Monday, July 18, 2005

Sleepy Post

Due to lack of sleep and a busy weekend, also because of not much work here today, I'm totally sleepy and while I have all the free time to write a post, my brains are not working well today as well. I just feel like closing my eyes and dozing off. Since I can't do that, I might as well just ramble about current happenings. I guess this will be the first post on current issues.

Harry Potter Craze
As much as I respect the writer for having such a solid fan-base, I am very amused at fans lining up from 5:10am in the morning at bookshops around the country to grab their Harry Potter latest book. I am not a Harry Potter reader, in the future maybe I will be, maybe I won't. But whatever charisma that Harry Potter has really made readers want to get the books as soon as possible, start reading it and well, I guess finish it in one to two days. And then another few months of wait. Already there's abuzz of someone dying in the book, and all spoilers coming out. So, people rush to get the book either to read it before spoilers start coming up, or they don't want the shops to run out of books. I noticed that bookstores in Malaysia did not run out of these Harry Potter books in the past, and within a month, there'll be an overstock I'm sure. That said, I guess the strongest craze in Malaysia was McDonalds bear-couple last time.

Azizi the Hero
Sad that a hero died while trying to save a total stranger. Condolense to his family. God always ask the good people to return to him. This negates any risk of them committing any evil act on purpose or accidentally in their later years. He will be amongst the ones that enter heaven first, and will wait at the gate to receive his loved ones when they too, pass away.

Luxury Items and Dead Items
These used to be luxury items, but now it's a totally common item. They are, however, still a luxury to village folks. 1) Handphone, 2) Microwave Oven, 3) Computer, 4) Vacuum Cleaner, 5) Aircond and 6) Car.
These items used to be luxury items, and then slowly becoming common item, and now dead or dying. 1) Pager, 2) Cassettes, 3) Laserdisc, 4) Piring Hitam (black music discs) and 5) Blade shaver

Mencari Cinta (Looking For Love)
TV3's new show "Mencari Cinta" is going to be a crossover between "For Love or Money" and "My Fat Obnoxious Fiance". Ten men (already nine now) will try to see if they can find love in one girl. Slowly they'll be eliminated, but by the girl's family, not only the girl. Of course you don't expect to see hot scenes like "For Love or Money" lah. This show targets malay audiences, and I foresee that as Malaysians, though they might make a fool of themselves from their comments or lashes, they will all get their own fan-base, as nearly all Akademi Fantasia contestants achieve to get fan-base too.

Miss Tourism International, Kuching, Sarawak
With too many Miss , the prestige of the olde Miss World or Miss Universe will lose it's meaning. Also, do a search, I think there's two Miss Tourism International in the year 2005. Seems as if main organisers of Miss Tourism International did not manage to protect their Intellectual Property. I hope this don't turn out like that fake Miss that was help right before year 2000 in Kuala Lumpur, that ended up being contested by transvestites, only it's NOT a Miss Transvestite title or even related to it.

Snatch Thieves
Snatch thieves are running rampant. They used to grab and run, now they slash, grab and run. To reduce the population of snatch thieves, I implore the government to give a nice looking handbags to women of Malaysia, to first inject Antrax into it and let the women carry it around (without opening it of course). This way, then the thieve snatches it away, and open it, they die. Yay, free culling of snatch thieves.

Oil Price Rise Scare
Now is the time to get rid of your fuel-drinking cars, and make top car-makers have problems selling fuel to Malaysians. Honda, Toyota will rise, but Volvos, BMWs and Mercs might start seeing decline in market demand. It's ridiculous. In the mat salleh countries, cars are cheap, fuel is expensive. Here, cars are expensive, fuel is cheap,... but once fuel gets expensive, we get double whammy. Why do we earn like RM2,000 and buying RM70,000 cars while mat sallehs earn US$2,000 and buys only up to US$20,000 for a good-enough car?

Rise in Share Prices
While I do not get involved in buying shares for this year and maybe another two years, I have been following share market to a small degree. This is the price market for the low-income people who don't buy Maxis or Public bank, but other smaller companies. I did a review on two shares, namely Cheetah and FTEC. I believe that Cheetah has growth potential to take over sports apparel market, and FTEC has strong growth potential too due to their crazy advertising of that butterfly-shaped laptop. In my personal opinion, both Cheetah and FTEC is under-valued. And please, strong ones like Maxis might only rise up to 5% in a month. I won't touch Cheetah, but let me show you how FTEC has done.

7th June - RM0.18 ---> mid-June - RM0.215 ---> end-June - RM0.225 ---> 18th July - RM0.27.

Enough to say that's a good 50% increase. If you have bought FTEC worth RM5,000, you'd get back RM7,500 now. In my opinion, a low to medium-income person might as well go for these, than going for the RM9 - RM11 per share of Maxis or Telekom or Banks. Taking Maxis into account, on 7th June it was RM9.90 and now it's RM10.00. Whoa... big deal. You spend RM9,900, get back RM10,000 in one month, and after paying your broker, you are at a loss, not a profit.

Anyway, share market is a time game. Big spenders look for long term. I may or may not, once I start dealing with shares in the future.

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