Monday, July 04, 2005

Colour Stereotypist

Defined in Kamus Javalier as a coloured-skin typist who listens to his typing with both ears. Monotypist is someone who puts a cotton bud in one hear, so he can only listen to his typing with one ear.

As I was writing the story, I found out that I used blue for the father and deep purple for the mother's words. Why not use vice-versa. I have tried, and it looks a little weird. So am I a stereotype now? Blue and all colours relevant to it indicate masculinity, while red and all colours relevant to it indicate feminity??

Let's say, in our society now, we face the following incident. While walking through a mall, you see a family, with three older boys and one younger girl. Give them an age of oh.... 13, 11, 8 and the girl at 6. Imagine the boys all wearing pink, with relevant drawing of He-Man or Spiderman on the t-shirt, while the girl dresses in blue, with Barbie drawn on the front. I can assure you that nearly all adults there will be giving a second look, to verify what they're seeing is true. Put blue on the boys and pink on the girl, it's a norm, and they will only get casual look from the public.

Now, give another incident. Now it's only one older boy with his three younger sisters. The boy in pink, the girls in blue. Still will get second look, but not as 'weird' looking at the first incident. (out of topic: What's the better word than 'incident' here??)

Now, another case ahh.. scenario!! Click Edit, then Find&Replace, replace 'incident' with 'scenario'. There... smells better doesn't it? :P Okay, another scenario. Three older girls, one young boy. All three wear blue, boy wears pink. Still second look, about 25%, but on the boy only.

Last scenario, one older girls, with younger brothers. Girl wears blue, boys wear pink. Second look for sure.

In summary: -
3 Older Boys Pink, 1 Young Girl Blue - Second looks
1 Older Boy Pink, 3 Young Girls Blue - Not so much second looks
3 Older Girls Blue, 1 Older Boy Pink - Hardly second looks
1 Older Girl Blue, 3 Young Boys Pink - Second looks

Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe it's a male ego thingy or me being a really bad stereotypist, but... it seems that in conclusion.....

Girls can wear any colour and will not draw weird attention. Of course if the girl is kawaii, she will get a lot of attention lar.

Boys on the other hand,.. (and also foot lah, give more chance),...are constrained to wear only certain colours, whereby there are colours that somehow will not fit into the general norm.

A girl/woman/nenek kebayan can wear pants of colours from black to white to pink to red to blue to green, and so on and so on.

A boy/man/tok tok chang, can also wear pants of pink, and red, and light green, and get awkward looks from the general public. Why hmm???

Putting into context a mamak stall: -
You: Boss, order!

Boss: Apa mau? (Trans: What you want ah?)
You: Kenapa boss nampak macam gay sikit?! (Why are you dressed like gay?)


You: Adik, order!

Adik: Apa mau?! (Trans: Yes, *flutter* Can I have your order? *flutter*)
You: (In head - Kenapa adik tanya guna slang mamak?) Nak adik, boleh! (Trans: I want you, can?)
Adik: Gatal!! (Trans: Itchy!! Opps... I mean, pervert!!)

I guess men are doomed to have limited colours, and limited fashion choices. That's why while women shops a lot, I mean in a good way, looking from one cutting to another, plus different cuttings and style and cloth type. Men on the other hand, ear and cheek, will be saying "This is a good cutting and design. Ah-moi, give me this one in black, dark grey, grey and light grey."

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