Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Why The Cheese Is Tasteless

Before I was requested to assist in Research, a certain lady which I'll name her M was looking forward to have someone assisting her. From my understanding, she already has 10 research papers to finish up and with about three research assistant under her, what she really wants is a research writer so that I can perhaps take about 3 of the research papers to unburden her load.

Old habits die hard I guess, she only gave me ONE to take over. To me it's fine, taking over one is not so bad, and so I did, processing all the analysis into proper context in the papers. After two weeks, what really stumped me was the request that "Can you print what you have done?". That was an awkward request, we have a shared folder for her to just check on my work and add in whatever is necessary.

Anyhoo, I printed the 32 pages of work which I handed to her. As expected, due to her busy schedule, she took three working days before coming back to me with her comments. I was expecting a lot of suggestions to improve on the writings or research, or some things to strengthen the context. However, what came back was only 30% suggestion, and 70% sentence construction therapy?! Writing is like cooking, no two cooks are alike in their ways of cooking or presentation, and no two writers express information the same way, albeit it being professional. Two lawyers writing a report on the same matter will have the sentence structure totally different, but having the same information relayed.

Now, since my sentences are bungled to sound the way she wants it to sound, I might as well just bring myself back down to a research assistant and leave all the writings to her. As bold and aloof as I may sound, I really do not belong at research assistant level as I know my competency in delivering this work. Even my CEO do not change my sentencing when I wrote a monthly 2,000 words report to the Landlord of the previous building I was taking care of.

So, well, here we have someone who I was during my college days. Refusal to have a 'different' style of a report which will convey the same professional information. Exactly the way I changed my team mates codings and indentations to be of my style during my computer project days.

What goes around comes around?? I don't know, but it's really tasteless now. Not only do I need to analyse information, but I now have to write sentences according to her style. I can impersonate the actions of at least two colleagues in my office, but to impersonate a writing style is something I cannot do unless I know the person very well.

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