Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dogs Are Barking

This is not the Part 4 of my ghost story. It�s just something I feel like writing today. For maximum impact, please read this at night before bed, in the calmness of your own room. But, even if you don�t, it�s okay, because it�s going to happen tonight nonetheless. I�m not writing about me now, I�m writing about you!

It�s already 11:27pm right now, and dogs have started to bark outside seeing things humans cannot see. Sometimes I wonder if these things are just outside or also in my house, or even in my room right now! Feeling quite frightened, I continue surfing the net, reading a ghost story on someone�s blog. I remembered a Chinese show that says ghosts also enjoy listening to ghost stories. Is it the same with reading ghost story? Is a ghost behind me, leaning over my shoulder also reading this same blog I�m reading?

I feel as if someone is standing behind me now. I did a quick turn. No, no one. It�s just my imagination from reading this stupid ghost blog. My senses started to sharpen now, I really do feel as if someone is in my room standing behind me. Damn, if only I have a mirror in front of me, I can always monitor what�s going on behind me than having to look around ever so often. Worst, with the stereo�s music, it�s not helping me hear any footsteps or breathing.

With my sharpened senses now, I know someone is outside my window. I dare not look out, but whoever it is, is looking right at me. As much as I�d like to ignore it, it knows I know it�s there. I believe I have somewhat called to it, and to other ghosts as well, subconsciously. They can sense fear from far away, just as shark sense blood, and my fear is ever increasing reading this blog.

Right now, many of the ghosts are descending and floating to my house, those that are already in my house are slowly seeping into my room. Standing and floating around me reading along or sensing along what I�m reading.

Crap, I feel like peeing now. Shouldn�t have drank so much. I dare not to go the toilet because I know that when I look into the mirror, I can see myself just standing there, staring at me instead of copying my actions. I know that if I even glance a look into the toilet bowl, there will be a face, dressed in Chinese opera make-up staring up at me. What? Am I suppose to pee at that face? No, I will run and find another person to be with, probably my parents, probably my siblings. Crap, this means I�ll not sleep in my room tonight. I need to pee. I want to pee. I really feel like peeing! Dammit! I�m scared.

If I have to face those ghosts in the toilet, what would it be like to sleep tonight? I may have to sleep with the lights on, instead of the usual dim lights or total darkness. Once I settle myself to sleep with the lights off, I will start hearing sounds of shuffling in my room. No, that won�t be the wind making a tissue move on the tissue box, that will be someone�s head moving, just looking at me, smiling his mocking smile. Something will creep up by bed, looking first for my feet. I can almost feel its hands grabbing my feet now, eventhough it�s going to happen later tonight in bed!

I don�t know how I know this, but later in bed, my drawers will open ever so softly, a bloodied severed hand will creep out. It will start moving on the floor towards me, letting me hear that shuffling sound I�ve always wondered about, in the darkness of my room. I will try to ignore it, thinking it�s not real, but I will know it is. It will get onto my bed, to put itself over my mouth and keep me from screaming. When I can�t scream, the cupboards of my room will open wide, and that�s when a woman with long hair and mocking laughter will come out floating towards me.

I will try to get up and run, but I will not be able to fight the hands that will already grab my legs. When I look to my left, I will be seeing a very grotesque dead man pinning my hands to the bed. The ghost that is outside my window right now, yes, right now, that�s the dead man who will be holding my hands later. He will be going to lick my neck, once the blood ooze out from it later. The lady will hover over me, putting her face close to mine for me to see. Pusses, blood and cracked skin will accompany those dark black eyes. She will take her sharp nails, cuts a little skin at my neck, and then proceed to plunge her fingers into my stomache. That will be the end of me tonight. Will I really die tonight?!

No, I don�t think so. This is just my imagination running wild from reading this stupid blog. But no, this blog was not written by the blogger. No, it�s written by the lady, just now when I was at dinner. What I�m reading is not real. It�s what the lady is planning for me. Yes, I will face those things when I go to pee and brush teeth later. I will see my mirror-self staring and smiling at me, I will see the opera make-up face in the toilet bowl. I will switch off the lights to sleep, to hear shuffling and breathing in the room, to hear the drawers open softly, to feel something creeping up my bed. I will be held, at my mouth, on my legs, my hands, seeing a dead man in hunger for my blood, and a lady who will come out of my closet, to cut me, and finally feed on me.

I have to stop reading this blog. But nothing's gonna change if I do?! It will happen anyway. But I have no choice but to stop reading, because the blog has ended. The ghosts are making their move on me now.

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