory scenes. No spice too. So, let's add spice. Hahaha... just for the fun of it.

Rewind true story.... Re-write fake story.....

MA was travelling with three other friends in two cars. Reason for this is they wanna reach Terengganu, meet up with some other friends and in two days drive to KL altogether, all seven of them. So, MA was with his friend Hakim, the other two Fuad and Jamal was in the other car.

The time was about 1:30am or so, from Pahang driving up to Terengganu, they passed by some forest and suddenly got stopped by a malay woman. Looks ok, quite pretty. She was panicking, asking for help. Pointing into the forest she asked them to help her. Feeling something not right, Fuad asked everyone to get into the car. So they all did. Said some prayers, while looking at this girl suddenly backing slowly into the forest, and floating.

MA knew what's gonna happen next. This is pontianak, the woman will start to have a shrill laugh soon enough. So, while she's reaching halfway up the trees, MA refused to look at her already, and just laid his eyes on the dashboard while trying to start the car. The shrill laughter came, but not as he expected. It came directly from his left, he turned and Hakim was no longer there. It was the woman, now horribly disfigured, white long hair and with eyes bulging and from a face of pure skeleton and skin.

MA shouted and got out of the car, only to hear Hakim screaming. Hakim is now slowly floating up the trees in place of the woman, while the woman inside the car spoke in Hakim's voice "MA, get in the car! Quick!" MA looked back, Fuad and Jamal frantically waving to MA to get into the car. MA looked back into the car, Hakim is there now. He turned around to the trees and sees the woman there. She spoke to him, "You made a mistake coming out of the car. Do not blink your eyes, because if you do, you need to be careful of your feet!".

MA got frightened from her sight so he closed his eyes and reached back for his car door, only this time it felt like wood. He felt light. He opened his eyes and looked down. As ridiculous as it seems to him, he's now on the tree branch, wearing white gown and having long hair. He looked down, sees himself get into the car, and both cars drove off. He shouted for them, they looked up at him and shouted while trying to drive as fast as possible.

In Fuad's eyes, it was the woman leaping down to them and floating beside their car smiling. In MA's eyes, Fuad was driving fast, with Jamal looking out the window at him looking very frightened. Then MA got pulled back. He's back on the tree, seeing the cars go off into the distance.

Upon reaching a petrol kiosk, Hakim asked to drive, to relief MA from his shock, and he did drive until the about 3am. While he was busy talking to MA in the car, and getting lack of response, he turned to his left. No one was in the car. MA was gone. He stopped, Fuad and Jamal stopped as well, asking where MA is. All were totally dumbfounded. They traced their way back to the petrol station, there was no sign of MA. They decided to leave one car there and drove back to where they first spotted the ghost.

Reaching there, they found MA on the ground. Unconscious. Something is looking at them from the trees. When they looked up, they can see MA, smiling at them. They quickly got the unconscious MA into the car. There's two cars coming from a distance, at least there are more people now. They didn't wait for the cars to reach them, and instead, drove on.

Looking back in the rear view mirror, they saw both cars stopped, 4 women got out and MA frantically waving at them pointing into the forest.


What happened then???

These 4 women were entrepreneurs. They managed to convince MA to turn back into the woman, to stop her stupid hauntings that brings no benefit, and decided to make a tourist attraction at that forest location. The pontianak gets 50% of all t-shirt products, phototaking and storybook/movie royalties and donates 80% of her own profits to the the local Heart Foundation. How compassionate of her.

Below is a picture of a tourist with the pontianak. The tourist is NOT ME!!








Walau-eh.... costs RM15 just to take picture with this pontianak. So damn expensive liao. But only one place in Malaysia you can meet this pontianak mah, even KLCC don't have. So, considered okaylah.

*Photo courtesy from Paolo Attivissimo's website*

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